Root 'n Trains

Aug 24, 2012
by Liam Renaut  
Whistler is the well known home of mountain biking, even for us Australians, who couldn't live further away. A mountain littered with trails brings more than enough 'JAFAs' each year. We've come to know trails like A-Line and Dirt Merchant like the back of our hands. I had the privilege of spending 3 weeks in Whis this year, and whilst I was there, I got shown a bucketload of trails that blew my mind and made me understand completely why it is indeed the hub of mountain biking, world wide.
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Being both a filmer and arider, I didn't know which to go for first, the camera or the bike... I managed to cram in a few days riding amongst many days spent out filming. Luckily a few of my friends had left the motherland of OZ and headed to Whistler to live it out for a few years, I persuaded them to give up the luxury of the lift and endless amount of runs in the bike park for some venturing and pushing up elsewhere.


''Train Wreck''

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 i love seeing people rip on shorter travel bikes!
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 agreed, I would love to see more videos on pinkbike of long travel trail bikes ripping up some flowly and techy trails like this video!
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 the flat handlebar is so distracting.
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 till he freaking took air on the last hit and ate it.. lol
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 Flat handlebars are where it's at... or maybe where it was it... I don't even know what IT is or WHERE to find it...

Did anyone find the audio was jumping a bit?
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 hahahaha Australians couldn't live further away!!! is he referring to like...Creekside or Pemby?
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 And this is why Semenuk is soo good at biking, he grew up and had the privilege to ride the worlds best mountain bike park daily.
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 Yes, but he is also talented.
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 Yes, but not everyone who ride bike parks every day can ride like him.
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 sure,jumps,a line,drops,lifts and most important for slope is foam pit,how can i learn backflip tailwhip if i dont have foam,only i can take a risk to broke my back and do it in the,its good for him,he's lucky
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 Cheers guys, I promise I picked up that map after I threw it away, I still use that map all the time.
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 Great Vid, great trails. What is more awesome is that he was riding a Stumpjumper. This is a bike that I can actually afford and have even test rode to see if I am going to purchase it. It is rare for mountain biking media to pay attention to "pedestrian" bikes. I think Pinkbike could do better at it, but Pinkbike is the best for showing bikes those of us who are married, and are scraping by, can own. These "real" videos really get my attention. Good job.

Sorry about that last bit though Mate. That looked a little painful.
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 There are a lot of older AM bikes out there. For those that don't have to have something brand new, they could easily pick up something older in the 6" inch travel range and rip a lot of DH and FR stuff all day long. And on top of that, use the money saved on a brand new rig and put some killer trick bits on it as well.

Keep in mind also that the the Air DH at Crankworx this year was won on a Devinci Dixon AM bike.

A good number of guys also ran the Garbanzo on AM bikes.

I love DH and I really love my DH bike a lot, but my AM bike (a 2008 Khyber Elite) was by far the best purchase I ever made!

Keep riding mang! :-)
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 Awesome video portraying the riding in our backyard. So much better than just another park video imo. Riding stoke at its finest. Hey Bud in the wet, doesn't get much better than that. Did you hit the creek gap near the bottom?
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 Nah I didn't, I'd had a few people tell me to avoid it so I gave it a miss
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 Sick vid, I love seeing people shred it up on a trail bike, this is how I like to think I ride mine :p
Props for shredding that in an XC lid anyway!
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 Cool seeing someone ride like this on a stumpjumper, proof that you don't always need 160mm+ bikes.
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 Great video, You like those type of trails come to Nanaimo, we got a lot of roots, and fun trails to lol.
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 Uh oh guys, don't use the term "earn your turns". Apparently there's some people on here that hate it when bikers use it... watch out!

Those trails look like so much fun and the fact that its free to ride makes it even better.
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 What? Who? I think most people know that "earn your turns" is originally a mountaineering/skiing term, but it applies just as well to MTB. Anyone who has a problem with that needs to stop sitting on sharp things.
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 chairlift for life...
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 I made a comment not too long ago saying something along the lines of, "its best when you earn your turns" and there were a bunch of kids/older riders that were completely insulted and pissed off by the usage of that term on this site, despite it obviously being a term originating from BC skiing. No idea why but there were a fair number of members jumping on the bandwagon that it shouldn't be used in biking... strange, right?
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 I heard the term almost 25 years ago skiing in Utah, applies to any sport definitely not ski specific. Most bc skiers in BC are great but we do have a few of the holier than thou's. Apologies from the bc ski community if they were rough on you. Cheers.
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 See that's the incredible part, skiing is my other thing I do so it was strange hearing skiers attack a fellow skier about using a term they thought to be exclusive to skiing because they said it first... Brushed them off as gapers because that's probably what they were.
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 Sick vid! Im getting a stumpy EVO soon and now i'm even more pumped Big Grin
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 epic crash at the end!
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 even pretending to litter sucks. lame
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 awesome trails, awesome riding, just awesome all round! great job! who does the last song?
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 I actually cringed when he fell at the end. Looked like it hurt :/
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 "...even for us Australians, who couldn't live further away..." ahem.
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 good job he had a lid on at the end , sweeeeeet vid
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 sick vid!!!!! cool trails
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 last section i was thinkig danm thats pretty knarly then he just eats sh$t hahah awsome video!!
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 Everyone has too much travel.
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 Hahahahahahaaha Squamish or pemby!!!!getting better ....
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 I like it.
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 Train wreck trail is cool... before u even get to the train itself!
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 How did it get there???
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 About 50 years ago a train derailed at speed and all the cars plunged into the woods. It was too costly to clear the wreckage so they got left.... much to our amazement! Is a very cool spot for sure
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 Trees around it look older than 50 years to me
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 Just what i got told... but i know what you're saying.
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 This is how you ride a trail bike !!! Love it !
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 That last line looked rad Eek
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 Very good trail. Me gusta Smile
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 Now that second part of the video is what I call FUN !!!!!
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 awesome video!! felt that one for sure, thx camera guy/rider.
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 Nice vid. I have the same bike. Makes me wanna go ride it right now!
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 a JAFA is a term australians are sometimes referred to in Whistler, it means

Just Another Fu%*ing Australian

Because we over-populate the canadians 2-1 ;-)
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 where is that trail
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 First one called Train Wreck is south of Function Junction. Second one called Hey Bud is on a Blackcomb Mountain. Beginning of the trail is pretty close to top of excalibur gondola.
There is way more awesome trails around whistler. Check this interactive map
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 and theres way more trails than that map it a work in progress or a decoy from the trails you don't want ridden LOL.
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 i bet he woulda stuck that last line if he had a fullface on..

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