Luke Strobel Interview

Jan 15, 2012
by jill kintner  
Words by Jill Kintner

If you don’t know who Luke Strobel is, you probably don’t follow World Cup downhill. He is a good pal, super mellow, says "mega” and “hella” a lot, which is “epic”, he loves riding bikes and fishing, and is the local of all locals at home in the N-Dub.

We ride with him on a daily basis in Seattle, well Bryn does, and they wait for me, but Luke is a top 20 contender worldwide for downhill, and has plenty left in the tank.

He is also without a ride for next year, which is absurd. Hopefully this interview gives you a glimpse of what Luke is all about. He keeps it real.

Luke Strobel sending it with some NW flair.

Name and where do you live and why is it awesome there?
Luke Strobel and I reside in Issaquah, WA – USA. I love it here because of the awesome riding, the beautiful mountains, steelhead fishing, my girl and my family.

What do you love about steelhead fishing so much?
Ever since I was a little kid I love being around rivers. Maybe fishing is just an excuse for me to be on the river. Steelhead are a beautiful fish. I really don’tknow why I love it so much. I guess you will just have to hook one and you will see what I am talking about. It's good for soul.

What are your favorite types of trails to ride?
I like ruts.

Luke Strobel knocking on the top ten door with a solid 14th place.

Luke feeling at home in the ruts!

When you see a dry, rocky, dusty, grainy hot, non jumpy, pedally track, what happens?
I adapt. I love dry, dusty tracks, it's all the same to me. Just lean back and smash it. I will say I have been working very, very hard in the pedaling department.

Where were you at nationals? Just a World Cup guy these days?
I really wanted to be there. But I just didn’t have the support or the funds to go. It was a hard race for me to miss. Sad.

What’s your plan for next year?
I want to race the full World Cup. I have been training and riding really hard every day to reach where I want to be. But as of now I still don’t have any support to race. It's all still completely up in the air. I am looking for a ride!

Does anyone know you are looking for a new ride?
I hope so, I thought I have been putting the word out. But I have nothing on the plate and it is getting late.

What are your goals?
To be in the top ten consistently and get podiums on the World Cup.

What is one thing bike related you always wanted to do or go ride, but never had the time because of racing?
There is a lot of riding high up in the mountains here in the NW that I would like to do more of. But the window to do it is pretty short due to snow. Since I am gone all summer my opportunities are even less. I would also like to do some of the local Super D races as they sound really fun. And show up to more of those sweet PNW races.

Non bike related thing that you always wanted to do?
Win the lotto!

Would you ever race cyclcross?
No, I’m not that hip!

Luke Strobel almost crashed here after the light reflecting off the photographer lying in the course nearly blinded him. It was kind of unusual typically it s the camera flashes that get me. I guess Sven needs to wear a hat.

I know you’d love to do the “MEGA” avalanche, isn’t that right?
The “MEGA” is definitely one race that's on my to do list. I think I could do well at that sort of race. Long climbs and long descents are what I was raised on. I guess I'll need to get one of those dropper posts.

Do yo miss Bryn now that he is gone and who to you ride with mostly in the winter?
Of course I miss him! In the winter I ride with all sorts of people. Mostly Issaquah locals as there are quite a lot of rippers around here.

How snowy and cold does it have to be before you won’t ride?
It's got to be dirt, I don't ride bikes in the snow much. The winters are generally mild here. There will be a week here and there that it's snowy in the low lands. But that's when you go snowboarding. The dirt is pretty good 12 months a year here in Washington. It might even be better in the winter...Jill.

What is the biggest gap you’ve jumped on a snowboard?
I’m more of a big mountain/backcountry guy. I haven't been going up too much lately as we need snow.

Do you take a pack in the backcountry, and know survival skills?
Yes I have a pack and common sense skills.

No fish to gut, what are you going to eat?
I let a lot of them go. Fish really isn't my favorite thing to eat. I do bonk a few though!

What is your most favorite meal?
Hmm I really enjoy a good Thai meal. Noodle Boat in Issaquah is hard to beat if you're ever in town.

Does your mom update facebook more than you?
Yes, she probably posts more than you Jill. She is awesome.

Why don’t you post updates so she doesn’t have to ask me how you are doing, even though I love to talk to her - Hi Janet.
She wants an update every 3 minutes. But I have a new sweet 4G phone, so I can keep you and my mother in the loop 24/7.

Would you ever live in Europe full time?
Negative. I love America, but I would consider a short term stay.

Which country is your favorite to visit then?
Probably New Zealand, it's a beautiful place - the riding is awesome, the food is great, and I have a lot of friends there.

That is all. Look for “Hella” facebook updates from the 4g phone!

Luke Strobel is at home here in the gnar and the loam. He s sending up rooster tails all over the joint using the dirt to its maximum.

Good luck finding a ride homie!

-Jill Kintner


  • + 56
 Hope he find a new team soon, hes such a rad rider! I think he would make a good duo with steve smith on Devinci...
  • + 16
 for sure! Good idea!
  • + 6
 Devinci is not a very big company, not sure if they have the budjet for two racers... But it would make for a very good team I agree!
  • + 10
 I have to agree, your right. I would also like to see Knolly have a racing team!...
  • + 5
 brannigan is on devinci with steve too...
  • + 1
 Yes but hes not a podium contender like smith or Strobel.. Facepalm
  • + 6
 haters gonna hate , theres a reason why hes on that team with stevie.. he aint no grom!
  • + 5
 pacific northwest represent Smile
  • + 35
 how is this guy not on a team?! luke slays it every race!
  • - 27
flag downhilladdict (Jan 15, 2012 at 14:51) (Below Threshold)
 realy? why?
  • + 15
 Other than Steve Smith, I root for this dude the most, every MTB vid interview I've seen of him I just want to go full moto afterwards. He soooo rad on DH bikes and makes me want to go HELLA fast!! Good luck with finding sponsors Luke, if worst comes to worst I'll give you my bike as long as I can be your pit man at the bottom.
  • + 14
 Luke! Contact One Ghost Industries! I'll get you a bike! Lets talk!
  • + 3
 OneGhost- Go Get him!!! I love the look of the Musashi and it'd be the perfect thing for you to break into World Cups with Strobel. It'd also be spectacular of you to publish your shock rates with your frame specs. Gotta know how progressive the suspension is first.
  • + 2
 yeh that would deffinitly be a good fit!
  • + 1
 Kevinkel. email me. I have those. I just never got around to publishing them. it is public domain so no worries. I am just lazy! it is a variable rate from 2.25:1 to 2.66:1
  • + 13
 Strobel + Transition = P.N.W Badass
  • + 2
 damn near right down the road for him to, that would be pretty great too!
  • + 4
 Who is on MS now? I know that Brook is there, but no Polk, Wynn or Luke. Marcus? I thought that they switched frame providers to Mondraker (with Spagnollo) but I saw Brook won round 2 of the NZ on his Evil.

To be honest I thought that Luke was the mystery guy for that IXS morewood team.

  • + 4
 i personally think he will land on transition for this year
  • + 3
 Love that idea!! But that will be a tuff one for Transition to pull off.
  • + 2
 i know but hes good friends with the whole company so it would be cool to see
  • + 2
 Totally! They should try at least give him a ride for the season. Would be good for Transition to have a world class rider.
  • + 5
 Sad to see that a great NW ripper doesn't have a company to support him. All us NW riders are rooting for you!
  • + 6
 why hasn't he been picked up?! some awesome pictures as well Big Grin
  • + 1
 I think "United Ride" will be he's a new ride homie - it's proof - . Most of this kind of pictures were true , for example Athertons with GT , Brendog with " cheese" bike , etc Smile
  • + 5
 Maybe yt industries can pick him up.
  • + 1
 Great bikes tabletop84, but do they have a WC team?
  • + 4
 disappointing to see a talented rider unable to find sponsorship. good luck, strobel!
  • + 2
 The 2012 Wilson is SOOO SICK! I'd love to see him riding for devinci. A northwest shredder belongs on a canadian made bike, it just makes sense
  • + 3
 The PNW crew is pulling for you, Luke! Maybe if we all pooled together some $$... Smile I wish.
  • + 4
 Transition , Diamondback or Kona pick up Stroble.
  • + 0
 That is it! I am totally over Evil. What a bunch of ****! I was in love with their bike, they had my favorite wc team, and now they have completely succeeded in chipping away every bit of respect I had for them. Good riddance --I hope Devinci inherits him and Brook and finish what they started with Steve.
  • + 2
 well MS racing was the sponsor of evil and ms left evil so an evil team was no longer in existance.
  • + 3
  • + 15
 Yeah man i agree
  • + 4
 Hmm..this is what Google Translate says he said, "Very curious, as the mud will not let car when it suddenly stopped turning. . "
  • + 1
 keep Google Translate ,cool
  • + 3
 Total Shame such a good guy and sick rider go gettem Luke thanks for representing PNW
  • + 3
 Diamondback should start a World Cup team with him, it'd be awesome
  • + 3
 Sign him on to Norco with Jill and Bryn!
  • + 3
 Maybe Specialized could pick him up.
  • + 1
 I wonder if 'bonking a few fish' can be mis-interpreted in the US as it could be over here...
  • + 1
 totally man, that was weird. still don't know what he really meant.
  • + 2
 bonk = hit
  • + 3
 bonk + Australia = pelvic thrusting your dong into her crotch
  • + 3
 Bonking a fish means to hit it over the head killing it
  • + 1
 i'd be interested to know what exactly he's doing to find a ride for this summer.
  • + 2
 what a style, strobel is sick
  • + 2
 Hope you find a good team soon.
  • + 2
 LUKE! Hope you can get a ride man. Way to represent PNW!
  • + 1
 hope he gets a sick team.
  • + 1
 Did evil finally go belly side up?
  • + 0
 no, they had a problem with their factory and they are working to come back. but they are still planning to unleash their carbon downhill rig
  • + 3
 if is not one thing is another with Evil. will they ever get their stuff together?
  • + 2
 Fanatik bikes has completely dropped them now, even after their close relationship in the past. Even if Evil makes their bike I wonder who will take the risk of selling it. I'd still love an undead though, as long as it didn't break.
  • + 1
 i really hope evil gets their sh*t together because their bikes are sick but it seems like their company isnt
  • + 1
 Their shit? Evil is a one man show..... No news, no updates, Why should someone buy their bikes? They just cost much and they just break. Get a Turner DHR. Its using DW link too, so do you trust a company which are building good frames since years, or will you invest in Evil? I will not invest in a evil bike
  • + 5
 sorry i think there bikes are the sickest bikes ive talked to the people at evil recently and they told me they are working on fixxing everything they had a big problem with bike breaking and they are now working to fix all of their problems. sorry i have a little trust in people
  • + 2
 The Revolt was a great bike while it worked, but unfortunately that just isn’t enough (Well not for me anyway).
I’m now on a DHR, and probably will be for some time. There is something to be said for customer support with these kinds of things.
Best of luck to Evil for the future. If you want it bad enough, you will get it!
And Strobel; Stay with it mate! I know how you feel!
All the best!
  • + 1
 its not like MS is on Evil this year anyway
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