Video: Josh Bryceland Goes Enduro eMTB Racing at Ard Rock

Aug 3, 2023 at 6:13
by Cannondale Bikes  

Words: Cannondale

It’s year two of Josh Bryceland taking on the Ard Rock EMTB Enduro race, and he comes to the race supercharged with his Moterra Neo LT. Unsurprisingly, an apocalyptic rain shower swept through Yorkshire and made for quite the weekend of getting down and dirty.

Video: HDDN Media / Cannondale

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 I understood almost everything he said, so the question is: am I getting better in english or is Ratboy getting better in pronunciation?
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 Translation: back wheel, back wheel, back wheel
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 Seen him ride over the steps on a 4ft wooden stile at the top of one of the stages. Different League of bike control to us meer mortals.
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 Why do ebike videos never show the person pedaling the bike? This is 99% him riding a bike downhill with the motor not doing anything
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 cuz it sucks to watch that?
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 They do show them peddling. Maybe not this video, but it happens quite a bit.
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 @mariomtblt: you’d think they would try to make climbing more exciting to watch if you are on a bike with a motor though. Why not put super steep slabs or gnarly rock gardens on the uphill that couldn’t be done without the motor. One of the selling points of e-bikes is they make climbing more fun, why not showcase that in a race? If it’s a normal climb and you are just testing which rider can put more power down and pedal to the top the fastest, get rid of the motor so it’s just athlete vs athlete
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 @fuzzhead45: They already do this in the e-ews series. It’s called the power stage and it’s a steep technical climb stage that is timed.
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 He was pedalling, go back and have another look.
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 It is , mostly by young people that copy other young people, it's up there with "whatevs" "boi" and "yeeeeewww" to name a few.
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 I'd still like an explanation on how exactly an e-bike race works.
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 The fastest e-bike rider usually wins - much like bicycles.
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 The person who rides to the top of the mountain on the power stage in the least amount of time wins that stage. On the downhill stages, the person who gets from the top to the bottom, in the least amount of time wins. In all of the stages, regardless of uphill or downhill, the person that completes start to finish in the least amount of time wins first place. The person that finishes from start to finish in the second least amount of time get second place. The person who finishes with the third fastest time from start to finish gets third place. This pattern continues.
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 I'd imagine the same as any other bike race.
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 @PHX77: OK so it's basically the same as a one day XC stage race? Or maybe like an enduro race with timed uphill stages. Thanks for the explanation!
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