Video: Road Trip With Rheeder

May 13, 2013 at 12:28
by Mike Kazimer  


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 With so many pro riders on Tickets and Remedy SS bikes, it is baffling why Trek refuses to produce these frames for the consumer market.
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 trek is spending too much $'s on the cutting edge music for their edits to produce those frames
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 that, and buying plane tickets from madison to cleveland for their riders to ride ray's, when there is a perfectly good ray's mtb right in madison
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 Lester- They were probably invited to that location for some sort of promotional event... just a thought.
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 you can buy the hard tail version if im not mistaken? maybe not the new new one but it wont be much different And even if you cannot there's plenty of other options out there. im liking the looks of the ns decade atm
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 I think Trek was probably disappointed about their sales with the Ticket and decided to drop it in order to both refine the design and build up the hype for its re-introduction into the market. If so, it seems like its working as the bike looks fun to ride and if any video has a glimpse of their Ticket or their slope bike this conversation instantly starts up.
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 The reason it didn`t sell was because the frame only option was only 1000$.....
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 ^^Exactly. The Ticket Signature frame was grossly overpriced. $1000 for an aluminum hardtail frame is ridiculous.
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 I think it's aweome to see him get a new bike and be super stoked on it like he wasn't even sponsored. Shows he doesn't take it for granted which is super dope. I'd be stoked too
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 If they bring it back it will probably be a lot less expensive as they have had time to absorb the cost of research and design. I would like to see the Ticket go for $700 frame only to be competitive with NS Bikes. It would be awesome if they had a custom paint option like they do with their high end road bikes.
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 They only offer Project One paint jobs on carbon bikes that they produce inside the United States unfortunately. If they offered PO on the Ticket it would increase the price by $300-500.
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 People already spend a ton of money on making their dirt jumpers unique, how cool would it be to have a custom painted, one of a kind Trek Ticket? Some of the paint schemes I've seen their pro's riding are amazing and that's only a few guys imaginations, who knows what everyone else would come up with.
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 custom painted dirt jump bike: way cooler than a custom painted road bike
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 I am not in disagreement. But you're missing my point. Trek *will not* custom paint bikes unless they are made in the USA. Being American-made as well as custom painted would boost the price of the frame to astronomical levels for what it is.
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 I wasn't suggesting that it would be the only option, I was just saying it would be a cool option to have. It would have to be super expensive. The price of the stock paint colour bike would still probably come down though like I said.
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 Trek is very fortunate to have Mr. Rheeder under its wing.
99.9% of the time...I might say that in an opposite way.
But not this time...
This man is inspirational in every aspect of his life, and is a great example for all of us to appreciate.
I pass by the Rheeder Compound at least twice a week...and can't help but smile from ear to ear!
Hard work will bring you anything you want.
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 Brett has been getting alot of exposure lately and deservingly so. One of the biggest if not the most talented up and comer in the fmb tour. A ton of skill and a nice guy it seems. Good luck this year on the tour brett
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 That's an awful lot of airplane-shots for a road-trip.
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 Brett is a true professional in every way. He is great with his fans and is always looking to "one up". Amazing how he can pick apart a course or line and OWN it. It was a highlight of mine to be able to spend some time with this canadian shredder. I too am looking forward to a new Ticket Signature frame or complete......please!
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 2013 - The reign of Rheeder.
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 I assume they filmed the 'Afterhours' edit during that trip, which is possibly the best park video to date!
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 That indoor park looks AMAZING!
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 road trip , there wasnt one bit of driving involved in the whole thing !
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 What isn't Brett Rheeder doing these days? lol
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 That skate park is so dope.
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 Tickets ARE available for purchase
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 What Bike is it
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 Trek Ticket Signature.
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 Now available nowhere.
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