Video: Andi Wittmann is Framed Again

Feb 6, 2015 at 9:10
by Andi Wittmann  

Mario Feil
Andi Wittmann

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 Why is this his last video!?!?!?
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 From what I looked up on twitter its going to be Mario Feil's last mtb edit!?
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 if its true ...... thats the way to go out, that vid was awesome
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 It might mean that it was his last edit of the year. That's the way I took it.
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 is last video for 2014! Big Grin
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 If I did such a video, so if there was a school, fitness, cycling, but no party because when I have a free weekend, I want to ride a bike. Smile
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flag topherdagopher (Feb 6, 2015 at 12:02) (Below Threshold)
 english mothaf*cka. Do you speak it? But for real I totally agree!
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 wow 19 neg props.. must be 19 people who've never seen pulp fiction
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 Or 19 people who don't appreciate someone being an a*shole to a guy from Slovakia making an effort to speak our language. Should we speak Slovak instead? áno? Your English is way better than my German @BikerSk, keep it up Big Grin
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 I learn English just two years, and I dont learn some American imitation.
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 Oh my local slovak fella. What did you want to say? ;-)
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 I don't get the 'last video' thing. I was nervous the whole time that he may have been paralyzed from the neck down or something.
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 funny....i do the same exact thing before all my edits too!
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 About the "last video" thing: On a german site that shows the video, there's a short interview about it, too.
It's supposed to be his last "Standard MTB-vid". He and Mario want to think out of the box and do something different. Thing is, they dont't know what that could be. yet..
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 who does that.. if you are going to show a Dodge badge and then roll out a sweet Mustang... well, how bout we don't do that again. great video..exept that.
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 Yo Andi, love this one. Great style, great variety and thanks for showing how much things you do with tons of passion. Thanks for our friendship. I have to add... awesome job Mario
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 i gotta stop watching awesome shit like this... just makes me realize what a crap mountain biker i am...
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 Wait wait wait wait........... Was gonna say that, a guy can't be apart of such an incredible vid and say it's the last one! Cuz that there was off the shizzle!
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 Amazingly shot video. I even liked the intentional cheese at the start too Smile
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 The only Thing i can do like him is the Move at 1:27 ! Pretty sweet Edit and please dont quit !!!
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 i see in the beginning with the skids he is working on the tread pattern for the new minion semi slick tires
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 great vid! even better sound
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 1:30 min of introduction, dammit...
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 At least the rest of the video is AMAZING !!!!
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 Hell Ya. Right on dude Your a champion #1
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 Logo fest
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 there's 4 adverts on this page alone
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 He just wants us to beg for more Big Grin
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 That was awesome! Great job!
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 Damn! So good!
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 Awesome video !
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 Andi is a champ!
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