2015 DVO Reaper Madness Recap

Mar 18, 2015
by Downhill Mike Scheur  
The DVO Reaper Madness was the final round of the 2015 Bootleg Canyon Winter Gravity Series. The weather was warm with temperatures in the low 80's and the competition was even hotter. At the last event at Bootleg Canyon, the DVO Mob n Mojave's winner in the Men's Pro field, Chris (Higgy) Higgerson was looking to take another 1st place, but a stacked and talented group of pros including Aaron Gwin were also looking to claim the top box.

Aaron Gwon on his way to the 1st place finish at the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness.

Aaron Gwin on his way to 1st place in the main DH race.

Men's Pro DH
1st place: Aaron Gwin/3.34.59 racing for Specialized Racing
2nd place: Chris Higgerson/ 3.44.12 racing for Mojo Wheels/Santa Cruz
3rd place: Michael Daniels/3.44.92 racing for Santa Cruz
4th place: Mike Day/3.46.06 racing for GT Bikes
5th place: Chris Boice/3.46.48 racing for MTB Racing Solutions

Men s Pro podium at the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness

Winning the Womens Pro DH was previous USA Cycling National Champion and new mommy, Jackie Harmony. The Women's Pro field saw a total of 4 racers with 15 year old, Samantha Kingshill making her pro debut. Sam actually made her pro debut the day before claiming a 1st place in both the Dual Slalom and the Super D.

Women's Pro DH
1st place: Jacqueline Harmony/4.34.96 racing for Canfield Bros
2nd place: Ariana Altier/4.48.66
3rd place: Kim Godfrey/5.10.11 racing for Mojo Wheels
4th place: Samantha Kingshill/5.17.78 racing for Shine Riders (with a crash and on a borrowed bike)

Pro Women s Podium at the 2015 DVO TReaper Madness

For many high profile USA Cycling DH races, promoters break the Junior Expert 15-18 (Category 1) into 15-16 and 17-18 age brackets. These guys are the future pros and some of them as soon as next year. Needless to say, these guys are fast. Check out those times!

Men's Category 1/15-16 DH
1st place: Nikolas Nestoroff/3.41.92 racing for Intense Cycles (2nd fastest time of the day!)
2nd place: Steven Walton/3.51.75 racing for EVS/Intense/Monster
3rd place: Sam Morris/4.32.29 racing for Lake Town Bicycles

DVO Reaper Madness

The Men's Category 1/17-18 DH looked very green for the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness DH event with the top 2 spots going to the DVO/Incycle/Intense Team. With teammate, Jarod Hanson having sitting out due to a recent injury (Jarod will be back racing at the Sea Otter), new DVO/Incycle/Intense teammate, Andras Simon kept the podium DVO green.

Men's Category 1/17-18
1st place: Bruce Klein/3.45.53 racing for DVO/Incycles/Intense
2nd place: Andras Simon/3.51.70 racing for DVO/Incycles/Intense
3rd place: Tyler Krenek/4.05.19 racing for Fly Racing/Profile
4th Place: Rusty Goodrich/4.33.52 racing for Southridge USA
5th place: Triton Nelson/4.40.90 racing for Ultimate Smiles

DVO Reaper Madness

The Junior Category is all racers 14 and under and saw 11 of the coolest kids we have ever seen. Only 1 contestant in the womens 11-14 was McKenna Merten with a time of 6.08.15. I bet if Mckenna had some competition she would still take home the gold with that time.

Men's Category 11-12 DH
1st place: Julien Markewitz/5.06.63 racing for Troy Lee/ENVE/Oakley
2nd place: Ryan McGarrity/5.10.39 racing for Troy Lee Designs
3rd place: Mason Duncan aka Meatball/5.15.04 racing for B-Rads/Commencal USA/100%
4th place: Nathan Luna/5.27.76 racing for Commencal USA/X-Fusion
5th place: Colin McElyea/6.22.94
6th place: Evan Stice/7.52.19 racing for Dad

Men s 13-14 at the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness

3rd place finish amongst some fast friends but 1st class style.

Meatball seen here making the gnar look easy.

The Men's 13-14 DH
1st place: Joey Foresta/4.03.48 racing for GT-ENVE/Lake Town Bikes
2nd place: Tucker Norman/4.40.69 racing for Canfield Bros
3rd place: Andrew Bird/5.03.23 racing for Cannonball Racing/Go-Ride.com
4th place: Mason Van Renselaar/5.12.42 racing

Men s 13-14 at the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness

DVO Reaper Madness

Joey Foresta seen here flying over the Bootleg gnar.

So many amazing pictures of the juniors, we wish to post a couple more before moving on.

Junior Men 11-12 at the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness

Nathan Luna (11-12).

Men s 11-12 at the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness

Ryan McGarrity (11-12).

The Open Men's DH Category at Bootleg always sees ex pros, ex world cup athlete and ex Red Bull Rampage athletes compete against each other. The DVO Reaper saw all 3!

1st place: Lance Canfield/4.05.51 Canfield Bros
2nd place: Kris Burke/4.17.70 Rock Star Energy
3rd place: William Lujan/4.20.48 Elevation Racing
4th place: Gene Hamilton/4.22.62

Women's Category 1/19-29 had 2 racers.
1st place: Bridgette LeBer/5.34.28
2nd place: Makayla Weist/6.14.93

Men's Category 1/19-29 DH had 12 racers. Only the top 3 are listed here and below. Please see event website for full results.
1st place: Ian Supple/4.06.18
2nd place: Kendall Weingardt/4.09.61
3rd place: Christopher Ridder/4.19.12

Men's Category 1/30-39 DH had 9 racers.
1st place: Ryan Ryno Rodriguez/4.04.66
2nd place: Eric Smith 4.09.88
3rd place: Aaron Polly: 4.10.00

Men's Category 1/40-49 DH had 10 racers.
1st place: Bill Benda/4.11.23
2nd place: Quinn Winter/4.18.34
3rd place: Ron Huber/4.21.02

Men's Category 1/50+ DH had 2 racers.
1st place: Bobby Bondurant/5.16.51
2nd place: Jeff Robinson

Women's Category 2/19-29 DH had 3 racers.
1st place: CJ Selig/5.38.09
2nd place: Carly Dyar/5.40.70
3rd place: Alexandra Gren/8.49.73

Women's Category 2/30-39 DH had 2 racers.
1st place: Amanda Propst/6.36.62
2nd place: Holly Priest/9.36.96

Men's Category 2/15-18 DH had 12 racers.
1st place: Cole Chipman/4.12.18
2nd place: Wesley Nugent/4.15.51
3rd place: Ravi Patel/4.20.70

Men's Category 2/19-29 DH had 19 racers. Check out how close the times are with a stacked field. Not always, but check these out!
1st: RJ Orr/4.14.35
2nd: Paul Marcynyszyn/4.14.84
3rd: Cole Latshaw/4.15.01

Men's Category 2/30-39 DH had 11 racers.
1st place: Ryan Sandlin/4.23.66
2nd place: Darrick Landrum/4.25.76
3rd place: Gabe Caldwell/4.31.50

Men's Category 2/40-49 DH had 13 racers.
1st place: Alex Mc Eleyea/4.28.24
2nd place: Darren Donaldson/4.28.28
3rd place: Randy Barton/4.30.21

Men's Category 2/50+DH had 1 racer.
1st place: Kent Woodfield/5.01.01

Men's Category 3/15-18 DH had 7 racers.
1st place: Dacoda Walker/4.42.32
2nd place: Ian Johnson/4.44.16
3rd place: Drake Barron/4.46.59

Men's Category 3/19-29 DH had 5 racers.
1st place: Donnie Davis/4.37.17
2nd place: William Pavlock/4.45.39
3rd place: Curt Wilde/4.48.06

Men's Category 3/30-39 DH had 4 racers.
1st place: Chris Jean/5.05.01
2nd place: Steven Duke/5.20.25
3rd place: Ian Hanf/5.23.42

Men's Category 3/40-49 DH had 1 racer.
1st place: Wesley Holmes/5.51.08

The 2015 DVO Reaper Madness also had an Open Chainless, Dual Slalom race and a Super D race. At this years Super D race a Hand Bike category was added.

Jeff Frampton owner off All Mountain Cyclery checks out the Lasher Sport Hand Bike.

Check out the owner of All Mountain Cyclery Jeff Frampton seen here wearing a huge grin.

Start of the Hand Bike Category at the SD race at the DVO Reaper Madness

Hand Bike racers lining up at the start.

Father and Son racing.

Father and Son showing off some Overall Awards. Bryson Martin Sr. on the right and Bryson Martin Jr on the left.

Race promoters and Title Sponsor, DVO Suspension are already talking about next year. Dates for the 2016 Bootleg Canyon Winter Gravity Series will be:
Nevada State DH Championships: January 15 -17, 2016
Mob n Mojave: February 13-15, 2016
Reaper Madness: March 11-13, 2016.

Full results for the 2015 DVO Reaper Madness can be found on: www.downhillmike.com

Sponsors include: DVO Suspension as the title sponsor with the help of of these participating sponsors: Box Components, Promax, MJT Designs, Canfield Bros, MTBParks.com, iXTREME, Incycles DH Team, Escape Adventures, Kore North, Tifosi Optics, Ride 100%, RynoPower, Betterride.net, Maxima, Kali Protectives, Senxsr, All Mountain Cyclery, SNMBA and Photo13 Media.

MENTIONS: @DVOSuspension, @ride100percent, @KaliProtectives


  • 26 8
 Bootleg should be a stop on the World Cup
  • 9 10
 It would be an awesome track its just that there are no lifts and there just isnt the infrastructure to put on a world cup.
  • 23 1
 Who needs lifts? Riding the Bootleg Shuttle Truck is an endurance event in it's own right!
  • 3 2
 I certainly agree that Bootleg would be a stop. I am amazed at the infrastructure that Downhill Mike is able to put together for the events. Plenty of parking, camping, etc.
  • 2 0
 Did the Cairns World Cup run a shuttle?
  • 3 1
 One of the gnarliest tracks, period
  • 1 0
 @prestonDH Very fun tho. so loose and gnar
  • 2 0
 Rode it a couple of times...the scariest fun you'll ever have on two wheels. Glad I never crashed!
  • 1 0
 @lsmillie yes, it certainly is very fun, as long as you are not falling on to the cheese grater below XD
  • 5 2
 If you have not ridden this mountain you need to. It has BY FAR the biggest GNAR factor that I have seen in North America. The best way to describe the terrain is cheese shredder rocks - really scary. Once you have ridden it, check out Aaron Gwin's run, and you will know how great of a rider he is. He rides that top section like going he is going to A Line.
  • 1 0
 Cheese shredder on my knees. Yes, very jagged terrain. Can't wait to get back at it.
  • 1 0
 uhhh yea, experienced that first hand at this race last year, along with a broken nose
  • 2 0
 It's like a land-based coral reef.
  • 6 0
 Big props to Nestoroff in the 15/16s with the second fastest time of the day only behind Gwin!
  • 3 3
 HAHAHAHA! thats my buddy with the folded arms on the left (top picture). he said Gwin stole up on his lines. lolol.....
Its hard to even comprehend how evil that terrain is until your there. it takes the most savage rider to be able to open it up all the way. watch how insanely fast his run was. MEGA!

  • 5 2
 Nice work as always Mike!
  • 3 0
 wow, Gwinn put 10 seconds on the 2nd guy
  • 14 0
 Yep. Sand-bagger.
  • 2 1
 This event deserves a more refined podium setup imho.
Also, I like the kid at podium giving thumbs up. two arms up w/empty hands is odd to me but I'm not a podium regular.
  • 4 1
 Nice work DVO. Great company with a great product.
  • 2 1
 Thanks for another great race out at Bootleg Mike! Cant wait for next year! One of my favorite race series for sure!
  • 1 0
 Wonder what tires Gwin ran? Watching his race run, I'm amazed at how fast he came into turns and held his lines.
  • 1 0
 Gwins bike is siiiiiiick!!
  • 2 1
 Gwins on the air shock in the rear now as well I see
  • 1 0
 Not according to his bike check on vital
  • 1 0
 He was on a prototype. Had a different rear linkage and some gnarly looking carbon on the frame. Also swapped the coil for the air shock during practice and ram the air shock for his race run. For whatever it's worth.
  • 2 1
 Those little dudes on those rock faces...damn!
  • 1 0
 Not according to his bike-check on vital
  • 1 0
 Is that little dude giving me the upside-down finger?!
  • 1 0
 stoked i get to ride here on the weekends!!! well, not the dh haha
  • 1 1
 Shred the gnarrrrrrr ... Love this place
  • 1 3
 is that a Vivid on Aron's bike? Isn't he sponsored by Fox..?
  • 1 1
 No not a vivid. He rides for FOX so propbably on this prototype shock.

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