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New Straitline Hydraulic Gyro

Mike Montgomery talks about the new Straitline Hydraulic Gyro


  • + 6
 I wonder how often that stem slips on him.
  • + 4
 Durrrr. According to that clown from Straitline, all 5 of the confirmed slipping stems in my circle of friends (that were on several different steer tubes) were the fault of the steertube, not the stem.

Straitline philosophy states that it is easier to blame several other company's products (in this case several different forks), rather than admitting they failed ass making their products.

Realistically though it doesn't matter that their stems are inferior and slip because people buy them based on their fancy anodizing, not based on their product quality.
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 6 friends. My wedge stem slipped on my 40 pretty often. Defo not the fork's fault.
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 So what you are saying is that the guy from Straitline publicly came on a bike forum and took the time to bullshit all of us???? That's not very professional at all.
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 I'm not saying that, I'm just saying mine slipped too much for a $200 stem.
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 You're right, I said that based on simple observations. Hmmmmm.
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 It's only natural to have to modify a $160 stem to work as intended. Shit-talkers are unpatriotic.
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 Is it kinda funny that on a lot of my riding days I was rocking a holzfeller and would just toss the straitline on for photos?

Damn I've come a long way.
  • + 1
 Mine slipped 8 times this Saturday, must be my steerer right? Lol
  • + 1
 Here is an easy way to confirm that your stem is shit and not your fork. Do you have other stems? (I know that you have other stems). Do the other stems also slip on your steerer habitually or just the Straitline? That is the easiest way to tell if you wasted $___ on your Straitline stem.

  • + 1
 My Ghettofeller never slipped.
  • + 1
 So what you are telling me is that the stem that you mangled and shaved away all excess material for sketchy weight savings that has a current value of $10 (generously) works better than your fancy $150+ anodized Straitline stem????

  • + 1
 Yes sir. Salute
  • - 1
 Based on my observations and experiences with their stems and customer service representatives, I would assume that the above piece of hydraulic crap will be the following.... -Leaky -Anodized -Overpriced -Represented by geurilla customer service e-goons -A waste of far too much money -Unnecessary unless you do 1,000 barspins per hour -Sold in excessive amounts to posers who cannot barspin or tailwhip ...But above all, it will be a Straitline, which is the biggest handicap of all.
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 If it leaks, it's Avid/Hayes/Shimanos fault for making a shitty hose and brake system.
  • + 2
 To stop the stems from slipping left or right all you have to do is grease the clamp bolts and tighten them, I haven't had it slip since.
  • + 1
 When you posted that, I applied grease to my threads and bolts. I'll find out tomorrow if it slips.
  • + 3
 Wow this thread is sideways. I'm the above mentioned ass clown -Greg Parish.

Being in my position, when people have slipping claims they never send the stem to us but I find them in a thread bitching. So lame.

What does this acheive? How can we verify your claim over text? Send me your fork too.

I take care of everything and your issue is te entire worlds issue. We produce clones and we are working on submarine parts today, biking is ABC.

Greg Parish
  • + 1
 Next time my stem slips, I'll send it in. Seeing as at least being part of the cycling community, I have worked around with the stem and applied grease to the clamp threads on the stem and I also added fiber grip to the steerer of my brand new (ish) X Fusion Vengeance. Like I said, first ride...stem slipped. Followed by countless other times since March. Now, on the other hand...it didn't slip today...maybe because I didn't crash as hard...but my Ghettofeller has never slipped and it's all...dead and unsafe looking.I'm not bashing you guys, just for the price...you'd expect the stem to stat in place.
  • + 13
 @ Greg Parish.....

As lame as you think people not sending their shit in for warranty is, that is just you guys lucking out. The average biker with an over-priced slipping stem does not want to go without their stem and especially does not want to go without their fork. It is not practical for people to be sending in necessary components of their bicycle so that you guys can figure out how you f*cked up. Your suckers, sorry, uhmm, customers are just dealing with your stem and making the best out of a shitty situation because they don't want to go without it and don't want to buy another stem. Maybe some better product testing would have helped you get it right the first time. Clearly you guys have slipping issues and need to get a bunch of forks, put your stems on them,and start dropping bikes on the ground (and observe the results). You should also go and get some stems from the competition and see what they are doing to make them not slip. Make sure you use a torque wrench on all of the bolts for even tension and a fair comparison. Really dude, I should not have to be telling you this shit, you should have already done it. Worry less about fancy colours and more about making a product that actually does it's intended job.

If you want, I can just do the above mentioned tests myself and I will be sure to upload my filmed results. I don't think you will like what I find. I know for a fact that three of my friends have your stems and don't use them anymore (because they slipped too much!!!!). I am sure they would be happy to donate them for science. I would love to drop bikes all day for science. So, instead of me making you guys look bad, why not make yourselves look good and do proper product testing. Seriously, log off right now and go make your products not shitty. Thanks Greg.
  • + 5
 All this talk about precision machining and high-end equipment is really missing the point. While I can't speak for Reck or Rattsl or anyone else, I don't want a stem that's precise to the atom, I want a stem that works, beginning and end of story. If your stem is so precise it doesn't work on a whole swath of steerers, that's not a problem with the forks. Your design might be accurate to the molecule or whatever, but it might be a flawed design. All I care really is that I have a cheap stem from a non-prestigious manufacturer that kicks a whole ton of ass, and a $160 stem from you guys sitting and waiting for a commuter or XC build to use.
  • + 6
 "We produce clones"
  • + 2
 Recklessness, email me gp.spi@shaw.ca and send me all your info and your friends issues. We /I will collect your stems via FedEx over night and respond.

Or continue this thread and talk out of your ass.

We produce "Clones" because we are enlisted to make the GPS relocation tubes for NASA and we have parts on the Mars Lander ProJect because we may make mistakes on simplistic things. Send us the issue and relax.

If this was motorbiking and in a forum thread, you would look like a douche. Every action has a reaction. Why is your stem slipping? Have the respect and assume the risk and contact the manufacturer for a response. Do NOT not hide in a forum.
Again my name is Greggory George Parish. Born in Summerland BC Canada.

Please submit your full name please or hide in random forums and never fill out our warranty form and be THAT GUY.
PS... I truly was bummed out for a few weeks on this lame thread so I hope to see a formal submission on any issues.
Greg Parish
250-389-0498 land line.
  • + 2
 A few things......

-Big time LOL @ the fact that you are still butthurt about this.

-Considering how insane you are, I would prefer not to send anything to you that involves my address or name. You have a creepy stalker weirdo hateful vibe about you. Seriously, look at how desperate and childish your above comment sounds/looks/is.

-I would also like to point out that my buddy just had a conversation on the phone with you about the shitty bushings in your shitty pedals. He will actually be sending his to you. The funny part is that you basically have a script for these situations....... (Blame other company's products, [which in this case were his cranks LOL], name drop NASA, precise tolerances, blah blah blah.....). He was testing his for a website, so that probably won't end up being a very good review Greggory. FYI: I also declined your personal cell phone number from him. I will leave the stalking to you. Wink And I won't be needing your land line either.

-Cool essay bro. It's nice to see that you checked on my interests before commenting. That's not creepy and stalkerish at all. Next will you prank call me and breath heavily into the phone? Grow up Greg, you are apparently a grown man and it is time to put on the big boy pants and start acting like one.

-It was cool of you to threaten, stalk, harass, and insult me...... but how do you think that makes you look as the representative of a (shitty) company? Way to be a petty e-thug.

-Once more, BIG TIME LOL @ YOUR EXPENSE GREG!! (I still run your stupid company, have some respect for your boss). lol
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 It's all good Greg, I sorted my problem out. The stem is currently in use on an XC bike that I borrow from a friend to ride. The QR front end flexes before the stem could ever hope to slip so it actually works out perfectly. On the bike I ride like a man it turns out that it doesn't get any better than Snafu so that's that.
  • + 4
 my straitline stem use to constantly slip until eventually loosening and tightening the bolts stripped them and i had to put different bolts on it. the stem has not slipped since.

i found that the bolts it came with prevented me from tightening the bolts enough, when ever i would try making the bolt as tight as possible it would make a horrible creaking noise and would refuse to go tighter. but i found an old set of ti stem bolts that i had laying around and i noticed i could snug up the bolt alot easier and tighten them fully with no creakieness.


but i shouldnt have to go through this with my $175 stem.
  • + 1
 I should try this then.
  • + 3
 a $175 should have Ti Bolts anyways. Maybe Straitline would like to consider this suggestion? Reck, did you ever send in the stems?

Greg, I think its good that you, the owner of straitline can actually talk to your customers like this. Its respectable that you would sacrifice your name for all of this.

Reck, you are probably the worlds #1 cyber-bully. Salute
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 I've seen this several times rotor just do not know where I can buy, can you tell me?
  • + 1
 my ssc works fine. hahahaha. and the hydro gyro looks like it will work great too...
  • + 1
 any news on this thing im in need for one bad
  • - 1
 WTF are people really getting to lazy to spin the bars i mean it wasnt hard before......c'mon
  • + 3
 Doesn't really make it any easier, just don't have to deal with twisted up hydraulic lines anymore...
  • + 2
 Haha, yeah. Lots of people rotate the bars more then twice in their run.

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