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Bearorso mattbeer's article
Feb 29, 2024 at 2:45
Feb 29, 2024
Frameworks' Bonded Alloy Prototype Made by Faction Bike Studio
As a (very) old Metal Melter, I think this might be a great thing for Neko to try, and, perhaps get that 'USP' that is so sought after in MTB circles. As it is, he's got a great, but very conventional frame - this at least is different. Please note : I am in NO Way knocking Neko or his frames - I've followed his frame adventure from the start - he's done well. Though I wish he'd do some 'making' himself. Making things, as in cutting / machining / welding, or, in this case, Bonding, Yourself, is one of the greatest joys! The cost of the 'lugs', may well be offset against the cost of a skilled welder, and any post weld heat treatment and alignment. and machining. Though, there's few things easier for geometry and construction changes than doing a different mitre angle and welding things together. Bonding has been around for decades - well, hundreds of years, in many different forms. Bikes like Suzuki's DR250 and 350 had a bonded swingarm - the 'arms' bonded to the front pivot section. As a precaution, Suzuki did have bolts in place as an added bit of security. Suzuki themselves said the bolts were not really 'that' necessary, but caution won out . I've seen some adventurous ( or unknowing, or risk taking ) individuals run the swingarms without the bolts. . Usually, when the swingarms were being used on 'Specials', like a Street Tracker. This will be interesting - Go Neko!
Bearorso seb-stott's article
Nov 23, 2023 at 22:23
Nov 23, 2023
Intra Drive's Combined Motor & Gearbox Fits Bikes Designed For Shimano EP8 [Updated on expanding into the aftermarket]
Well, it looks like their aftermarket availability will be around the same time as the Pinion MGU will have that availability - if that. Bummer in a way, as I have made Shimano EP8 frames, and, think they would not have problems with the 'deeper / higher' top section of the Intra Drive that Mark from ID mentions above. One problem I see with the Intra Drive, is how the RH side case 'wraps' further back around / over the Chainwheel. That Will limit it's fitment on quite a few frames, especially many with a high / forward pivot frames, with an Idler wheel. My frames are like that - well, not that high, but well forward. So, an extra Idler would have to be placed to have the chain go 'back' then forward / up to the original idler. I can of course make a different frame design, but that problem, that Intra Drive have not given thought to, and the (my assumed) aftermarket (and hence, small frame making businesses like mine) availability being near the same as the Pinion, well, my interest in the Intra Drive has lessened, Considerably. But, we'll see how it all pans out, I guess.
Bearorso dariodigiulio's article
Aug 29, 2023 at 4:08
Aug 29, 2023
Bike Check: Schön MiniMTB
The Mongoose Moosegoose returns! Yes, different, but, it's what this brings to me. I can see the 'seatstays' folding under a BIG hit, and, extended steer tubes up to the bars like that induces a bit of fear (better some BMX Bars) in me. I wonder at the gear inches you'd have with that cluster, front chainring and 20" wheels. I think that would need changing for most usage. But you could certainly climb stuff with the inches available. And in an era where 26" wheels are regarded as too 'twitchy', well, 20" brings that feel to new levels. Nonetheless, I quite like it, mainly through my remembrance of the Moosegoose. I fitted 20x 1"3/8 wheels to mine, with a 6 spd rear end when I lived in the city, for a fun, 'hammerable' commuter to get around on. Oh, I'd say quite a few people might be aware of Moulton Bicycles, who've been doing small wheel, suspension bikes for Decades now, but I'm mentioning them for those that Don't know of them. I do love a trellis frame, being addicted to the Triangle as I am.
Bearorso Trinity-MTB's article
Mar 6, 2023 at 22:17
Mar 6, 2023
Trinity MTB Opens Pre-Orders for its First Batch of Frames
Frame Only. I haven't gone further into the site than just the specs and price, and it says Frame Only. Perhaps if you go further into the ordering process, it would reveal if that price is for just one 'hanger' fixture for either the 83mm BB, Pinion, or the WRP Gearbox. If you were to be provided all three, well, the price is, well, understandable. With a shock. But, I take it as you have to get a shock yourself. As a multi decade frame maker, I can appreciate the engineering with the Trinity, and, I (sort of) like seeing an OZ company going for what people here call "Dentists Bikes". I can see a Trinity Gravity being a $20,000 + AUD bike, easily, if someone goes for High end products for the rest of the bike. Fair enough - if you've the money, and desire, go for it. I just had a client spend around $13,000 AUD on a "everything the best" Pinion ( with a 83mm BB Hanger, and DHX2 included with the frame) DH build, and that's even with my help in buying some of the major components. The top of the line Specialized E bike here in OZ is around $25,000 AUD, and, people buy them. A fair few people have a fair bit of 'play' money. But "Hand Made" . Other than the TIG welding of the frame, I think there's a heck of a lot of CNCing on the frame. And, that's OK - it's actually brilliant. I love the simple (relatively) steel front end, combined with the Tech made mid and rear end. I'm a Little Old Man that Does Hand make 98% of my frames, and it's a long and difficult process, to do so. I'm just a bit to crook / damaged to do more frames at the moment - part of getting old, and having had a great time getting to 'Old'. Different methods, to make something to meet the same Goal. Either way is fine.
Bearorso dariodigiulio's article
Nov 17, 2022 at 18:41
Nov 17, 2022
Bike Check: Acoustic Cycles' Steel High Pivot is a Thing of Beauty
I'd like to try R8 or R10, but, so far the thinnest gauge I've found it in is 2mm - though, I haven't checked for a few months. With it's (listed) properties I'd like to go from, say, the 44.45 x 1.2mm Downtube I currently use, to a .9 gauge. I build for strength, but would love to cut a few grams off my DH frames.
Bearorso sarahmoore's article
Aug 4, 2022 at 9:01
Aug 4, 2022
Results: Evie Richards & Sam Gaze Win at 2022 Commonwealth Games
I was surprised - well, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the starters - by such a low entry. It was just dismal. How could it be that low, I do not know. But, congratulations to the medal winners - well, all the participants. I have little interest in XC, being an old DHer and BMXer, but do appreciate how hard it is
Bearorso DaveRome's article
Jun 12, 2022 at 4:57
Jun 12, 2022
4 Steel Bikes from the 2022 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia
@devlincc: Bear here: I walked away from sticking metal together, to fusing it together in 1973. Messing around with Flames, Flux and other crap associated with Gas Torch brazing left My personal work environment 47 years ago. You're seemingly committed to Brazing, and, indeed, your sweated joints that I see in some sections of your frames and your sweated tubing sleeve gussets - Fair Enough. The radius width you can achieve by braze fillets? - yes it can make up well for it's lack of strength compared to a fused joint. And, you've a process that enables different metals to be joined together. One undeniable advantage of 'sticking' frames together by Brazing, and Soldering, Is the far easier way that tubes can be repaired / replaced than a TIG'ed, Fused joint, that's for sure! You bought a TIG welder, didn't you? It seems everybody has one now - not that a 50th of them could use one properly, but's that's the way it goes - "all the gear, and No idea" is the theme of today. Now, what I'm suggesting you might try, is TIG Brazing. You'd get your look / results that you currently have, and, as you became proficient at it, you could have the option of leaving , what can be, Absolutely Gorgeous beads of Bronze. Or, you stick to filing / sanding things down as you do now. TIG Brazing is Infinitely cleaner / healthier to deal with than Torches and Flux, too. Go to say, Welding Tips and Tricks. Jody there is a supreme welder - I'm not given much compliments, but he is a fount of information. Look for his TIG Brazing vs TIG Welding video(s) . And, he shows , basically what you are doing , with regards to a large arc / fillet to achieve strength and adhesion. Him hanging off a cycle tube until it collapsed showed that a good, strong joint can be made. I do very little TIG Brazing, but, it's still in my armoury of metal working methods. The last I used it, was in repairing a couple of Harris XR69 chassis. If you want to see just how utterly beautiful Brazing can be, go type that out on your keyboard. They started as housing Suzuki GS / GSX/ GSXR engines, and are now being used to house FJ1100 /1300s and other big Air Cooled 4s, that they never housed in their original era. Beautiful things, but, they still have Braze joint problems, even with the superb workmanship they have. Good to see you keeping on with your frames. I've thought of going to that show, but, while most enthusiasts are truly great to deal with I'm not one for dealing with , well, some of the weirdos / drongos that one encounters at such events.
Bearorso sarahmoore's article
Feb 20, 2022 at 20:01
Feb 20, 2022
Troy Brosnan Has Broken His Ankle at Australian National Champs
@The-Reverend: Yes, some Doctors can be absolute w**kers. I've learned that over the decades. A bit of my permanent damage comes from an inept, uncaring, incompetent Doctor, when I was young and not yet as 'forceful' about my health. A useless, uncaring Doctor can be bypassed, you've every right to second and more opinions, with our Public Health Service here in OZ. Know your rights, and Don't take BS or uncaring idiocy from Doctors. They are Not gods, even though a fair few of them, have that viewpoint. As a side note, I had the highest of health insurance you could have. As a person that partook in MC racing of many sorts, other active sports and DH, over many, many years, I paid that extra over and above our Medicare levies. I felt it was, and is, a responsibility on my part. Funny thing is, I think I used it with only a few of my operations - nearly all of it was done through the Public Health System. And, a couple through my Race Insurance from CA. And, my previous and current battles with The Dancer, and and now with the onset of another serious health problem, have all been under Medicare.
Bearorso sarahmoore's article
Feb 20, 2022 at 16:16
Feb 20, 2022
Troy Brosnan Has Broken His Ankle at Australian National Champs
"Us Civilians" , if we've got something broken / dangling / bleeding or any other serious injury etc, get into surgery straight away, unless you are out in the boonies (and then, you get taken to main hospitals). Our system here in OZ is not perfect, nothing is, but it's far better than many others out there. I'm old, with a lot of accumulated damage, having had many, many operations through the decades, and now, other serious health concerns, but I've been treated like a cashed up millionaire through our public system.
Bearorso alicialeggett's article
Feb 9, 2022 at 6:34
Feb 9, 2022
Bike Check: Isak Leivsson's Handmade 130mm Jib Bike
What Isak and Neko are doing are entirely different. Let none of you think I am disrespecting Neko with his program, but, he's picking geometry he likes, and getting a genius such as Frank The Welder to make his bikes. And then, he's testing them. I'd be surprised, if it all works out for Neko, if he didn't market his and FTWs frames. He's done his sums for his racing efforts, has enough sponsorship and I guess money, through that sponsorship, to cover his racing, and, he's going to get far more coverage for he and his sponsors with his efforts with 'his' frames. It is Brilliant self marketing, for one of the 'Good Guys' in racing. I wish him all sorts of success. Isak : well , I like his line of "I ride Bikes and Weld a Lot" in his Instagram. Have to say, it's the first time I've ever ventured into the 'IG' thing. I'm old, and, not that interested in such things. And, with seeing his various bikes put up, over time, his "I Weld a Lot", is not a lie. His welding has improved Immensely. And his fabrication skills. I love seeing peoples 'journey' through their chosen path. I'm a TIG Welder and Frame builder of over 45 years experience, I know what I'm writing about. I like that he has a picture of at least one of his design mistakes, with a folded seat stay / 'push' tube to an underslung rocker bike he did, with tiny tubing, and, from the info he put up about tubing preferences, thin walls. A learning experience for him. He seems committed to relatively small tubing, with thin walls. Me, I use much more of a variety of tube sizes and wall thicknesses. A 34.9 /35mm Steel x .9mm wall thickness (std. 4130 Normalized condition ? - or some Cycle Tube makers proprietary material?) as a downtube, is not something I think can last for long, but, maybe he has some exotic tubing to be confident enough to use something that small and thin? I use 44.45mm x 1.2mm downtubes on my DH and Enduro frames. And, my 'chainstays (on my steel swingarms), are stacked 12.7mm square tubes, in either 'stacks' of two or three, in a variety of wall thicknesses. It appears, he may have settled on this Swingarm - as in, a single pivot arm, directly going to the axle - then a 'push' tube to his rocker arms. Me, I like a Swingarm such as that, and, I've run long chainstays for years now like he has done with most of the frames I've seen from him. I hope to see much more of both Isak's and Neko's' - well, especially Isak, as He is Making / Building Things - progression with their projects. I'm impressed by both of their efforts. Bravo to Both of them. There is Nothing better than Making Your Own 'Things'.
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