Cut my teeth riding Trumbull in the early 90s on my ridgid Univega, back when they were all ridgid. I got back into it a couple years ago, and enjoy the squishy bikes now.

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ntmjeep brianpark's article
Oct 11, 2017 at 7:14
Oct 11, 2017
ntmjeep vernonfelton's article
Oct 10, 2017 at 21:08
Oct 10, 2017
Have Your Say on the Ever-Changing Bike Standards
I see what you're saying, but not how I meant it. There are all of the bolt patterns, back spacings, diameters and widths, and market demand driving that for a huge market, but the 5 on 5 pattern that has roots so many decades ago, is still being used. I can still get 15" tires to fit any such application as it hasn't been made obsolete by the 18" or 20" introduction. I try to keep up my first mountain bike, but it uses a JIS 1" headset, which I either need to special order the most expensive headset you can think of, or it so happens that the cheapest crappiest headset happens to include a compatible crown race, but again, special order. Speaking of vintage bikes, try to find quality rubber for the 26 at under 2", it's typically the low end, if even available. The bike and automotive markets remain quite different, but due to size, the aftermarket fills in the gaps, even if with crappy spacers. As this hub standarding illustrates, those driving these changes aren't doing so to a market channel willing and able to adapt. How can the LBS keep us riding, when these changes force everything to be a special order. If everything needs to be ordered, will riders pay the shop overhead/markup? Or just go online for price, and have it just as quickly? I love new bikes, the evolution, and all of the roadie being bred out of the mountain bike, but have a reason, a real reason and not just marketing fluff, for that extra 2.5mm difference, and get some buy-in from the industry. Try a different industry, like electrical. NEMA, probably a hundred years ago, figure out they needed to come together with some standards. A 15 amp plug for your toaster, needs to be compatible with the outlet at the wall.
ntmjeep vernonfelton's article
Oct 10, 2017 at 8:25
Oct 10, 2017
Have Your Say on the Ever-Changing Bike Standards
I get what you're saying, but in the automotive example, there are still standard bolt patterns for wheels, and sizes for tires. There's volume enough that the aftermarket is creating innovation ( "like Tuff Country, Rancho and Pro Comp"), some of which may even find it's way into the OEM product (like ARB lockers and the Atlas transfer case). I'd love to see the large company set pace, but to do so with some sense, rather than small steps that don;t seem to make the significant difference that their marketing would suggest. Continuing on with the comparison between the automotive and bicycle markets, think of all of the manufacturer's dealer as well as all of the other support for your automotive repair and parts needs, and compare that to the bicycle's channel to market. There are very few bicycle dealers and shops in comparison, however I believe they have to exist to sustain that market. Perhaps the big brands will have to have and support their own factory dealers, but what does that do to their price model? Will they provide the current and/or better support? Will the cyclist be able to afford it, and/or how many zip codes will even have dealers?
ntmjeep vernonfelton's article
Oct 10, 2017 at 8:09
Oct 10, 2017
Have Your Say on the Ever-Changing Bike Standards
In my opinion, this issue of "standards" is symptomatic of what the industry is doing to itself. They are really losing touch with the bulk of their market, and their channel to that market. Specifically on the lack of or evolving standards, the best may not win, just what happens to get the most into the market. Think of Sony and the Betamax. Arguably the better technology of the day, but in their greed, they forced the market in another direction, and that platform went the way of the dodo, at the expense of the early adopters. If current trends continue, the LBS will take it on the chin, only having access to bikes that no-one can afford, and they won't be able to keep any parts inventory, because every part has become obsolete. As no standard is being maintained, this limits the ability of the aftermarket to respond and/or keep-up, which may be the strategy of the big brands, but the big brands have been traditionally been horrible at aftermarket support. The big-box retailers will still be peddling crap, pushing the volume numbers that the big bike brands only wish that they could find any way to tap, and haven’t any clue why as they remain that out of touch. Shooting the gap will be some direct to consumer on-line bikes will come in to fill the resulting void, putting yet another nail in the coffin of the LBS, and with no-one left the service bikes (or to do it affordably), all bikes then become disposable. The industry needs some consensus, and to embrace the high-end and high-volume aftermarket companies. They already depend on them to get to market. Find a way to sustain this market and the sports we love, and the retail partners that make it possible, rather than forcing its evolution into something that it isn’t. Our last remaining hope, may be boutique brands and hand-made bikes, as the main-stream bikes push to higher price points they are becoming more competitive. Perhaps they will partner with (or start one) components manufacturers, to keep some sanity in these component “standards” and eat the big brand’s lunches by bringing us better bikes, that we can actually own, ride, and maintain for years to come.
ntmjeep ctmtbgirl's photo
Jul 7, 2017 at 11:02
Jul 7, 2017
Ouch... Heal quick!

ntmjeep bizutch's photo
Jun 15, 2017 at 7:07
Jun 15, 2017
That would be sweet... If it happens at all for me, it'd be either the 29th or 30th. I'll message if the boss will let me out to play. It even looks like the bike shop in Black Mountain would even rent me a Precept (I don't think mine will end up in the van this time)

ntmjeep bizutch's photo
Jun 14, 2017 at 6:41
Jun 14, 2017
@bizutch: I'll probably end up renting, and heading into Bent Creek, or someplace like that. (If I'm alone, I need to ride where someone is likely to find the body)

ntmjeep bizutch's photo
Jun 13, 2017 at 12:39
Jun 13, 2017
I'll be down that way in a couple weeks, but if I can get out at all, it'll likely need to be slightly closer. We're going to be near Swannanowhere.

ntmjeep bizutch's photo
Jun 12, 2017 at 6:35
Jun 12, 2017
With that logo, sounds like a place I need to bring my Pivot

ntmjeep davidb9301's video
Nov 30, 2016 at 7:26
Nov 30, 2016
Send it Collin!

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