29 days of November - The Chambers' Chronicles

Dec 20, 2008 at 20:37
by derek chambers  
This fall has been a very unique experience for me. Normally I spend my fall and winter up in the Northwest Territories working in the exploration industry looking for diamonds. With the unfortunate market crash, there has been a shortage of work for me. So what do you do when that happens? Ride your bike everyday.

This fall has been incredible. Perfect weather, perfect conditions and all the time in the world. This November I rode my mountain bike 29 out of the 30 days, and it has been the most incredible month of my life.Fortunately the weather has been more than perfect. This fall has felt like a second summer. It's nice not having any down time between seasons. When the snow comes...let it dump..until then "let's keep riding" was the motto. I found it quite entertaining that most people put their bikes away long before the trails shut down as the weather changes to winter. I have had so many conversations with people this fall about riding...because that is all I've been up to..why the hell did you put your bike away...there is no snow, just tacky trails..DUH!

Another epic Kokanee lookout!

Diving into another beautiful rock face.

Afternoon delight in the snow...no big deal.

Bed frame at the end of November...dry as a bone

So I spent the past month and a half hanging out with my unemployed friends lapping the crap out of the Kootenays. Here is a photo gallery of November, and a story of a standout day we had.

Jenny shredding the clear cut on Goose Creek

The Bed Frame lookout...looking down on Nelson

Pat William...upon arrival

This standout day in the fine month of shred, was a trip to Rossland. It was an incredible day of riding...once we got going. One of my partners in crime is Pat Williams of dirt tours (www.dirttours.com). We were getting our drink on one evening with a few hombres, and Pat decides to make plans to go ride Rossland the next morning. Pat is talking shit..and slering a little, and we all agree that he has a great idea and we should go ride out of town tomorrow. So our plans are made, meet at Oso negro coffee shop at 7:30am to convoy out of town..Pat's idea. I'm pretty sure Pat kept er' going, after most of us shut er' down because of the early morning we are going to have. Well we all made it to Oso on time...but Pat was nowhere to be found. So I waited 15 minutes and then made the call...ring ring..no answer. A few minutes later my cell phone rings...ahhh PW.

"Hey Pat, what cha up to today?"

I put my phone on the table and turned on the hands free speaker. "Hello"..."hey man what's going on?" Pat says.. "Not much Pat, what cha up to today?" The next part of the conversation was a little broken up with Pat mumbling his words and not really making sense. "where are you at?", "we are all at Oso waiting for you ya drunk bastard!" The 4 of us start laughing, along with a few people over hearing the conversation we are having. "For real...awawh! sorry dude...I thought we were going to meet later..I think?!" "Nope..get your ass down here..light is a burning!" .. "Ok man..I'll be down there soon..I have to take the dog for a dump first". Nearly one hour later, Pat show's up looking hurting and smelling like grandpa.

Load em up..let's go shred!

We load up the dodge, saddled up and started the foggy drive to Rossland, having a few good laughs along the way. The drive from Nelson to Rossland was almost all in fog. These where pretty unique conditions, so we were pretty ampt. Once we arrived in Rossland it was time to do some hot laps. There is a good network of trails that start in Rossland and end up in Warfield. We decided to take turns driving, saving us all loads of time and not to mention a second vehicle and all the extra fuel. The timing was perfect. Every lap the truck beat the riders by less than 5 minutes, so there was no down time on the bike. Finish the trail, load up the bikes and drive back to the top..repeat!


The top of the trails, looking down on Warfield

Derek pinning the single track

Pat testing his motor skill on the old school stunt

Yeah straight line air!

Pat working off the hangover

Once we lapped the crap out of Rossland (4 laps), it was time to feed the beast. After all we were all pretty hung over at that point. There is no better place to get a hearty, buttery, true Dukabhor meal other than Weezies Borscht hut in Castlegar...the perfect hangover food. This place is ridiculous. Sooo much butter on and in everything! We rolled in hungrier than a fat kid that missed a meal...and left fuller than a fat kid after a hot dog eating contest...look mom first prize!! It was delicious! Just check out the platter of food the five of us ordered.

If you drive past weezies...turn around and get some borscht!

Hmmm what to eat?

That looks about rite..now lets dig in!

Total domination!

After that ravenous feast the riding was not over yet. We made our way to the Slocan Valley, half way between Nelson and Rossland. Our next mission was to dominate a trail called Goose Creek. This is one of my favorite trails around this area, and hardly anyone rides it. It's mostly low angle rock slab. Lots of single track, fast and flowie, an all out good time.

Downtown Leeroy Brown killing the clear cut

There is one section of Goose Creek that is in a big open rocky area. All low angle moss covered rock, allowing you to pick and chose your line. You can have about 5 people riding next to each other doing the same thing, raw dogging lines like a free skier shredding a sick slope. It's a pretty unique section of trail..i love it!

PW feeling a little handicap

Derek and Pat choosing their own adventures

Derek kicking up some dirt in November

With the unfortunate reality of fall riding, the sun is down by 4PM, limiting our Goose Creek shred time to a mere 3 laps...Awww is that all. I swear riding my bike is like crack to me. Once I have a taste, I just can't get enough. I guess I should be satisfied with 7 rides on a beautiful November day..but I would be lying to you if that were true...haha, give me more!

There were many days this November that were spent just like this one. Great friends, great riding and no work. I truly am spoiled rotten. Now that the snow is here and the bike is finally put away, it's time to accept the harsh reality of not riding my bike for a few months..and possibly do some work. That shouldn't happen until sometime in February, so I'm heading to Mexico to surf until then. Thanks to everyone I met and rode with this summer and fall. It has been an incredible year, and I look forward to many more just like it!

Video of the final snow ride:

Here is a collection of pictures of my fall riding with some friends..Enjoy!

Brittany slaying another rock face!

Derek and Pitou finishing off another great day of riding Kokanee

Derek and Byron riding some Placenta Decenta in the snow

Brittany Boyer killing Kokanee in the snow...nice work Brit

Snow..what snow?

Kinrade roosting

Sherman taking us up for another snowy lap

Brittany taking first tracks on morning sickness

Derek, Mike and Byron after a snowy Vein on December 5th

Devinci's loaded up

Another snowy Placenta

Beautiful shot

That's a beautiful Movember moustach Byron

-Derek Chambers

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  • 16 5
 I think there's at least 20 PODS in there!
  • 8 7
 haha i tried riding my bmx in the snow just for fun cuz weve go over 2 feet down here in bellingham washington......and it just turned out to be an epic fail haha.
  • 1 0
 quality banter, great 1, merry christmas all!
  • 0 0
 best front page in a while i think
  • 7 0
 Wooohooo, guess the upside to economic downturn is it brings together riders... Awesome month for you guys; guess you could even say you were lucky to be temporarily unemployed.
  • 1 0
 Goose creek is not in the Slocan Valley it's just outside my door. There is a new section that starts even higher than the 8k start, it still needs a little work but it's a beauty and adds just over 200m vertical to bring the total to 1140m over 14km. Lots of improvements planned for next year to the existing trail.
  • 4 1
 Derek has always the most epic adventures and for that matter life. Right on man.
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 that meal from weezie's is my insulation throughout this cold snap that has shriveled my sack! seamless seasonal transition...i'll be gettin' face shots while you'll be doing tequila shots! see ya in the spring d-rizzle.
  • 0 0
 Nice work buddy! best month of riding out of the whole season. I wish every season could be fall! My truck never looked so good!
  • 0 0
 Very nice read, nice pictures and sure as hell a great time you had there. Liked it a lot, maybe we'll cross forks one (autumn) day if I happen to be overseas ;-)
  • 2 1
 Awesome man.
whats borsht?
  • 2 1
 borscht (also borsht or borshch) is a vegetable soup from Eastern Europe. It is traditionally made with beetroot as a main ingredient[1][2] which gives it a strong red color. Other, non-beet varieties also exist, such as the tomato paste-based orange borscht and the green (zelioni) borscht (sorrel soup).
  • 1 1
 originally its borshch, largely regarded as traditional Russian soup

great november fot you guys, and good to see that the whole economic trouble thing doesnt give you the "holy shit, what am i gonna do" attitude, but on the contrary - you enjoy life

keep riding
  • 1 1
 Thanks guys!
  • 1 1
 Very Awsome pics man!
@ dillonchamberlain :
Borscht is an Hotpot (I think it´s Russian)with many Vegs and some meat.
  • 1 1
 Hey derelict, thanks for rubbing salt in the wounds bud! and my grandma makes way iller borsht than that place.
  • 1 1
 looks minted man i love the photography-could all be pods =] looks like fun
  • 0 0
 Yeah derelict my balls, you should get over to NZ, summer is just starting and the trails are calling for you!
  • 1 0
 yea dude! Ukrainian foood!...I Love it! Smile
  • 0 0
 did u just have your regular tires on? Or did u guys have special snow tires for good grip
  • 0 0
 It was a sick fall. Nice to leave the world behind and dedicate myself to riding while the gods kicked down. th
  • 1 1
 Way to make lemonade out of Lemons.
  • 0 0
 nelson, what a beautiful place to ride
  • 0 0
 id call that a pretty epic month to be honest
  • 0 0
 you should of hit the snowy logride
  • 0 0
 Ah, I miss riding. Glad to see someone keeping the rubber down.
  • 0 0
 this is pretty sweet id like to got there some time!
  • 0 0
 i see ton's of possible pods
  • 0 1
 Looks like you had a great time, sweet writeup & pics.
  • 0 0
 Some nice place...
  • 0 0
 see you guys next fall
  • 1 1
 that hub sounded sick!
  • 0 0
 pretty epic
  • 0 0
 looks funSmile
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 sick, Trail looks sick.
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