Farewell Carson Storch - Video

Dec 30, 2015 at 10:16
by Diamondback Bikes  
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They say all good things must come to an end, and they were right. After three years of collaboration with Carson Storch, our time together has come to an end. We are incredibly grateful we got to work with Carson and help launch his career onto the fast track of freeride and slopestyle. He's been steadily gaining ground in the FMB each year and secured his first major win this season in the Colorado Freeride Festival. Carson has been a crucial voice in the development of our bikes and his legacy will forever be felt through our brand. We wish him the absolute best of luck moving forward and will continue to root for him throughout the rest of his career. Thank you, Carson! You are truly a class act!

Carson Storch

"Diamondback was my first bike frame sponsor, and the support they gave me allowed me to pave my way into the world of Freeride. It has been an honor to work with such a down to earth company for the time that we had together. Moving on but not forgetting, thanks guys." -Carson Storch

Style matters for Carson Storch.

Carson Storch 360 out of the start gate.

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 Carson- thank you a million times over for being an amazing part of the DB team. I always enjoyed working with you on our projects and laughing with you over silly things (like making fun of Grom, endlessly). Thanks for the hard work, dedication, and motivation to keep being better at everything we (and I) do. I'm stoked to see what you've got in store and can't wait to watch you kick ass this season!
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 Weird. I dont remember Charlie Sponsel getting a big send off like this. Maybe some things are better left unsaid.
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 @scary1 I wasn't DB's team manager (or affiliated at all) at the time Charlie was there so I can't speak to what was going on then. But Carson is awesome and I really enjoyed working with him, so I'm perfectly happy to wish him well.
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 But Charlie can bake a cake.
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 Thats cool, i just cant turn down opportunity to bust on Chaz,thats all.
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 ooooooooo such likes
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 You gotta have the looks though.
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 RIP Diamondback
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 Carson is just the last in a long line of recent departures from DB internally and externally. Gotta wonder if Porter will jump ship too.
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 I wouldn't be surprised. That would probably be the death blow to the company.
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 YEAAA Carson, stoked for you and your new adventures. Paypal me $10usd to find out who he's riding for... I have the goods! 1% will go to Carson Wink In the mean time drink some red bull kids!
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 @yuroshek he's taking gwin's spot on specialized right? thats what instagram said.
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flag felimocl (Dec 30, 2015 at 18:23) (Below Threshold)
 Gwin is a dh racer. Why would specialised give a contract to a free rider to take his place? If anything it would be filling the gap the Claw left.
I guess specialized will be contacting somebody new soon enough after the departure of the the Claw and mosely
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 Moseley rides for trek dumbass
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 Fuck, drunken commenting again. I sincerely apologise for my comments and retract my pervious statement
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 Dennis, you nut.
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 Haha its all good man why did this get so many dislikes
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 He was diamond back cycles though
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 Congrats Carson! Pinkbikes Undisputed POD KING!
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 Wonder if Cru Jones is still available to sign with DiamondBack?
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 If we were focused on BMX racing we wouldn't hesitate for a second! Smile Rad Racing for life!
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 Too late, Bart Taylor is already in negotations.
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 sooo where is he going now?
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flag eddardstark40 (Dec 30, 2015 at 10:25) (Below Threshold)
 Probably yt cause lots of people are moving to that company but I hope specialized pick him up
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 Does YT have enough bikes for all the riders they're sponsoring?
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 i've been sponsored by YT since 2012 and still waiting on my bike to arrive. I guess shipping is crazy around the holidays
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 Bikes or money?
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 Hes on Rocky now
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 I bet if there was an XC rider sponsorship change article on here there would still be somebody that says they are going to YT...
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flag cuban-b (Dec 30, 2015 at 13:02) (Below Threshold)
 xc guys can ride a capra...
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 obviously riding for hyper
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 DB has quite a few good bikes - not overpriced and effective at what they do - RESPECT THEM!
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 I am actually kinda bummed by this. Carson and DB just seemed to fit. That custom slopestyle bike they made him seemed pretty legit too
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 We will probably never see it, or in another couple of years like the db-L8.
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 Bright future ahead for Carson. He keeps getting better and better each year. Can't wait to see what he has in store for 2016.
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 Best of luck Carson!

On a side note... I love my Scapegoat, but I have to say Diamondback bikes have taken a major nose dive as of late.
Yes, they still have a solid high-end line. But, with so many of their "budget bikes" being sold with absolutely junk components at stores like Dicks Sporting Goods they have gained a really bad rep.

It's not surprising to see riders such as Kelly and Carson jumping ship to get aligned with a better, more reputable manufacturer.
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 yeah, I agree DB has a bad rep. I love my sortie 2, but looking their low-end bikes make me cry. But then I just shred my trail bike and remember why I love it so much.
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 He is with rocky mountain
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 Can you somehow validate this statement?
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 Go look on the instagram of Sageoriginals, he has a Rocky mountain DJ bike
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 didn't RM stopped producing DJ bikes?
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 I just looked it up and I guess you are right on this. Diamondback seemed like a better fit for him though, RM doesn't even have a slope bike anymore.
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 Thats funny- Gully would say otherwise.
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 He grew up at the shop I work at. Bend Cyclery. He's on Rocky. I chill with him damn near daily. We're not a Rocky mountain dealer, but he wrote in the contract that he won't have the Rocky dealer work on his bikes solely because he started his career with us. But yes, he's on Rocky.
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 I work at the shop he grew up in. You should see the slope bike he's building. I've got a straight bike nerd boner going for that bike.
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 Reading the title, I thought he died lol
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 So did I. I clicked the link thinking "well, shit..." And wondering if it was a riding accident or something mundane like a car accident.
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 "Diamondback was my first bike frame sponsor, and the support they gave me allowed me to pave my way into the world of Freeride. It has been an honor to work with such a down to earth company for the time that we had together. Moving on but not forgetting, thanks guys." -Carson Storch

Didn't you ride for Cove
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 I can assure all the kiddies on Pinkbike- Diamondback was not his 'first' sponsor- Cove Bikes gave him frames before- technically not paying for them is a sponsorship. Just ask @carson-storch himself.
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 Diamondback made my very first mountain bike in 1987
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 Head to the buy/sell page and search diamondback for Carson's old rides
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 I think he was the only one riding a Diamond Back at Whistler this year.
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 Song name anyone?
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 He's gonna go to trek or yt thats what always happens
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