A Weekend With Manon Carpenter

Aug 23, 2012
by Film This Tyler  
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We shot this video at the start of the season after I surprised myself (and everyone else I think!) with a second place finish at World Cup #1 in South Africa. I knew I was riding well and had been training hard but it was still a bit of a shock to see it all come together, so when Tom and Tyler said they were interested in doing some filming we came up with this idea. I’ve always done a lot of other riding besides Downhill so we wanted to show that. Unfortunately this year hasn’t quite gone to plan with a broken collarbone at World Cup #2 interrupting my season but after the last World Cup at Val D’Isere I finally feel like I’m getting back up to speed, and I can’t wait to show it!

What I love about racing Downhill is that you can ride pretty much any kind of bike, and as long as it has two wheels you can class it as training for Downhill; be it BMX, XC, Dirt Jumps, Skatepark or MX – and it’s all awesome fun! My Dad builds BMX tracks for a living (www.bmxtrackconstruction.co.ukwww.bmxtrackconstruction.co.uk) so I’ve always spent a lot of time on them. I think they’re great for bike handling skills and everyone should have a go on one – there’s not much better than manualling flat out down a straight over rollers! Cross country has also been a big part of my riding thanks to where I live and it has definitely helped with fitness for racing. As for the skatepark and trails it’s just good fun to mix it up… Enjoy!

Words: Manon Carpenter
Photos & Video: Eyesdown

Artist: Aether
Song: Drama Free ft. Tina Hanae Miller


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 Her dad DEFINITELY takes the cake for #1 dad in the world. That would be so sick to come home one day and your dad being "Look what I built in the backyard for you"
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 it's a public use track her dad owns a bmx track building company and is a genius in the uk for making downhill big by his race series Dragon Downhill, kickstarting most of the uk Pros
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 Yeah, That's Maindy BMX Track in Cardiff. A haven for chav kids on stolen bikes. Her dads company did build it though.
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 see Canada we have awesome places to ride too! Smile
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 Dream girlfriend.
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 dream pumptrack. bufffff
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 What a cool dad. Doing so much to help the progression of the sport.
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 That's my dream! Have approval from my better ½ (more important than local council) to build a pump track at the bottom of our garden for my 6 year old son, myself and our local crew. Can't wait to get started but want to do it right so researching lots, and practising by helping maintain and build our local trails. Also building a proper tree house next to the track with a dual purpose 3 metre slide ;-)
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 Gotta have the slide.
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 still think manon is the cutest thing on 2 wheels!
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 Same here mate!! :-)
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 That video showed the only time skinny jeans are acceptable.
  • 8 7
 Trust me I've got a butt like that too Wink
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flag scott-w (Aug 23, 2012 at 1:59) (Below Threshold)
 Fashion advice from a Pinkbike user... I best rethink my life so as not to offend these macho types with my choice of trouser. It's really hard being an emo fag sometimes lolz guess blood gets too cut off in my legs to properly circulate to my brain
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 she is beautiful.
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 How am I the first one to say "I'd like to spend a weekend with Manon Carpenter".
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 because one weekend wouldn't be enough
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 So nice to know that some women do something interesting. Most just seem to watch tv and go clubbing, then wander why their boyfriends would rather be out with the boys. Lets see some dh footage of manon soon too
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 What? That's not sexist at all. My wife would beat you silly right about now and then teach you a thing or two about spelling.
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 That's why he said MOST women, not ALL women. And the only word he spelled wrong was "wander", which at least is an actual word, just the wrong one by one letter.
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 hey tmargeson, cheers for backing me up but me and reginome had a PM chat and sorted out the misunderstanding Smile
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 Love to see Manon rides, here in y country, there are no BMX tracks but we've got many trails on many Island, pure natural, that's French Polynesia, visit us at www.facebook.com/RideItOutTahiti
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 nice form~~~on the backflip and otherwise
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 manon......come to cwmcarn and teach me some skills!
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 that makes me want to go out and ride so much
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 she was there today and on our local stuff
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 She rides in Cwmcarn quite a bit for the DH, apparently she is there today Smile
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 Yeah Manon!
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 be mine?
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 How beautiful!
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