The Nomads - Video

May 2, 2012 at 23:00
by Dan Barham  

Additional camera work: Seb Kemp.

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 Great video Dan. Makes me wanna get out and ride, great trail choices and they all rip hard!
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 Yeah, great video! Looks like the Nomads might be up for a name change.. The TRCs!.. sure looks fun!
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 Men we roll at dawn, there will be no prisoners. Tribes men from the light and dark side of the ancient pine will battle under the moon. Death calls will rain blood and we will ride!
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 A bit weird that Dally, are you ok?
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 Great video. Can't say it's "WOW" ( i mean, if we look at all the videos, they are very similar ) but great production non the less.

Exercice and body condition are really important ... but it's hard as hell for someone that works at something other than riding bikes ( or something similar ) to have time for this kind of physical condition Smile
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 I swear to cut down on the buzz, and do some strength and conditioning this year! Skill is useless without endurance, power and control!
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 Crush them trails!!! Hopefully this is a series.
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 proves that work in the gym takes your riding to the next level very motivating
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flag jtnord (May 5, 2012 at 21:24) (Below Threshold)
 They can shred but they are built like 13 year old girls...
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 these dudes are so fast !!!...even with a few inches short of a full DH sled, they just shred the crap out of those fast sections !!!
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 And two of three guys where on SC Blurs...far cry from DH rigs and still smashing the trails!
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 SC has gone SERIOUSLY downhill IMO since the removal of the Bullet from the lineup... No "park bike", no "short travel low standover "play bike", no FR bike... Thia is NOT the SC I watched start up and fall in love with... Aside from the V10 and all their more overtly "spandex" oriented bikes I've been lucky enough to throw a leg over EVERY bike in 2012 lineup that Id have ANY intrest in and while they're amazingly well thought out bikes and BEAUTIFULLY BUILT their current line up has a LOT of overlap in some areas and some glaring holes in others... Let the "We how dare you criticize. Santa Cruz" and "We everything they make is perfect" goons flame away, but I've been there since the birth of Santa Cruz and indeed "freeride bikes" in general and I tell you that in my expert opinion SC has lost their way... I will never find happiness on a lightweight 29r that they CLAIM can do it all. So instead of trying to convince a lot of us that we need to buy a new bike we don't want, PLEASE go back to making us "gravity oriented riders" feel included. And NO, the butcher doesn't cut it. BRING BACK THE BULLET!!! Enduro bikes were fun when us older guys started building early versions years ago, but it's like they completely forgot how they got their start/started the DH/FR movement. And before some moron says "they don't see a market for the kinds of bikes you're asking for..." Well, its REAL easy to not have any sales for a bike you don't offer... Its the same stupid logic Toyota uses to tell us we N.Americans won't buy a diesel Tacoma or a 70 series Cruiser...its just a stupid self fulfilling prophesy.

Anyway, confusing rant over... I'm just rather impressed with the direction SC Bikes seems to be heading.

Near vid once they finally for riding... bet it would have been even more fun on a well thought out "last
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 I am now going out the door, with my butcher..... there are some things that just make you want to go out and shred the trails..... YYYYYEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!
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 Goes to show you don't need a downhill bike to rip these trails like we see in 99% of the vids.
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 A nomad is my dream bike, with an rp23 kashima, fox float 34 or36 160 kashima,xo derailler, xo shifters, XT brakes, XT or slx cranks... Ohh yes! Thats a real bike!
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 thanks for sharing that with us
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 Sounds like a sweet dream.
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 This is bloody marvellous, its just the type of riding that makes me go ooooooh. Spanking bikes too!!!
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 Great video.

I love my Nomad (Non Carbon, 36 Float, Vivid coil or RP23 8.5x2.5).
Out of interest I tested it back to back against: Ibis Mojo HD (needed the 36 Talas down for climbing), SC TallBoy LT (29er), Mondraker Foxy RR, Yeti SB66, Yeti 575 in the last week. All on the same track (climb and descent) in the same conditions (different tyres). All bikes were tricked out with the best of kit as it was a demo weekend.
The Nomad was the worst climbing (failing one section cleaned by the others) and best descending bike with the SB66 he best climber (although fitted with 150mm Fox Float 32's).
I then fitted my 8.75x2.75 Vivid air which is my spare shock for my V10 to the Nomad..... The bike was transformed into the best climber cleaning everything and more. She still descended like a dream.
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 maybe because the shock is way too big for the bike and u raised the bb and steepened the angles?! wonder it will "climb better" with a bigger shock..
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 Of course it will raise the BB and steepen the head angle, it will also change the shock rate at the start stroke, but 0.25" is not way to big for the bike. The end of stroke happens at the same point. It also means that you can run the shock with slightly more sag for better climbing compliance, then run more compression damping to hold the shock up in the travel when static, and slacken the angles during descending due to the low speed compression damping circuit being bypassed during hard descending.
The steeper head angle is not what makes it climb better, it is the better compression damping due to the leverage ratio at that point.
Just my thoughts and some simple reasons as an Engineer.
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 Just to add; climb was up a fire road for this part to keep it down to the seat angle and compression and not head angle.
I climbed in 1st (36,36) with the Vivid coil on (2.0)
I climbed in 3rd (36,2Cool with the Vivid air on (longer shock) (2.6)
That is a gear which is 30% larger! The difference in speed and therefore delivered power from the same effort was instant.
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 You're also riding a Gen 1 Nomad. On the newer Gen 2 Nomads there is a bumpstop that prevents the linkage from extending any further than 8.5 in. The newer Nomads also have a slightly different leverage ratio that is stiffer initially making the bike climb better. I've read that the Gen 1 nomads descend better of the two stock. Push Ind makes a revised link for the Gen 2 thats provides a softer initial feel that ramps up towards the end though, making the bike a more capable descender.
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 I have owened a Gen 1 Nomad in the past.
Currently I am riding the current (non-carbon) Nomad.
I would not say the original Nomad descends better than the current one, it might feel that way as it feels softer.
As a Dh racer, I preffer the feel of the new Nomad on the descents (with either shock), it is more agile and is easier to pump and clear sections than the original Nomad. it is also less prone to hooking up if you take it somewhere very rough.
That is just my opinion, I have never timed between the two of them on the descents, it would be interesting though.
Interesting that in paragrauph 3 Mark Weir has done something simmilar to his Jekyll
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 Great to see Arthur killing it after the Suspensionwerx biz.
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 f*ck my pc didn't managed the high quality of the vid... Frown
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 I use to have the same problem. You probably need more RAM which is cheap.
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 that was awesome.
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 that's great, i love it...
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 thats sick. are these guys super enduro riders?
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 Because it is the best type of riding?
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 this guys for sure famous super strong riders at northshore .
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 Song name?
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 saul williams, list of demands
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 Ned's on a XC........damn
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 They're nomads, perfect for neds Smile
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 They destroyed that terrain.
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 Why the riders are using Blur not Nomads instead? ..ehm...i thought SC Nomad is for enduro and Nomad is the team name ?
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 awesome video..horrible song....
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 makes we wana go out an ride
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 not a bad video...sick bikes also
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 i love my white horse
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 b.c is biking heaven
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