Video: Whistler Bike Park in 4K

May 14, 2015 at 10:45
by Jordan Boostmaster  
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 Unless you have a 4K monitor you the "4k" you're watching is only really 1080p so yeah Smile
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 it is better 1080 then other vids, so it's still better at least!
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 "That is why I spent all my money for a new screen instead for a bike." SAID NO ONE EVER (here)
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 Retina macbook is close enough!
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 @hamishca: Your statement would be correct if we where watching an uncompressed video. Pausing and switching to 4k does improve the image even on low fi monitors. The pixels may not be there but youtube's compression blurriness is hidden behind all those extra pixels that the 4k source generates. Proof: (saved as png so as to not lose any quality).
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 I never said it doesn't make a difference, I'm just saying unless you have a 4K monitor, it is physically impossible to experience this video in 4K Smile
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 choose a resolution and then be a dick about it
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 I'm runnin' 1080p+ for my 2015 Pinkbike season.
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 @charlielynes 1080p AIN'T DEAD!
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 It's on youtube so disregard any notion of video quality and divide it by 4 or 5 automatically! Finally, a full 1080 on youtube haha
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 I'm getting more artifacts on a MB Retina display at 4k than at 1080p.
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 haha what I was thinking. still an awesome video though. 1080p FTW.
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 Or you can be like me and not have a graphics card powerful enough to run it....
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 Wow rclugnut.... I hope you realise graphics cards have no effect on the pixel density of your monitor :')
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 1080p is so 26 inch
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 sick! Whistler looks so fun especcialy in 4K My internet tooks ages to load it though bahaha
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 If it's fun in 4K imagine how fun it'll be in real life.
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 I tried going outside weren't as good.
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 I'm watching this on moble right meow. Looks sick. The song's band name Approaching Nirvana is perfect for the vid.
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 lol my computer can't even handle 4k.
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 Last year I rode whistler in 720 was alright, this year I'll be riding it 4k so hopefully its better
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 When i was 10 i discover Disneyland i tought it was great. 25 year year later i discover Whistler, it was even better it change my Life !!)
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 Well I'm going to Whistler and Disney Land in the same week! I'm gonna explode! Whistler for me, Disney for my 4th old, and me Smile
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 4yr old, stupid auto correct!
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 If I had a 4k camera I would not choose to shoot random jamokes on A-Line with it.
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 *cough cough*merchant*cough cough*
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 I watched that shit in 480p...
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 Hard Bro.
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 Brazilain riders need a foockking shhit Visa to go to Canada. I`m brazilian and I feel like if I was a slave trying to get out of Africa.
Consulate ask you tons of documents just to take a single turist Visa. the most absurd document is that they need all your banking acount movements from 3 months back. they see all your investments and stuff and tons of others documents.
the website process to make de requirement is like a puzzle, right here pay tax there, come back ther right something here and is worst than your worst nightmare.
in 91 I had a turist Visa to Canada cause I was going to work in Tokio by Canadian airlines and the Visa was mandatory but at that time my job did the Visa process to me.
Now I work as a bike mecanic freelancer and dont have documents to prove that I have to come back to BRazil.
now I need to pay to a office to do all this documents buulshiiit.
I know tons of braziliam people that lives in Whistler and Vancouver working with legal documents and I now tons of people that lives in Whistler long time totaly iligal so this Visa is not working to not alawd to lve ilegal in Canada.
I have money to do the trip to Whistler since 2006 and the Visa process is so hard that till today I didnt went to the bikers paradise called Whistler.
race downhill since 1998 and since ther Whistler is my biggest dream life.
Gonna try this week a Visa to Canada....
I need to be in this place oone day!!!
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 Dude, it is not that hard. Putting all the documents together is a pain in the a**, but after that you just pay the tax and drop you passport on the consulate. It literally took me less than a week to get my tourist visa. Anyway, if you manage to go this summer PM me! I will be riding there with two more friends!


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 beleza, fui tirar o visto hoje to rezando pra rolar esse visto, se eu for te chamo pelo PB abraço
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 Watching in 1080 was better, cant tell the difference plus it didn't pause every 4 seconds to load!
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 sweet video makes me wish i could go ride whistler. Video is made even better with the 4k resolution, wish more video's where being made at a decent resolution.
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 Watching this on high-end 4K monitor at work made me completely forgot I'm still at work. Beautiful song choice!
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 I tried playing this and my Charter Internet was all like, "Dafaq? Oh hell no."
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 Thought I read 4X and Whistler in the same sentence. Got excited. Disappointed.
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 i dont have a 4K monitor though..
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 Its awesome to be part of this video! Thanks, love it!! Missing whistler sooo much!!
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 I should listen to approaching nirvana before I go to bed. I feel so chill now
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 10 minutes later I'm still waiting for it to load more than 20 seconds of the video...
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 Nice job man you made to the homepage!
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 Lookin good! Dam, see some of those holes in the burms..geez! Haha
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 This music sure as shit isn't 4k. Horrible.
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 need to sell my bike and get a 4K tely...
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 ...said no one.... ever
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 Good thing I'm at the airport on my way to whistler now!
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 What camera you shooting with now?
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 think he uses a panasonic GH4
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 yes that's right, a GH4, I wrote that in the write up part, but I guess they took that out lol.
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 yeah, the GH4 looks sooo nice! wish i could get one haha
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 thats a huge camera to have strapped onto one body , do they make a smaller version ?
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 a panasonic gh4 is puny, it a dslr and smaller than lots of other dslr's
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 jordan boostmaster!
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 4K is welcome but I need to upgrade my already fast internet sinal...
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 taking hours to download kkkk
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 Looks epic on a sony xperia phone..
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 Wow so relaxed and amped at the same time.
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 Not seeing the 1080 and 4k options... it tops out at 720...
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 Jordan Boostmaster
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 I only ride park
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 nobody has the screen to see the difference between 4k and 1080

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