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Bearorso mikekazimer's article
Nov 24, 2021 at 22:42
Nov 24, 2021
Opinion: How Many Batteries Does a Mountain Bike Really Need?
" Realistically, I'm just waiting for a 200mm dropper post that goes down by itself with the push of a button." This is what I want, and Need. That, and steps to the retraction. Knees that bend barely to 90 degrees really make it difficult to get a post down, without further injury. Go too far down in one go, which all too often happens, and my knees 'cam out', on the synthetic ACLs I have, and the wear pockets in the joints. It's not fun at all.
Bearorso jamessmurthwaite's article
Oct 20, 2021 at 0:46
Oct 20, 2021
Coal Bicycles' 84 is a 170mm Travel, Steel, Dual Link Frame - Bespoked Show 2021
@Arierep: I Love Her! She's definitely my better half, keeps my Grumpy Old Bastard side in check. Well, just a little........
Bearorso jamessmurthwaite's article
Oct 19, 2021 at 20:01
Oct 19, 2021
Coal Bicycles' 84 is a 170mm Travel, Steel, Dual Link Frame - Bespoked Show 2021
@Arierep: I've just used Ariereps' post as a starting point, with regards to the butt weld issue. 853 is a great material. I first used it in the mid / late 90s (well, whenever it first became available here in OZ), and, despite my concerns as to it being, perhaps, too hard / brittle from it's pronounced air maraging properties, I've never had a failure with regards to weld / HAZE zones. It IS a bastard of a material to ream out seat tubes and face and ream head tubes, , both before and (bloody hell) after welding......... Perhaps the maker / designer wants the 'dog leg' butt joint to be a feature of their frame? Each to his own - I dislike such features. You've the travel of the reservoir during compression, PLUS, the lowering of the Whole shock to deal with. There are a few shocks with far longer / further from the body eye / trunion center line, that they may be trying to account for, too. Though, on just basic eyeballing and line drawing over a printed picture, I think there is enough clearance for that joint to be further towards the BB area. A friend just said to me perhaps the butt joint is positioned to allow fitment of the 853 sticker - she's a cynical individual. But, I'd never have such a joint, at such a point (but, I also have No bent tubes on my Suspension frames) . If it HAS to be there, for the previously mentioned Reservoir clearance issues, it would be wise to extend the lower link mount plates to go Across the Butt joint. The designer has the right idea with his welding those existing plates on the neutral axis - just bring them up to cross the butt joint. Lightening holes, with spaced fish mouth cut outs, would keep weight down, while looking 'nice'. That would be far better than say, a 'saddle gusset, with welds on the neutral (outside of the DT) axis only, which is another way to reinforce a butt joint. Tiny saddle gussets on the headtube to TT and DT, on a 170mm travel bike, that some owners may be going Very hard on, seems a bit inadequate to me (Especially if they are too close to internal tube butting). And the relatively small diameter tubing is of concern - but, you are limited with 853 sizes. But, I Do tend to build DH frames that are 'somewhat' Hefty....... I just weighed the swingarm that is going on a Pinion DH frame, and it's heavier than many whole Trail frames. Done that heavy, to later, put on my personal E Bike (when / if ever, I make it) . I'll be using lighter gauge and far less materials to make a lighter swingarm for the Pinion frame, when some steel gets to me. Ah, the joys of C19 delays. I'm not talking ounces here, I'm talking pounds / kilos.........
Bearorso mattbeer's article
Sep 23, 2021 at 19:34
Sep 23, 2021
The Story Behind Push Industries' Prototype Linkage Fork
@TrueScotsman: Tony Foale - one of the best MC Engineers, with a gift for making things clear to others. He, Hossack, Fior, Valentino Ribi Saxxon, Leitner , Andre De Cortanze and a fair few others have made great "funny front ends". BMW, notably, have made use of at least 2 of said designers. Without, if I recall correctly, financial recompense. A good thing to look up, for those not familiar, go looking for Ribi Quadrilateral Forks - multiple pictures are just a few 'clicks' away. Their progression, from his own start, notably tried and raced by Roger De Coster on his RN Suzukis, to the various Honda incarnations of it, is quite the thing. Honda bought the rights to it through DeCosters' insistence. It's an example of making a beautiful, but incredibly complicated - some variations with more than 20 pivot points - front end, to attach to a 'normal' steering head frame. In strict Engineering terms, Telescopic Forks are quite the "Engineering Abomination". But, bloody hell they can, and so many do, work well. In so many applications. Many of the designers of Funny Front Ends (FFEs), have come out with "we need the riders brought up on Telescopic Forks to Die Out", due to how used we are to them. The best ( well, the most accepted) "Funny Front Ends", have been made to closely duplicate the actions / geometries / paths of Teles - that perhaps goes back to the FFE designers wanting the 'passing' of riders....... The biggest mistake made with so many FFEs, is strictly adhering to The 'Perfect' Engineering and Design an FFE can give you. Resulting in truly strange / disconcerting performance, despite their 'correctness' of design. The multiplicity of bearings / pivot points ( and the precision needed for those multiples, and wear / 'play' they can / will have, Plus (moments of) Inertia of so many of the designs, can present problems to rival, or exceed, the inherent problems of Telescopic forks. "Funny Front Ends" - I like Many of them. And, despise some of them. Done well, they can work well. Done badly, they can be dreadful. Just as "Engineering Abomination" telescopic forks can. It will be interesting to see what PUSH eventually do have as a front end, to sell.
Bearorso mattbeer's article
Sep 23, 2021 at 18:37
Sep 23, 2021
The Story Behind Push Industries' Prototype Linkage Fork
@Joecx: Don't believe BS from a sales ad. Joel won 6 World 250cc Championships - 3 on CZs (1969 sure as hell was Not on a Sachs125 - it was on a CZ250) and 3 on Suzukis. The great man died this year, through complications brought on by Covid-19.
Bearorso nathanhughes's article
Sep 13, 2021 at 3:13
Sep 13, 2021
Track Walk Photo Epic: Snowshoe World Cup DH 2021
Good to see that idiotic 'whale tail' has been removed.
Bearorso alicialeggett's article
Sep 1, 2021 at 2:17
Sep 1, 2021
British Columbia Duo Starts Farside Components, Introduces Gorgeous Cyclic Stem
The Stems - yup, pretty things. But, The Orange Vises you see in a picture.............. Look them up, Boys and Girls. Their Bench Vise is just so very desirable (and for what it is, it's a bit of a bargain) , but, by the time I'd option it up, I'd be in for a few K. All my venerable old Record Vises will have to do. Even if / when I stump up for the Orange Bench Vise, I might be too scared to mar it.
Bearorso seb-stott's article
Aug 31, 2021 at 6:56
Aug 31, 2021
First Look: The Digit Datum Has Shock Strut Suspension
It's quite a good design. The 'loading' of the shock that some are putting forward? It's absolutely Sweet FA compared to a fork. By comparison to 'normal' shocks, it has quite a large oil capacity. Many here would be shocked (bad pun) at how little oil is in the vast majority of shock absorbers on bicycles. It appears to have / easily have Big, Serious Bearings at all pivot points. Those and the triangulated swingarm, and a big , boofy 'Dog Bone' make for , potentially, a very stiff structure, which combined with those Big, presumably High quality bearings (and bushings in the shock) the shock shaft and body will have little adverse loading And, it has a Lot of potential with the 'dog bones' pivot placements and length. A Lot. It's quite similar to some drawings I did a long, long time ago. Oh , and for those eyeing up the length of the shock, in comparison to the gap between the seat post and top tube, look to the plate / port on the headtube. A mate of mine was trying to work out the various ways to break down the shock for rearward removal, until I suggested he enlarge the head tube area on his screen. But, he was looking at it all on a phone screen, so.............
Bearorso mikekazimer's article
Aug 31, 2021 at 0:55
Aug 31, 2021
Shimano Announces New 6-Bolt Ice Tech Rotors
6 bolt / Centerlock : Meh I deal with both. That Centerlock ever had a reason to exist? No it didn't, 6 bolts is fine, and, Thankfully, became a near universal fitment. Just Shimano doing Shimano, as ever . Ho flamin' Hum.
Bearorso mattbeer's article
Aug 29, 2021 at 1:00
Aug 29, 2021
Bike Check: Connor Fearon's Kona Operator CR - Val di Sole DH World Championships 2021
It's good to see the National sports colours of the Green and Gold being used by Connor. In '98, when I raced the Worlds at MSA, I had my Steel main frame painted Green, and the Aluminium swingarm anodized Gold. I refurbed it for a couple of seasons back home, for my use and a team rider, to White and Polished, respectively. The frameset hangs just a metre or two away from me in my workshop now, and I intend to re- do it to the MSA colours, some time. I just need to chase up Bob Barnett for new upper and lower fork tubes that I destroyed in a massive prang - if he can still supply some. Kona sticking with a (relatively) simple single pivot? - good on them. With all of the endless complexity ( and, it's understandable - a frame is so visible, and manufacturers have to try to have USPs to get sales - it's a pity many are just so much BS) of bikes nowadays, I think there may be more 'difference', in the use of tried and proven designs.
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