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Life on Wheels Teaser

Just in time for the first World Cup in Fort William, Creative Concept and Lapierre Gravity Republic have released a trailer for the new film "Life on Wheels", a story of the team's racing and travels across the world… @CreativeCncpt


  • + 76
 There was no riding how did this get VOD?
  • - 28
flag dhftw1231 (Jul 8, 2013 at 2:30) (Below Threshold)
 Yes there was.. Are you high?
  • + 54
 COD. As Commercial Of the Day
  • + 17
 I want that wasted 1:36 of my life back.
  • + 8
 That was horrible.
  • - 14
flag bigandybikes (Jul 8, 2013 at 9:48) (Below Threshold)
 This is one day of 365 so why does it matter if it's a bad VOD? It's better than no VOD.
  • + 5
 if i made a video like this, id be happy to get 15 views... why is it VOD?
  • - 8
flag Alwaysrider (Jul 8, 2013 at 14:28) (Below Threshold)
 why so much hate? You guys talk like getting VOD would be like getting a grammy..
and of course there can't be so much riding in it. it's a teaser which gives a little pretaste for the whole thing
  • + 3
 Lapierre probably just paid pinkbike to promote this video
  • + 42
 Hey peeps- lighten up. Back when I was a grom MTB vids came out once every 10 years, high definition meant turning the sound up loud, and riders didn't wear gloves because humans were yet to evolve singular digits on their hands. This vid sure beats catching your ballsack in a v-brake and having to get your fat chick neighbour to remove it with a stick of butter and a kyak paddle, don't it?
  • + 3
 That should put things into perspective.
  • + 4
 mmm... stick of butter and a kayak paddle...
  • + 2
 well shit...put it that way...I suppose its not so bad
  • + 6
 A fat chick, kyak paddle and a stick of butter?!?! Now that would be a video of the day!
  • + 2
 I laughed so hard at that last part!! Shit, that was good! lol
  • + 16
 Not sure the was VOD worthy...
  • + 13
 I'm just happy pinkbike sorted the notifications for polls. That was doin me head in!
  • + 7
 Well that sucked. Are people just like paying to get vod now, cuz that was just a bad comercial.
  • + 4
 i hope this isnt the start of a 'sell out'. never again please pinkbike... unless you give detailed reasons like huge funding for insane vods... in which case this is ok, but please state that in the description.
  • + 2
 There was less riding than normally but it was unique and showcased a WC team from superb side. It was funny, entertaining and edited with a taste. If it would be another dirt jumping video you would moan, if it would be another dh, or enduro video you would moan, now you ve got sth unique and cool and you still moan!! Enjoy this little masterpice bastards! Creative Concept is great and I want you guys to keep it that way!!! Waiting for the full film.
  • - 2
 Bastards? If you have a problem to identity of your father just ask your mother... She knows.
  • + 6
 WHAAAAAT!!! DID YOU SEE THAT GAP.... oh sorry thought this was vod.
  • + 4
 Sick trailer Mono! Nice to see some super 8 stuff getting used! Expand your vision you bunch of dribblers...
  • + 3
 Trailers can't be VOD that's BSOD, life on any wheels except bike wheels. Overall there was 11 seconds of biking. Come on boooooo
  • + 5
 Poor choice of VOD today guys!
  • + 1
 So what if the adverts not good enough in some people's eyes. The full film is going to be awesome! Very 'Sprung' like. It's not the end of the world that it doesnt have loads of sender shots so stop being so narrow minded and don't shit on someone's hard work
  • + 4
 Kids, instead of being keyboard warriors why don't you go and lose your virginities or ride your bike...?

Just a thought.
  • + 1
 Hi guys, this is a teaser for a full length film. This was released just before the World Cup season started, hence not too much riding footage. We wanted to let you all know that this was in production and to expect something (hopefully) cool at the end of the season. The film is going to showcase the action behind the scenes of a successful World Cup team. It won't be all riding and it won't be all talking, there will be a mixture of the two which we hope you will find interesting (and funny).

Stay updated via our Facebook page:
And Twitter: @creativecncpt

  • + 3
 Right, and this movie will likely be entertaining. As vod though, real disappointing.
  • + 1
 Hi guys, how much is it? I am considering buying two or three VODs in the next month.
Have you got any discount?
  • + 6
 We didn't pay for this to be Video of the Day.
  • + 5
 poor choice, pinkbike
  • + 4
 may be some sort of scania advertising
  • + 3
 One major problem there's barely any riding in this video.
  • + 2
  • + 2
 How much did it cost to get this VOD?
  • + 2
 Was this really vod worthy?!? I mean common
  • + 2
 Not worth a VOD, maybe when the whole episode comes out!
  • + 1
 Last time I checked the VOD was earned for good filming and riding.... this video had neither. Just a 1 minute long Ad
  • + 1
 I actually was kinda pumped on the super 8 style footage, dont see that to often in riding videos..
  • + 2
  • + 1
 Boooooooo you whore.Mean girl's quote.
  • + 1
 Pic of the day is nice just look at that for a minute and a half
  • - 1
 O la pierdolę.

Why this silly "jackass-like" ad deserved to be a VOD?

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