Dec 24, 2011
by Connor Macleod  
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We have been involved in the mountain biking industry for over twelve years, and both of us have witnessed a massive evolution of the sport. The one constant that remains is the idea of “off-season”, and the subsequent lull created within the industry during this period. The idea of off season makes sense for snow sports which are heavily weather dependent, but for mountain biking there is the ability to ride in all weather conditions, and during all seasons.

Ultramontane Title Image
To produce content during the off season, the majority of media and professional riders migrate to warmer climates to shoot their ad campaigns and document their editorial journeys. While the idea of road trips and travel can be romanticized, many riders cannot afford this luxury. Ultramontane seeks to respond to this situation and embrace off-season riding, at the core of where free-ride was created and where the industry always has a buzz.

We will be creating six bi-weekly releases starting January 20th, the peak of the winter season. All articles will be shot around Vancouver and Howe Sound, where we are subjected to long wet winters and deep alpine snow.

Hiking up the snowy road to where we have been working away on new lines.
Seasons can change fast, and expecting different doesn't work. Having one of the areas we spent building all fall tucked up in the Squamish Valley then left for three weeks had us hiking through snow from 200m below the location.
Hiking up to our zone the rain was coming down hard making the snow heavy and wet.
Fast corner next to an old growth cedar.
Other days can pan out incredibly well. Dry dirt and green moss is plentiful at low elevations and a decent pedal can put you into beautiful location right out your back door.

About to drop in and cut across the river.
Pushing across the river before a bit of a hike.
Pushing through into the green ferns.
Hiking in the same way you exit. The snow was deep everywhere and this was the only option left.
Once we arrive at the location up the Squamish Valley we were fortunate enough to have this one line somewhat sheltered from the snow and it was left ridable, although things were a bit sketchy and slippery climbing in the same route we ride out.

Lush undergrowth creates a dark layer well below the forest canopy.
Dropping in from the rock ledge.
Hiking up the road as the fog shifts through the Squamish Valley.
Reviewing footage at the lake after the days pedal.
We also want to focus heavily on the lifestyle that accompanies. Expect to see camping and hiking with plenty of building and trail maintenance within the stories. Riding shouldn't just happen on it's own; you put in the legwork and can be rewarded with a great ride. Hard work pays off.

Prayer of the Woods
Ultramontane is still in it's early stages so be on the lookout for a full website, which will host all of the produced content. We also will be starting a Twitter and Facebook page very soon to keep viewers updated on progress and behind the scenes happenings.

For now you can view our websites:

We are proudly supported by Spicebox genuine Canadian whiskey.

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 im gonna prop you just cause it looks cool
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 "Today is fine, really want to go cycling. . . But I had diarrhea. . . Very dry. . . Orz. . ."
google translate ftw
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 hahahaha wow that's awesome.
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 Hahaha! He had dry diarhoea.. Like a boss. Anyway, good video, great pictures and a sick log-slide close up.
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 Now they translate your English into Chinese Razz
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 I agree
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 Kalshikov (Dec 24, 2011 at 4:33)
Now they translate your English into Chinese------na,i can understand

Hahaha! He had dry diarhoea.. Like a boss.
Anyway, good video, great pictures and a sick log-slide close up.-----干 means suck not dry, i said i had diarrhea
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 My stupid phone won't play the video so will have to check back later, but I wanted to say how much this article SPEAKS THE TRUTH! I don't understand why so few people ride in the cold/wet - a couple of sensible clothing choices and you are fine... Probably my favourite ride ever was through fresh snow at Cannock Chase - you went sideways round 75% of the trail and it was awesome... Get yourself wrapped up and get out there - layers is key! Oh, and take a bit of extra time checking you'll be ok should you have any mechanicals or accidents - spare warm clothing, etc. Stay safe out there and have fun! Saying that, I don't think a UK winter is as bad as a Canadian one!

Merry Christmas!
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 Yep, most people here chose not to ride when it's raining in july... even less during late fall/winter...

Always wondered if riding when it's like -20 to -40 degrees outside bad for your bike. Is oil thickness and metal shrinking an issue or it's not cold enough to be relevant? I highly doubt bikes weren't designed with very cold weather in mind but I wondered if they could take it no problem anyway.
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 My old Zocchi Z1s used to get slower on really cold days
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 I try to ride all year if I'm not tired from working my ass off for these rich bitches. I find my suspension slows down a bit when it's cold, sometime my fully fells like a hardtail at points, lol.
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 this makes me want to ride
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 song in the video anyone?
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 That log skid was nice...
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 octalex1, damn you hahaha
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 Really loved the pictures !

As for riding in the winter, although it's not what I prefer, I quite like riding on frozen singletracks, with your tires cracking the small layer of frozen ground, with very few birds actually singing around ... I'll prolly go do that tomorrow ! 25th of december ? blah let's go out n ride !
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 Unfortunately, where I live in Jackson, WY; There is absolutely no way anyone is riding trail between November and April every year. Sometimes it's worse. Last year, we had 700 inches of snow up high. The Lithium trail that starts at 10,000 feet elevation was not ride able from the top until late July!
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 Song is Tallest Man on Earth - Love is All

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 so happy to hear one of his songs mixed with with this footage. I hear he is doing the music for a film being made called 'Once A Year'. Is he popular in BC? Only a bunch of us know about him in Shropshire UK
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 He gets a bit of play time on certain satellite radio stations over here but I am always surprised that not to many people are into him. I like him a lot. He has a really Dylan inspired style of song writting and a rad, raspy voice to boot! Big fan!
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 That song was a great accompaniment.
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 Nice work, Conn-ici! Can't wait for the series, gave me goose bumps. ~PS: I'll get you your $40 for the SevenSummits trip... I promise!
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 what no dubtep wooomp wooooooooompp wowowowowmmmppwowowowowwwoooooooomp
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 My god that looks amazing! I cannot wait for these videos! Makes me want to move straight over to Canada now, And build an awesome trail..
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 one of their photos is todeay POD
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 I am so jealous!! I'm usually standing at my stove for a minute with the lighter clicking, and yours starts on one spark.
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 i'm sorry.
but i don't want to see you make food.
why do people put this in trailers?
i want too see bicycles!
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 hah hold your horses, its just a teaser. Ultramontane is all about the joy biking brings us, its all part of the journey. Banger riding shots are only 2 weeks away!
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 Mega relaxo vibe there. Thumbs up!
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 look at that trek..Smile
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 Look at that Orange 224! In Vancouver! Has the world gone mad? I never though i would see a 224 in a video that wasnt filmed in the UK
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 im cool because i ride a full suspension on a dirt road! :p common people go a little faster.
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 his goggles would work better if they were the other way round Wink aha
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 Nice pictures. Great idea.
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 the subtlety and beauty in style of trail/freeride at 1:30
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 50 seconds.... That drink had to come out the other end at some point Wink
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 mad pix
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 Sick! Love seeing the build side of things.
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 1:30 was sick!!!
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