Video: Fabien Barel Presents Episode 5 - The Mental Edge

Oct 2, 2013 at 15:28
by Mavic HQ  
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Here it comes - the final video from Fab for 2013. It's been a great season of Fabien Barel Presents: he's gone around the world and come back to us with sweet stories of bikes, culture, and travel. This time, Fabien joins Jey Clementz in Winter Park, Colorado at the 4th round of the Enduro World Series. But rather than a fast-paced, point of view look at the course, it's a pre-race reflection on what goes on in the mind of top enduro riders.

Well before the race begins, their mental preparation has long since jumped out of the starting gate. Guys like Jey and Fab spend as much time in their own heads as they do on the course in practice. The mental challenge is as significant as the physical effort.

This episode documents the different ways these riders train their brains. Maintaining the right attitude in the face of all kinds of weather conditions, course conditions, mechanical issues, and physical effort is critical. Planning ahead, keeping bikes and bodies ready for anything is always part of the game.

When it's finally time to drop in on course, all the mental focus pays off.

Thanks to everyone for following Fab's video series this season! If you missed an episode, from this season or from 2012, they're all archived on Mavic's page. Don't forget to check back on previous films and photos!

View all photos from this episode here.

Finally, if you have ideas for what you'd want to see on Fabien Barel Presents for next season, let us know! Just drop us a comment and we'll start mapping out 2014 ...


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 way too mellow-dramatic! You're riding bicycles, not ending world hunger
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 They are professional athletes taking about what it takes mentally to race at highest level. For alot of us this is actually interesting, the vid was edited in way to enhance what they are talking about, I would not call that melodramatic. For the most of us it's just riding bicycles, Fab and Clem are not like the most of us.
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 OR maybe you meant mellow-dramatic? If so you can just ignore my post.

Derived from two words.

1. Mellow - to be cool, calm, collective or light headed. Relaxed to the point of non-involvement. Totally Chillaxed.

2. Dramatic - An action that girls or menopausal or bleeding women perform when they're upset by a similar action that someone else performed.

Mellow dramatic is the opposite of Mello Dramatic
After being married to Liz(the huge drama queen) for 16 years, Hollis is the anti-type of Mello Dramatic. He is Mellow Dramatic.
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 I meant the first interpretation of the word. Bad spelling on my part. Nah, I don't jive with video productions that take what they're doing way too seriously.
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 Yeah I agree with DrSanchez. Its too serious. I would rather like to see Brian Lopes shred Enduro style or watch Peaty fool around. This video is kinda douchy. Big props to Jerome Clementz though!
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 soooo enduro!
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 @DrSanches Was not sure of if it was a miss spelling or slang, haha..had to check urbandictonary Razz

Allright, it's not for everyone. Smile
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 "Finally, if you have ideas for what you'd want to see on Fabien Barel Presents for next season, let us know! Just drop us a comment and we'll start mapping out 2014"
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flag crag222 (Oct 3, 2013 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 fabian could show us the best way to cheat and get away with ?
  • + 24
 Not sure he's the best to teach that seeing as A- he didn't cheat, and B- he still didn't get away with it!
  • - 20
flag rosenbaum-j (Oct 3, 2013 at 17:21) (Below Threshold)
 He broke the rules at Whistler and got caught. It clearly is stated NO shuttling in the rules. Now bring on the neg props...
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 bull sh.t email steve peat. about dh peaks at a world cup race and lycra back in the day.
  • + 3
 Can you guys have Fabien Barel do some videos like Matt Hunter's videos of some trail riding. Race videos are alright, but him just flowing throw some trails not in a race setting would be really cool.
  • + 2
 It would be interesting hear the top pros sharing their knowledge with us. For example, what goes into tire choice for different courses, tire pressures run, anglesets/bike geometry, suspension setups for different courses, top level techniques (not just the expert level techniques, but the pro level techniques.)....
  • + 7
 Well, first of all I'm really disappointed of video with Jerome Clementz with no any riding involved. And for the next season I would love to see an episode with Steve Peat. So, if you ask for my opinion, shoot an episode with Peaty, but please shoot some riding as well.
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 fun to see how many coments have been deleted...... u guys at pinkbike don't like negativ coment about your work?
  • + 4
 Apparently not.
  • + 2
 funny alright.. just noticed on my dashboard that there were four replies to my comment on this post. Second half of my comment is now missing though. Free speech eh?
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 1:14 - He may be Jesus on a bike, but he has a cracked smartphone screen - just like the rest of us.
  • + 2
 That's not a broken phone! That's just the map of the trails on the mountain!
  • + 6
 I got deleted cool. People gave spoken, was this like a Sram marketing thing or something. Cool vid though never get enough of Fab and Jerome!
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 The Mental Edge -- is this a test of patience waiting for the vid... Redonkulous.. ToT
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 I'd like to see more of the same that's been done in the past with Fabien. Him meeting up with other riders and riding with them at local spots. I'd also love to see him ride and race tracks with people. What about a track walk with an amateur and some one like Steve Peat where we could hear you guys discuss lines with the amateur, with each other, and then race it. Maybe a before and after race run of the amateur so we could see the improvement. How about a day riding with LOOK AT THE TIME! him self. I'd also like to see something about the race prep of the bikes, some how to videos on riding off camber terrain, squashing jumps, and more about turning. Also if you are interested in coming out to northern Utah and doing a riding camp we'd love to have you come and I'd be glad to help set it up.
  • + 1
 i want more shots of FB eating breakfast lunch and dinner. How about what the drive to the course is like, does he also have a Ferrari? How about a tour of his house? What kind of underwear does he wear? With all this prep. I bet he can ride a bike really well. Bike videos with bike riding, it can even be a love story if you need more plot. The mental edge of HTF or him in the midst of a TWD. Thanks for the great season Fab.
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 what the douche, Y U DELETE OLD COMMENTS -_______- good to see no stupid password protect ahahaha
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 Pretty kool film,gives a perspective into their day to day life before riding. A lot of people can relate to this,not on such a high competitive level of course but as a hobby/sport.
Only downfall is the subs but it's no big deal Big Grin
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 SLO-MO killed the video star
  • + 4
 Did I hear somebody say Slow Motion.
  • + 2
 Totally bringing a chainsaw and blowtorch to my next enduro...! (PS: check out Daddybear's comment for a non password protected vid)
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flag Mutiny5050 (Oct 3, 2013 at 9:45) (Below Threshold)
 Ever built a trail? True riders build there own trails .
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 Not true.
  • + 1
 that was trail crew at trestle building trails for all of us not just the enduro
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 I think the fact that 'l'esprit' (fr) translates into 'mind' (eng) says a lot about the respective countries cultural differences.
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 this video is too short ......
  • + 8
 more like the riding scene was too short.....
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  • + 1
 Hey you cant be giving away the secret of mental preparation. Now what advantage will I have at a race. aha
  • + 1
 I'm the only one that thinks that Fabien Barel's voice is kinda metallic(ish) ?
  • + 1
 Trestle bike park is serious business
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  • + 1
 this shit is deep.
  • + 1
 Slow motion... Yawn.
  • + 0
 quite a good insight into these guys race prep
  • - 3
 whats this magical passwrod evrybody keeps talking about
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