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bornhs EnduroWorldSeries's article
Sep 20, 2015 at 14:26
Sep 20, 2015
EWS Video: The Digital Age - Shimano Tech Focus
In Russia, derailleur hacks you
bornhs mtbstrengthcoach's article
Aug 6, 2015 at 15:38
Aug 6, 2015
Are we Misapplying Light Hands-Heavy Feet to MTB?
Thanks for commenting DasProfessor, I took a functional anatomy class with a full cadaver lab for my masters degree several months ago and have held these muscles and nerves in my hands which was a pretty awesome class. I agree with tbubier that the clipless platform pedal debate is so overdone that I am not going to say that one is better than the other. I have my opinions but they are as baseless as James so I am not going to state what mine is. What I had said and meant was that his claims he makes in his articles tended to be either false or unfounded. Personally I don't really care whether or not clipless pedals are more or less efficient than platforms because honestly I think it's really personal preference. My issue was that he took a test done with a sample size of 1 where the data did not support his conclusion and therefore his claim was without a doubt unfounded because he doesn't have enough info to draw any conclusion. Hopefully this clears up the confusion. tbubier you were 100 % correct about Willy Wonka saying that, I just finished up watching How I met your mother and I thought it was funny how Barney said it.
bornhs mtbstrengthcoach's article
Aug 5, 2015 at 22:24
Aug 5, 2015
Are we Misapplying Light Hands-Heavy Feet to MTB?
So this is the first time I have ever felt the need to comment on an article and I am not going to comment on the merits of the actual riding advice but rather a gross misconception about how the human body works. If the point of this article was to dispel a myth that is being propagated to those taught about this great sport then you have not only failed but have now successfully created a new one called the 'Triceps trigger point'. I would highly suggest checking with Dr. Google before attempting to talk about anything where facts might actually be involved because saying things like 'There is a bundle of nerves that act as a signal to the brain to recruit to the long head of the triceps' is highly inaccurate. The only nerve that innervates the hypothenar muscles which are located in that area of the hand you speak of is called the ulnar nerve. Before you say well that's a motor nerve not sensory the ulnar nerve is also responsible for the dermatome in that area so don't you worry. This nerve shares as much in common with the radial nerve that innervates the long head of the triceps brachii as Ray Charles does with Adolf Hitler. Yes both are branches off of the brachial plexus but that's like saying New Jersey and Alaska are the same because they are both in the United States. The reason I wanted to comment is because I have read other things you have written like how platform pedals are as efficient as clipless and it is clear that you need to do a lot more research before making claims that can easily proven without a doubt to be unfounded or even false. That article is another example that you do not understand the human body in general as the information and conclusion posited in the study actually proved the opposite despite the fact it was a sample size of 1 which is as useless as a penny in today's economy. "I said good day sir" -Barney Stinson
bornhs Aurelien68's video
Dec 10, 2014 at 22:03
Dec 10, 2014
I never realized how much I missed hearing the sounds of the bike going down the trail until I saw these videos. Fantastic job, keep going! Every other mountain bike video is exactly the same these days, some loud soundtrack, skidding in corners, tail whip, slo-mo, picture of a leaf, rinse, repeat.

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