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Video: Tom Herriott Rallies the Ridge

May 13, 2015 at 13:45
by William Hook  
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 My friend said to me.... If you haven't got anything nice to say please say anything.. So I'm not going to say anything about this Vid...
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 I know he's not a world cup rider on a world cup track, and we didn't film it with £30k worth of RED cinema cameras and have a massive production team behind us like it seems to be the norm these days...but I don't think we did too badly!
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 jam 7 is the same person who said this -"Tippie is a dick.. People think he's funny but he's NOT.."

If you're only 15 you are only going to get better, it wasn't a bad video, we just get spoiled on here
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 Don't forget this is the internet, we're all expert riders & videographers... let's be constructive then, starting with the negatives.

- You put shredding in the title & raised expectations. Watch 'Queenstown Shredit' from George Brannigan here www.pinkbike.com/news/must-watch-george-brannigan-loose-laps-2015.html for appropriate shred usage.

- We wanna see roost not skids.

- A 3.5 minute video doesn't need a 30 second intro.

- The ridge line, which is a tame 30 second track with very few features, doesn't warrant a 3.5 minute video of it.

On the plus side I thought the filming & editing was really good, given you setup a cable cam & had a head stick spinny thing. More cuts between them & a shorter edit = good stuff.
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 i liked the intro but couldn't agree more with the rest.
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 @jam7 but you did say something...
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flag jam7 (May 15, 2015 at 13:05) (Below Threshold)
 @T1mb0 But people know what I'm saying without saying anything... Think about it..?
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 Nothing to think about though is there, because you insinuated as much in you generic statement that is only ever used when by people who want to say something, but can't think of anything clever.... I would say think about it, but that would probably make you fart.
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 nice one @T1mb0 that got a proper good cackle/laugh from me. Like people that explain things "basically" &/or "at the end of the day" Smile **Just fart and release your qualms**
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 Good to see you on PB Tom. You can fix that skidded out corner on Sunday :-)
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 Ok lol thanks
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 Nice to see stile cop on PB,love these trails,the red and black runs would of been good to hit,but surprised balboa wasnt in the vid,nice riding just hit it quicker !!
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 Would have loved to do it on Balboa, but it's closed at the moment for a major rebuild. The end section, after what was the last ladder drop, has been rerouted and completely rebuilt. Due to be finished hopefully by next month.
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 Looking forward to that,need to hit that one with some serious pace!!!
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 punctured tyre on the green bike
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 Not the only one...Tom had three during the day! We filmed the intro at the end of the day, and couldn't be bothered to fix it yet again (plus he ripped the tyre)...needless to say he's gone tubeless now. Razz
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 oh that would explane it then, good vid btw
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 Cheers dude!
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 ur welcome bud
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 Great video, great track. It's a good one to session with ya' mates, lots to do at Stile Cop. Always a good day out, can't be bad with NX2 on board either. Nice to see a young kid who loves riding getting on a film, keep it up all who are in volved with this project!!
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 Well, I enjoyed that. Great to see the ridge line, I used to love mucking around at Stile cop before I had to hang up my mountain bike and retire Frown Me, Al and Kev love that place and it was just a short drive from Derby. As for that comment from jam7- I don't see you trying or having the balls to make a video.

Hi scruff, long time no see!
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 I think it's a cool video but just saying, it doesn't take 'balls to make a video'... just a camera and some editing software...
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 That's true and I am sticking up for the kid. But you never know he may become a top racer in years to come. I just thought it was a crude statement to make about a young guy that's giving it a go
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 Awesome video! Great to see fellow 15 year olds shredding and having a laugh!
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 Nice one Tom and Will. For those asking about the trails they're in Staffordshire on Cannock Chase. Check out our website for the lowdown at www.chasetrails.co.uk
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 Where are the trails guys?
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 Put "Stile Cop Bike Park" into Google Maps and you'll find it. Smile
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 Here is the title for the video, there may be a clue or two in there -
"15 Year old rider Tom Herriott rides the Ridge Run at the Stile Cop Bike Park on Cannock Chase, in Staffordshire, England".
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 Cheers both
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 Don't listen to the haters Tom, I didn't have the marbles for that at 15!
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 I liked it nice to see a trail I know

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