Paton's Pick Part Two - Eurobike 2011

Sep 5, 2011
by Simon Paton  
We have seen Troy Lee, among others, team up with ODI to produce their own grip. ODI have partnered up with another MTB component company, SDG, the seat and post manufacturer. You get the tried and trusted ODI lock-on clamps that guarantee the grips will not spin around on your bars come rain or shine. The grip body itself is split horizontally with two different grip patterns. The first part being small raised rubber SDGs logo followed by ramped knobs. Personally these felt a little softer and therefore more comfortable on the palms than the TLD versions.

SE Racings 26inch "PK" Ripper
Still carrying off the retro old skool look from the camo paint job to those Landing Gear forks with white decals. Fixed back wheel, all white tyres and 3 piece BMX cranks means you had better make room in your VW camper van for this beauty.

SE Quadangle 29er
Scott Breithaupt, Perry Kramer, Mike Devits and Anthony Butts toes must be curling up at the sight of this. A true icon of the BMX world gets inflated and stretched. Is there any need for a 29inch BMX? SE think so, do you?

POC's boutique styled stand should have come with a pair of sunglasses as you wandered around their super clean and mega bright stand. Fresh for 2012 will be the women's specific range and colours that are going to make the trails one colourful place next summer.

Throw in the Poc Trabec trail/all mountain lids and you can see why we describe them as the perfect mix of safety and styling. Think Volvo meets Apple.

Replica of a 1982 Kuwhara 20" BMX that would bring any grown man now hitting his 40's down on his knees in a flash.

Kore Repute Stems
Anyone remember the Kore B-52? They used to come standard on GT Lobos. That was the stem to have back in 1998 - times have changed and so have Kore.
This all new stem is made from AL6061 T6 and is 3D Forged. This 1 1/8th steerer clamp stem is available for oversized 31.8mm bars and comes with a zero degree rise in either 35mm or 50mm extensions.

Kore Durox Stem
AL6061 T6 3D Forged. CNC bored out centre hole to reduce weight with a six degree rise and available in the following lengths/weights 60mm/147grams, 75mm/161grams and 90mm/175grams.

Kore OCD Handle Bars
After spending several years with Funn, Ollie Thomas is now the man tasked with steering Kores products in the right direction. These bars are made from AL7050-T6 ali, are triple butted and come in an 800mm width only. Now the impressive part: 285grams for a stiff downhill bar is light. How light? Compare that to a pair of Renthals that weigh in at 345grams uncut. Sizes: 31.8mm over sized handlebars available in a 7 degree upsweep, 5 degree back sweep. Rises are zero, 20mm and 35mm with one length available of 800mm.

Kore BMX Pedals
Made from a super tough nylon/polycarbonate body with a steel 9/16th axle. Weighing in at 352grams a pair for these large platformed pedals and available in more rainbow colours than you will see this weekend at Champery. The street and park kids will be driving Mom and Dad crazy for these come the holidays.

Kore Composite Flat Pedals
Al6061-T6 Ali these concave platform bodies are big enough for even Bigfoot. All stood on Cro-MO 9/16th axles on sealed bearings that come in either black or silver and weigh in at 480grams a pair. That front ramped edge will skip you and your pride and joy over all those nasty rocks if you are careless enough to be dragging your heals.


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 They should like, make the frame and wheels smaller on the Fixie so you can flick it round easier, and maybe put on a normal freewheel hub so you can roll into things easier and... Oh wait.
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 hhhmmm a 26inch fixie bmx??? an a 29inch bmx???? just where are these bikes desighned to be ridden?
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 the fixie is a comuter bike and the 29er BMX is probably designed for people who like to ride with bigger wheels. haha. i have no idea. but its still amazing!
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 A 29er bmx is great for kids who like looking cool the skate park but cant hop up curbs, big wheels roll right over them.
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 im interested in all types of bike desighn but, this looks like a classic example of marketing departments trying to predict trends an getting it soooo WRONG! Smile
unles chewbacca wants to go bmx racing
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 They aren't bmx bikes you guys. They are no different than other fixies. They are basically fixie road bikes for the fixie people who ride urban on them (if you have seen videos, some of the guys are actually pretty hard core). SE is just making bikes stronger than road bikes that can handle heavy urban riding and tricks, but the geometry is much the same as other road bike based fixies.

Same with the 29er
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 A friend of mine recently bought a big ripper 29er,i was super skeptical and had no idea why he bought one. but beileve it or not, its actually very jumpable,and super strong. i about crapped my pants when he x-uped it over a 10ft double! SE has made a very unique line of bikes here,i may just have to get one.
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 Is this really the most interesting products at Eurobike?
Man, it must have been a boring show
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 It wasnt, Eurobike was sick, so many cool stuff.
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 weres the ns soda and all that stuff :@
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 on my harddrive Razz
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 i was hoping for the ns soda too, couldn't care less about fixies...
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 the black kore pedals look sweet!
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 yeah but they don't have any grip on the pedal, just the pins. trust me i hired a DH bike without grip on the actual pedal body and it was so slippery.
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 Loving the tyre tread pattern on the Kuwhara BMX. Does anybody do them in 26" ?
I had them exact tyres when I was 8 years old, I'm now 33.
I would love to be rocking that pattern on my 26" bikes just for the nostalgia value !!
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 Tioga make the Comp III but only in 20 and 24. I'm sure i've seen a 26 version somewhere though...
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 Yeah mate, chain reaction do them in 24"
Soo frustrating you can't get them in 26" !!
Come on Tioga - there's a huge retro market here to tap into....
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 Oh my god, KORE is back - This is so great! I always wondered what actually has happened to KORE products, since they just completely vanished after being the absolute top of the line must-have products back in the day.
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 I'm all for POC design constitution and I hope there will be at least a couple more companies that extend that clean approach. It is amazing how most of the helmet and apparel designs look like they were made by some ex-biker who used to make tattoos while in jail and now is splashing skulls, flames, zombies and other "scary-cool" imagery all around the place OR some rabid Robocop and Technotronic fan who can't get enough robots in his current life.
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 I like the kuwhara and im not 40
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 they could remove some material from the pedals instead of KORE loge, so they would be little bit lighter
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 Yeah - That logo is at least a gram Wink
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 I used to have that exact Kuwahara back in the 80's. I had totally forgotten about it too... One of my first bikes - great memories!
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 a buddy of mine had one as well. best bike in the neighborhood....'till it got stolen.
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 i stole your honey like i stole your bike!!
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 That POC Pressure suit looks interesting... any more shots of that? Love the whole POC line.
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 I want pink stuff from poc ;(
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 those OCD bars are the bees knees. anyone else notice the unusual upsweep/backsweep? I thought the figures were reversed, so I checked the KORE website, it's correct.
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 I just talked to Ollie at Kore and he confirmed that the figures are actually wrong on both pinkbike and on the kore website. he said to hit him up at "" and he will hook you up with some swag for finding this error.
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 Oh my those POC Trabec AM helmets look goooooooooood.
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 those kore plastic pedals look like they have no grip whatsoever.
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 To me all plastic pedals seem that way,till i ran some fit plastic pedals on my hardtail,reasonable good grip,the pins lasted quite awhile for being plastic, i even used them when i dirtjumped and they worked fine,never slipped a pedal...cant say the same for these without trying them,but im sure theyre not far off from being close to the same
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 Kore actually is throwing down some dope parts. I got a pair of kore torsion bars for my BMX and they're great!
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 thart pk ripper made me laugh i dont know why, amazing bike tho
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 I tend to believe that POC is owned by Pink Panther on a pinkbike.
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 Just my opinion......but me thinks that POC looks like FOK all. I dont really get the whole POC vibe at all....sorry.
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 where can i get those composite pedals?
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 Wow! that's sick! aha I never would have realised that... Big Grin
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 Those POC helmets make me wish I was blind.
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