2013 Red Bull Rampage: Video Highlights

Oct 16, 2013
by Red Bull Bike  

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 The wind robbed everyone this year.
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 ... but you can still hear Andreu's maniacal laugh over it when he pulls off the superman one hand seat grab
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 What if Utah had no wind? It would be bike heaven
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 I can hear someone's samsung running out of battery before evening.
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 It doesn't matter how many times I watch McGarrys run, it always amazes me. So rad!
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flag wipz07 (Oct 17, 2013 at 5:51) (Below Threshold)
 I think Red Bull should make a 2nd run Rampage or a remake Rampage that does not count as the 2013, just to really find out who was the best, because this video shows really good, that there was no actual winner. You can see it at the reactions of the riders when Kyle Strait gets announced the 2013 winner. Please Red Bull let us see the lost second runs, because the second runs that took place were so much better.
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 Yeah, there wasn't a lot of elation from Strait or anyone really, because they all know things could possibly have been different if they hadn't all be 'robbed'. Kinda sucks, Kyle will go down as the first double winner, but him and everyone else will know that ultimately it was a false victory because it was called off short.
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 Utah is bike heaven! I moved there for 5 years because of it!
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 Tyler Mcauls dirt to dirt drop was massive!
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 Yes, that was one of my favorite lines this year.
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 The announcers said it was as big as the big Oakley sender. I know his score from his second run didn't count in the end, but his second run seemed more technical and just as big as Kyle Strait, I don't understand how he wasn't on top after that run.
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 durtadurt you mean?
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 yeah man I didn't notice just how big that run was when I was watching it live. T Mac killed it!
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 TMacs 2nd run ranked right up with the best runs of the day, IMO, right with Andreu's 2nd. I do however, believe the judges got it right with Straits's run. Massively technical *and* he tricked the biggest Icon sender.
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 I would like to see a better angle of TMacs drop. It's so huge it's nuts but the overhead chopper shot doesn't do it justice. I think Andreau and TMac should possibly hold top 2 spots, with McGarry in there somewhere. It's tough because there can only be one winner, and Zink's drop was off the charts perfection, and Straits run was good too. I always like to see Cam McCaul, he's one of my favorite riders, but this year his first run was much like last years. He did say he wanted to flip the canyon on his second run, guess we'll wait till next year for that..
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 I just wish for a Rampage with no scores or judging one day. These guys are throwing down for the world to see what MTB is really all about. When you bring scores into the picture, people get whiny and distracted by the numbers given by the judges, distracting them from what is really going on, HISTORY. Who else does (or can do) these stunts, NOBODY. Who are we to judge what number the rider receives, just appreciate the fact they made it to the bottom in effort to push all of our favourite sport to the top, where it deserves to be.
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 Well said !! Thank you!!
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 Ummm... it's called filming?

But I get what you're saying, like a session-type deal. The only problem with that is that it'd be impossible to get together. Marketing a competition is much easier and more tangible a concept for sponsors than a "jam session". Aside from that, I feel that a lot of the progression that happens in our sport and in many others is because of competitions and the pressures that push some riders to unimaginable feats. If there were no judges or scores, how many riders would have pushed to create such crazy lines? I think winning one of the most prestigious comps. in action sports is a pretty high motivator.
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 I get the marketing thing, but there are other ways to showcase an event like Rampage. I just feel these guys put their lives at risk to perform these events all for a meaningless number and no $$$$$ (excluding the 3 winners) If they were in it for the money, I think they would have picked up a different bike. Regardless of the stats, I think they would throw down just as hard too.
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 Finally a good view of TMac's line, now I think he got robbed, most original line on the mountain for sure!!
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 hands down, imho
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 tmac and lacondeguy got robbed this year...
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 Agreed, they should be both in the top 3
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 I rewatched his stepdown flip into massive drop about 10 times, awesome line.
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 T-mac 1st, Andreu 2nd, Strait 3rd & Zink shoulda been somewhere so close to the bottom that no one gives a flying f*ck. T-Mac's flip was way gnarlier than Zink's. It was big, not as big, but blind & led into a drop as big if not bigger than the Sender.

What a f*cking joke the judging is on this load. Whether due to favoritism or incompetence, Andreu is right, they should be shot. Or at least asses kicked. Blank Stare

Don't worry guys we all know how it shoulda been scored & who the REAL winners are.
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 Great highlight reel. Cant wait to see some of the GoPro footage. Did Zink, Straight or McGarry have a POV on their winning runs?
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 Not trying to be a dick, but Strait, not Straight, and pretty sure they did.
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 mcgarry had one thats for sure dont know about the others
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 sherbet you dick
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 Sorry guise. :c
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 Kyle had a go pro, Zink didn't.Not sure about Mc Garry
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 Thanks, next time Ill be sure to get that strait... err, I mean straight!
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 What I took out of this year was this: Stoked for Kyle, the dude is mega rad. Mcgarry blew my mind, that canyon flip........ Andreu and T-mac were scored way low/robbed. And I'm happy no one is dead. Thanks to Pinkbike and Redbull for bringing this awesomeness to our house!!! You guys are fn rad!
KYLE you rock!
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 was that mark Mathews rag doll at 1:41??? gnar
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flag SethMTB (Oct 16, 2013 at 17:36) (Below Threshold)
 I thought that was Gee? In the video "Chubey's Gap" or something like that they show that footage while talking about atherton... I could be wrong.
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 Nevermind, he just crashed the same way.
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 Gee didnt compete
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 I know Mark broke his femur on gee's gap on practice day. Chubey also got rocked by it to
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 My favorite gap in the history of rampage. I believe that was Mark Matthews crash that caused a broken femur in 2 spots. Then I think they showed the crash of Chubeys first attempt on the gap during qualifying. Chubey made the second (not showed). Still have not seen the video yet, where Chubey crashed during practice before finals on that gap hurting his back. The "Chubey Gap" was one of the three big hits of Rampage if you ask me. Up there with the Kelly and Cam flips.
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 I feel like zink was rewarded too much for his backflip. Not that it wasn't an amazing trick, but the rest of his run wasn't as impressive as others were I think.
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 If only he just rode the bottom section hitting the features, we would have run away with it
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 Neg props for expressing your opinion? Not on pinkbike. Not ever.
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 I agree with you, also no word from Lacondeguy in this vid? He wasn't even by the podium at the end - Lacondeguy got robbed anyone? Had his amazing 2nd run discounted...

Does anyone know Benderoni's story as to why he didn't take part in qualifying yet?
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 Wait what, why was Lacondeguys run discounted?
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 All 2nd runs were, Zink was in 5th before the event got called off, Lacondeguy in 3rd and T-Mac in 4th, but both of them had their amazing 2nd runs cancelled.
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 @Ctd07 Vital posted this google translated quote from Benderoni:

“Some news about Rampage and my part in it . My motivation to ride in the last year became less and less, but I thought that in Utah it will all change. However, it has not changed. Yesterday was a day of training, I went to last year’s big drop - it was no more than the ones I jumped on a hardtail in the old days - and I realized that I do not want to force myself to jump. And that meant only one thing: I can no longer ride. If you can not or do not want to force yourself to jump, you are no longer mountain biker. For qualifications I did not go on the bike and do not sit down [well, we told you this was from Google Translate]. During qualifying this drop no one jumped, and in the evening Gulevich tried to jump it, but cased it and fell heavily, so it's not that I’m afraid of nothing. However, the fact does not change. Perhaps all this will upset someone, but believe me - the most upset is me ... Perhaps that’s it.”
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 ...not sure WTF all of that meant but what I am taking from it is... that once you see someone flip the F\kin O Sender and another dude BFlip that gap... it makes you want to pack it up.
I personally am sawing my bikes in half right now!!!
Thanks for the trans warning.
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 Well I didn't expect that answer, sounds like with no hope of sponsors he understandably mellowed his riding in russia and when he for to Rampage and saw the injuries and crashes decided ur wasn't for him, I respect that, after breaking a few bones myself including my neck, I quit dh for xc riding and am still loving it.
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 Lacondeguy wasnt upset he was missing because he was looking for someone. I talked with him after and he was happy to compete and said pretty much what Mccaul just did at the end of this video. He also said the wind was horrible up top and that the jumps were so big this year that it could really take you out and you wouldnt be able to trick any of them. Humble guy he was laughing about it all and just loving life man. He was still riding on Monday just for fun Bendorini pussed out but rightfully so, being there in person and viewing the lines makes you piss your pants a little just standing there.
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 yeah right on, no disrespect but c'mon some of the game that was elevated this year turned out OK, but I cannot imagine seeing a rider go down from flipping either of these features. Maybe some of it was the translation, on the other hand, where do they go from here. That's why I will be tuned in next RBR I suppose.
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 Didnt 3 guys end up with broken femurs?, that's some serious stuff! Most events would be cancelled by the authorities if people were sustaining injuries like that!
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 Yeah so T-Mac & Andreu both got f*cked this year. Kelly McGarry in f*cking 2nd place?!!!! If all you're gonna do is backflips then go join the f*cking circus! Then one-hit wonderboy in 3rd? What a f*cking joke. If there's a best trick award then maybe give that to Zink (Andreu's one-handed super seater gets my vote for that though), but 3rd place, without even doing a run? GFY!

I'm happy to see Strait win any day, but this day really shouldn't have been his. I think there was some hype about him being a contender to win 2X so if he got close enough & hit the stupid bullshit Oakley wooden thing then they let him have it. If anyone who would've been a 2nd winner had gotten close enough, I have a feeling they would've gave it to that rider.

I'm not too familiar with Fairclough, I guess he's a racer? That guy shredded that f*cking hill. The canyon he did to that immediate uphill was balls out son!

T-Mac & Andreu blew me away, the judges blew me even farther when they f*cked the both of 'em & f*cked 'em right off the podium with two of the worst performances of the day.
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 Remember, this is an NBC production, they need some kind of dramatic narrative to their show. I bet that is why numbers and scores are so important at Rampage now.
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 The fan vote should only matter and this time the fan voting ranking was the real ranking. The judges screw the fun of every rampage. Have you seen the faces of the riders when they get the vote? It says it all...
Last years winner should of been Cam McCaul and this McGazza! McCaul got 7th in 2012 speechless...not to mention about Norbs...
The other thing is when somebody crashes get such a little score...this is so OLD SCHOOL! Just lame...Aggy 360 was unreal in every way...got 17th...T-Mac line omfg...dear God please make them stop.
Straits line had it all, but definitely out of top 3! Style, fluidity etc is all great, but is so old school too. This was before people started doing huge stunts. Make Strait do a backflip over the Canyon or Osender... I thought so...


You can also stop using the helis and save the money for the another day comp because of the weather like this year. When they film from the helis is so far, you can barely see anything. No need for heli footage in my opinion.

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 I agree with basically everything you say, except the heli thing, You wouldn't see hardly anything without those, there are too many ridges and gullies. Cam got so robbed last year it was senseless, his bro this year. Judging is not easy though and this year I would have struggled to chose who belongs on the top step. Also totally agree regarding the scoring for crashes. I mean if someone nails a nuts run but has one little mistake, seriously, they should be marked on everything else the same. It's as if a crash equals and automatic 20 points drop or something.
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 To be fair, just even looking at the comments here, no one had any idea of how huge tmacs line was until this highlight reel. There is a lot lost over the grainy live feed and I am sure we the people would be robbing riders as well simply because we do not get the full picture from back home on the couch. Any sport where the judging is based on an opinion will eventually produce some questionable calls. There needs to be judges live at the event, we just need to make sure they are informed riders and that more than one person gets to help make the call. I did like the addition of the peoples choice award, it would just be problematic judging the entire contest that way.
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 But most of the viewers would vote for their favourite rider instead of the one who had the best run.
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 Thank you Clarky.
The viwers had it perfectly right with the top 5 spots that I have seen. 1. McGazza 2. Lacondeguy 3.Zink 4. Strait 5. Pierre Eduard
T-Mac and Aggy should of been tied in the top 4 or 5.

There should be more land cameras in some crucial points and with the correct filming it is so much better than helis.
I do not desire the see the riders sad/embarrassed/confused/shocked faces and us just the same! THEY ROB RIDERS AND OUR FUN OF THE BEST EVENT!!!!!!

We should make a petition to get rid of the judges!

Here is the Kirils Rampage experience... so sad he felt that way...
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 I just love Kirill Chrbanov. He looks so sad in the video...pity it didn't work out for you Kirill, but I am sure you will be back! Please keep riding, if only for your pleasure!

His afterbull video: tv.freeride-magazine.com/frontend_dev.php/video/Benderoni%25C2%25B4s-Statement%253A-Deshalb-nahm-der-Russe-nicht-bei-der-Rampage-teil-/2ce4b3779e698899ccc63a62bdb7e35c
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 About time we get some highlights!
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 Just to point out that NBC production was incredible. Crystal clear picture quality, nice camera angles, perfect replays. The coverage was absolutely stunning!
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 The wreck at 1:36 makes me feel sick when I watch it.
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 McGarry got robbed.
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 red bull media player is shit.
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 it's free...
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 Free shit is still just shit.
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 Who got robbed this year?
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 Aggy's first run. Dialed as hell 3, gorgeous backflip, miles of style the whole way down to an eventual crash, at literally the end of the course, and gets under 60. What a load. I think Andreu should have won, with the standings otherwise the same, and Aggy with some real points for doing real moves. Kelly's run was awesome, but if line choice was what wins it, as shown by Strait, Lacondeguy definitely had the best mix of head turning moves and a burly as fuck run.
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 Lacondeguy had a stellar run and he was even out riding with everyone Thursday and Monday hucking huge before the event just for fun with Sam Pilgrim, Antoine Bizet etc. One of the most humble riders Aggy's qualifying run was also the shit!
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 how was aggy robbed? he crashed, and im pretty sure that falling off your bike generally isnt good for your score.
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 At least he had a run. Zink did one feature and got third. He missed one feature cause he went too big and got blown off, and loses his entire score? I'm not saying he should have won, or even been on the podium, but 54 or whatever he scrored for that first run? All you remembered was that he fell. That's what being robbed is, being so overlooked by your score that people can't even remember what an awesome run you had.
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 I think Tyler McCaul should have placed higher. I agree that Zink should have had a lower score considering he didn't really do anything after his (super amazing) backflip. I would love to see a break down of how the points were awarded for each run. Also agree that Aggy should have placed higher!
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 We were robbed! From the secound run's in finals, from the quali streaming and moreover we were robbed from Kirill's run because so many people were waiting to see him at the rampage
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 Damn fucking straight Sherbet. Aggy's first run was mint, he didn't even actually crash, just over shot on of the final jumps. And what, his score is what everyone remembers, not his run. Just sad. His 360 at the top was perfection. As for the Russian guy, I'm sick of hearing about him. He get's to go to the biggest, baddest event in mountain biking, pee's his pants and then leaves without even trying anything like some whiny little girl. Pathetic. You get to Rampage, you damn well ride! Even if your wheels don't leave the ground and you come last, you bloody ride!
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 rampage seems to touch on every part of mountain biking, besides those in which use 29ers thats why i like it so much
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 Rampage is about as niche as it gets. Not many people can ride big mountain well.
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 McGarry should have won.
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 i wonder how insane Rampage will be in 5 or 10 years time
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 so uhhh.... mcgarry and lacondeguy were robbed this year
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 A crash compilation was very nice :p
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 So SO much congrats to STRAIGHT, MCGARRY a ZINK! Yall the shit boys!
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 still big crash !
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 what happened to aggy?
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 crazy level expert!!
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