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The 2013 Kona Shred

Shot in the streets and woods of Geneva, Switzerland, Kona Europe employee Etienne Dromart takes the new 2013 Shred for a serious, well, um, shred. Filmed and edited by Joonas Vinnari/DSP Media.


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 I liked it... A lot.

I don't think VOD always has to be a showcase of videos of people doing things that the mass of us can only dream of. I think it's more important that the moving imagery produces this deep down passionate pleasure and drive for the ride; it should inspire. If it can create a feeling of "yeah! I'm so happy to be a part of this community... This culture." Then it's worthy of VOD in my opinion, no matter what facet of riding is showcased.

Maybe this rider didn't do a tuck no handed backflip, but I think this video still has the potential to resonate a deep joy for the ride in many of us.
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 I agree with you 100% that VOD does not always have to be super intense things most people only dream of.

That being said, I think that this VOD lacked a certain energy and flare that may have brought others to see from our perspective.

This is VOD because it is a KONA video...
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 I can see your point.

I just feel that this video resonated with me, because I moved from the North Shore, where I'm used to all year riding. Now there's snow 100% of the time in the mountains and %70 of the time in the city. This video invigorated me to get my hardtail out of the garage and get creative.

Different content is going to effect people in a different way.
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flag go-hard (Dec 14, 2012 at 15:26) (Below Threshold)
  • + 16
 You all take "VOD" too seriously. This isn't the f*cking Academy Awards, it's PinkBike. Yeah it's an advertisement and I don't like that either. But it was a well made video that made me reflect on the simple parts of riding.
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  • + 16
 Love the video but for a 1/2 dirt jumper 1/2 trail HT I was waiting for the dirt jump segment.
  • + 9
 this was not a good vod. I have seen videos way better that never got vod
  • + 4
 looks more like a xc setup than anything
  • + 18
 Why is this VOD?
  • + 13
 This is a turd bike and vid.
  • + 8
 I suppose you've ridden one to be able to judge?
  • - 1
 This is an advert for a tired and crappy looking bike. I don't want to ride it nor watch it being ridden round some random streets,it shouldn't be vod and makes me wonder whose palms where greased to make it so.
  • + 8
 The Kona Shred is an awesome bike. Clearly you've never ridden one and are just judging ignorantly, but it is PinkBike! What do I expect? I have ridden a shred for DS, XC, Freeride and dirt jumping and it is fun on all of them. I hate when people bash on bikes because of what they look like or because of pre-conceived notions about the brand.
  • + 6
 Get a grip,I'm bashing a shit advert for what IMO is a fugly bike. Nothing wrong with kona,but this to me looks like a step backwards. I'm sure your an expert on everything you comment on,I'm not I just don't like having adverts as vod especially ones for fugly bikes.
  • + 2
 Looking back at your comment you said the bike was a turd. I'm not defending the video, but don't bash on things you know nothing about, especially if you're wrong hahaha. No i'm not an expert on everything I comment on but I try not to bash things I've got no idea about.
  • - 2
 Who said I'm wrong? You may like to ride shit bikes.
  • - 1
 Still bashing? Really?
  • - 1
 No, answering your comments!
  • + 2
 mtbrider71....if you have ridden a shred for DS, XC, Freeride and dirt jumping. then you haven't ridden the best DS, XC, Freeride and dirt jumps, because the bike would be able to do it. not going to lie, i like the advert and i think the shred is alright starter bike. but minty1 has a point, it is a shred in the end of the day. they are not that good. Smile
  • + 1
 i have to agree its a shit bike...
  • + 11
 How do you know you`re a ripper: When you shred concrete. Hahaha
  • + 2
 I thought it was a pretty good video, you guys are just misunderstanding the concept of VOD, you always seem to judge on the type of bike they're riding, or just the riding space around them, no one really pays attention to the videography and photography of the videos and the time it took them to edit this. I'm pretty sure that 50% don't know how to make an edit as good as this, Videos are supposed to help us learn their ways or just a little boots of inspiration so you can do the same.
  • + 1
 Awesome VOD, showcases what most of us really get to ride day to day, when rides need to be shoehorned in between school, work and other responsibilities. The riding wasn't crazy, but it didn't need to be, the guy was clearly having a blast. It's a tuesday in November people, the ride I just got back from looked like this, and I was stoked to see someone else get out there and love it too.

If a VOD's gonna be an ad, i'd rather the company tells/shows me how much fun im going to have riding their product. Instead of telling me their product will get me on the podium.

The shred obviously isn't the worlds best bike, but in this price range I doubt many bikes would be more fun to ride, especially in such a variety of places. I really doubt your all the action heroes you claim to be on the internet.
  • + 4
 They must be a big contributor monetarily to PB...them trying to be sly with advertising maybe....
  • + 5
 How much is kona paying you PB lol
  • + 2
 For real though ^
  • + 3
 riding was pretty poor really, it was only half decent to watch because of the editing. Not VOD worthy in my opinion.
  • + 4
 Really nice video to watch in the morning. Awesome edit! Song name?
  • + 1
 Am I the only one who thinks we need to see more VOD's that don't come from an article that was on the front page? They're way sick but some variety would be nice.
  • + 2
 its good video its not about doing what most people can't i think this deserves VOD just because of its filming
  • + 1
 get one of these head to glasgow or edinburgh lots of hills for yer urban shredd not for me though .
  • + 2
 I'm faster.
  • - 1
 You don't need to be an mx-whipping ape to make a good vid but I don't think it's worthy of VOD. Can't help but think it's VOD because it's a Kona promo..
  • + 1
 Nice to see a hard tail every once in a while
  • + 1
 Prettay prettay, no good...
  • + 1
 I like seeing so many HT vods!
  • + 1
 loosey goosey
  • + 0
 ugliest frame ive seen
  • - 3
 good rider on a shitty bike ! haha
  • - 2
 hope im not the only one to think that bike looks boring as fuck
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