Video: Atherton Racing: Four by Three - Episode 2, Dan

Oct 5, 2012
by Matt Wragg  
In this episode Dan Atherton races the Megavalanche and tears up the Italian resort of Sauze D'Oulx (which is where the Italian leg of the Enduro of Nations was held this year). Clay Porter was on hand to kill it in his usual style. Although Dan, if you're reading this, the Megavalanche isn't an enduro race, it's marathon downhill...

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 Dan is committed to Mountain Biking. He pushes his limits. That, is what makes him the Jack of all Trades.
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flag Protour (Oct 5, 2012 at 2:09) (Below Threshold)
 If he was the jack of all trades who pushes his limits, why isn't he at Rampage attempting to compete with his brother? It's not too late though, Gee looks injured and possibly out, he could give his entry to brother Dan. If you aren't already there, get on a plane, and borrow your brothers bicycle! Get r done, Utah style! Rach could be the first lady to compete if Dan doesn't want to, would be some great publicity for GT, huh?
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 To be fair Protour your a muppet, every comment you make seems to be full of bull shit! im sure everyone would agree with me, delete your PB accout.
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 protour is a dick, but it would be cool to see girl at rampage and rach defiatly has the skills.

+ i'm so stoked for dans enduro career!
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flag bigburd (Oct 5, 2012 at 7:12) (Below Threshold)
 He may be a dick but he adds some thing with his comments , regardless of how much of a pleb he is !
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 Hey Protour...why aren't you riding at the Rampage.
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 I'd love to see Protour hitting the canyon gap at rampage on his 'Sweet-Ride'....
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flag Protour (Oct 5, 2012 at 9:06) (Below Threshold)
 Thanks for propping my wild ride, I'm quite fortunate.

Delete my account? Why? Even if I wanted to I couldn't, and I don't even know if pinkbike truthful comments have to either be deleted or hidden by your bad props. I bet ACC could do Rampage too, but Rach would be my first choice, since she is so beautiful on and off the bike. Would love to see her in a tank top digging that red dirt with a shovel..
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 protour that's a joke, you should change your name to probullshit lol .
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 protour, just sounds like a roadie. Says it all
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 keep it in your pants protour. she is a lady, not something to oggle like a caveman....although that lady sure can ride with the boys haha
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 The sound of his breath at the climbing passage - frightening. An impressing commitment.
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 Yeah he f*ckin meant that didn't he?
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 Makes me feel better about myself when I see that someone like Dan gets as gassed as I do. I reminded me of my breathing at some parts during a 60km race last spring.
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 I'd be pulling up at the side with a heart attack if I started making noises like that!
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flag Protour (Oct 5, 2012 at 9:57) (Below Threshold)
 I'm as tired of reading that as you guys are of me. Update your computer, there is something you can download. Red Bull does alot for the sport, quit mentioning them in a bad way!
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 edit: nevermind, not worth it...
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 i can't believe protour still has an account on here, he never fails to piss me off with his comments and judging by the amount of negs he gets i doubt i'm the only one. dan's the man!
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 Whenever I scroll through the comments I always see Protour (below threshold)
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 That was awesome, that helmet cam footage was intense, still slightly surprised that Redbull haven't completed the hat-trick and sponsored Dan up as well, especially as he is no longer in his Brothers shadow in the Downhill scene and doing so well in Enduro.
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 Jack of all..............Master of all!
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 @protour I love it how people always slam dan, I was at the mega this year and the buzz about the place that he was there was ace. People wanted to spot him and stand by the massive gt truck and get their picture took. He and his family are true pro's and a credit to the sport never mind the country they come from. Dan if your reading this well done in succeding in a sport most of us only can dream about.
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 Dan atherton is with out a doubt one of the best bike handlers out there
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 Thanks Dan for giving the confidence that even a major injury will not keep you from riding! It helps during recovery!
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 As awesome the four by three series is, its no Atherton project. I do miss that I must admit.
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 alpi bike park looks awesome!!
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 hahaha Dan the Man AtherTan May not have won as much as gee and rach but for me Dan is the best all round rider
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 The gnarliest thing about the Mega is not the track or the start line, it's the toilets at the top station around 08:45..
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 Loving the Shpongle at the end.
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 Thinking of getting my first full sus, with a view to head toward enduro. Was interested to know if anyone rides 29er in this discipline and what the advantages and cons would be specifically here? HALP?
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 I really enjoy my Intense Tracer 2 26er ... but they've got a rather cool 27.5 version out ... if you can't decide between 26 and 29 - go for that instead?
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 Thanks, it's less that I can't decide between the two, more just that if i did splooge quite a lot of money on a full susser, that I made the right decision: ie something like a quiver killer, thinking one of the following:

Santa cruz Tallboy LT
Yeti SB95
Transition Covert 29
Scott Genius 29

Maybe you're right though, 650 might be the way to go. But having ridden my 29er around for a while, nothing really beats it for all out speed, just interested to know if these wheels would be too big specifically for Enduro. The Intense is an interesting shout, but I've heard seriously mixed things about the production - lot's of out of alignment frames being released.
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 Or maybe a Spesh Stumpy FS 29er
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 Jackclark - I understand completely re the build quality issues. I've had three Commencal Meta's crack on me but I'd still by one of the new, more reliable models like the SX based on reviews. So far my Intense has been brilliant, no alignment/build issues. My mate has an Intense 951 which has been faultless. He owned a Slopestyle before which had an alignment issue at the back but it was replaced no questions. (Rob Cooksley seem to have done well -won- the UK Gravity Enduros on his Intense)... anyhow - all the bikes you mentioned are great. That Tallboy is getting the thumbs up from What MTB. And you can never go wrong with a Spesh.
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flag Protour (Oct 5, 2012 at 15:45) (Below Threshold) long as you don't mind a bike that sprints like a slug. The I-drives are so much more efficient for pedaling.
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 Inspiring video that makes you just want to get out on your bike and hammer it. Brilliant.
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 I think the blacked out 661 logos at the end are the best advertisement, shows he's still using their products when he could choose any others.
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 Awesome riding ! Go Dan !
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 This is unbelievably good.
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 Dan's the man!
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 Protour is awesome, I laugh a lot with him!
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 this video makes me want to sell everything bar my bike, move to Europe and just ride, forever
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 ^This +1
And Cheers on being a Kiwi breh..
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 Hahaha, you mean Aussie?... mate
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 i agree with dans comment about loving riding the same as how he loved it when he started. untill death do us part!!
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 This is really awesome.
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 Hey Dan, it's Megavalanche not Mega-Avalanche. That exactly is the trick.
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 It's an English thing,we can't say Megavalanche !!
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 Really inspiring vid
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 Does anyone know name of the song at the end?
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 Ok I've found it (with small hint from onlytovey): Shpongle - Dorset Perception
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 What a rider!
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 dan is so inspirational!
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 One word awesome!
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 Second words fuck yeh!

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