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Bearorso paulaston's article
Jan 24, 2017 at 23:56
Jan 24, 2017
AVS Racing Handguards - Review
Acerbis made and marketed these type of handguards for MTBs way back in the late eighties. They made them for each specific brake lever in the Shimano ( and other brands) range.. The various 'flag type' handguards that many companies make, have been around now for decades, and easily usable on an MTBs - this AVS product is nothing new, just a tiny sizing. Go to any Acerbis - UFO, Cernics and many more catalogues, and you'll find all sorts of variations / models of the 'flag type' handguard.. Sam used Acerbis Rally Brush Guards, at the first World Junior Championships he won (or got 2nd?) in Spain. Along with 24" wheels, and his enormous derailleur guards he and his Dad (I think) made. I regularly use a few different types of Acerbis 'flag type' guards on my MTBs - it sure as hell is better than eating it from brakes being pulled on by branches / trees, vines, and damaging levers etc. As I ride motorcycles with full Bark Busters, I feel near naked without lever / hand protection
Bearorso natedh9's article
Aug 8, 2016 at 7:23
Aug 8, 2016
Mont Sainte Dan: Finals - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2016
Putting DH into the Olympics would require just the removal of one of the Other Cycling events - it's Not a new sport question. What we are up against is the entrenched views of the traditional cycling 'heads'. These are people that hate even XC, and BMX. Of course, from an Olympic organizer point of view, the building / siting of a course, would be a considerable expense. There's another thing against DH. DH being too mechanically oriented? - pull the other one, it's just a bicycle - even the most BS ridden suspension design is nothing much 'mechanical' - and there's No motor.That's what stops Motorsports events being in the Olympics - human power only - well, and Horses (I'm watching the Nags doing their version of XC, right now) Fair enough. DH came fairly close to being run at the 2000 Olympics - a course was considered for near Wollongong. The TV companies were pushing for it - face it, there's not much that's particularly visually spectacular in the Summer Olympics, when compared to the Gravity fed events that people go ape for with the Winter Olympics. But, the old guard / f***wits in power within Cycling (and, mainly Cycling Australia), did not approve of DH, and they certainly couldn't countenance one of their Track Cycling events to be dropped for DH - XC had already caused them heart attacks. Goodness only knows how they survived BMX being put in - maybe enough of the old twerps had carked it.........
Bearorso mikelevy's article
Jan 25, 2016 at 1:54
Jan 25, 2016
An Update From Aaron Gwin
Redbull / KTM.
Bearorso briceshirbach's article
Apr 3, 2015 at 16:18
Apr 3, 2015
Interview: Matt Craig and his Rad Bicycle Company
Yes, replace a human welder with a robot. What an innovator................
Bearorso RichardCunningham's article
Dec 18, 2013 at 3:53
Dec 18, 2013
To the Point - Wheel Diameter VS Fork Offset
An article that might have educated a few people. There are all these multiple adjustable bikes out there, that so get 'pushed', yet this article seems to dismiss the use of adjustable TCs. Now there's a turn around....... Triple clamp off set, determined more by turning radius - yes, that's a fact. And a p*** oor one at that. MTBs, are so dominated by BS and marketing hype, yet a valid adjustment, is so easily dismissed. Well, I'm not surprised - a 'market' that so values hype and gimmick, yet seems to think rubber bumpers on fork legs are acceptable as a steer stop ......... seriously, gullibility is the heading you'd place most MTBers under. Change the offset on a motorcycle, by as little as 1mm at the triple clamp, and you'll feel the difference. Now, the difference between a 40mm offset DH fork, and a 51 /54 - it's very, very pronounced. The only way such bad geometries on so many bicycles (of so many types) has been got away with, is lack of knowledge / feel by riders, their gullibility and "pride of ownership" in what they have bought, and, that even a relatively heavy, 40 + lb DH bike, is still a 'toy', that can be dealt with. That simple fact, allows dreadful designs, and geometry, to be accepted as the "bestest of things". Now, I favour less offset, for more trail, on both my Motorcycles and Bicycles, with less than chopperesque steering head angles, and with a good wheel base and chainstay / swingarm lengths. So, I'm 'different' to the seeming norm of kicked out front ends, with large (relative) offsets, short wheelbases, and short rear ends.
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