Video: Trek World Racing – Val d’Isere

Aug 8, 2012
by Karl Burkat  

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 Its so awesome to see such a high level of sportsmanship from Trek World Racing, kinda makes me want to own a trek.
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 collected mine last night
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 I feel proud to own a trek
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 It kind of annoys me a little when I watch videos like this. I don't think these guys get the recognition they deserve for the effort, skill and bravery they put into this sport we call downhill mountain biking compared with the other disciplines. After watching the Olympics and seeing certain cyclists getting massive recognition (which they deserve as well) I kind of feel sad for our guys that the general public probably don't even know who riders like Steve Peat & Nicolas Vouilloz are, let alone AAeron Gwin and others. I suppose with it not being an Olympic sport it never will get the respect it deserves from the masses.
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 Yes, well said! i just dont see how something like archery can be an olympic sport and not Downhill!
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 i heard a lot of people are into archery after watching the hunger games, LOL!
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 Leave the Olympics to the boring sports, that's why they made the X Games!
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 But downhills still not in the Xgames Wink what were saying is that downhillers work
Just as hard as any other cyclist, but downhillers don't get the respect they deserve. Not that it should be in the Olympics.
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 Top comment - totally agree. I'm actually from an XC racing background, but I'd happily ditch XC from the Olympics and put DH in it's place. Or how about an MTB Omnium event where each competitor has to take part in an XC, DH, Hill Climb TT and 4X event. At least we've got BMX in the Olympics, which is fast and exciting, but it's all over too quickly !
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 I think Gwin is partial robot.
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 No, robots are partially Gwin.
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 in any case, he is not of this world. true champ.
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 i don't always lose races... but when i do i am injured.
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 U killed it!
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 He admitted that they just flatt out beat him. He wasnt making excuses. But I can guarantee Gwin would have won had he not been injured.
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 let's put it this way: he got injured and still made it to 5th spot.
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 amazing footage !!!...Gwin and Trek seems like a match made in heaven, they have redefined what a pro team should look like and the bar has just been raised a few notches too...I wish I could fav this vid...
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 You can fav this vid....look above the vid in the left corner.
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 watch gwin come back next year and fucking anialate.... wont suprise me!!
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 The size of the gash in Justin`s arm is worthy of a gore movie !
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 Can't even explain how much I admire Gwin. Every sport needs someone like him, he gives the sport an amazing image of humble sportsmanship and competition.
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 For once a video with music I enjoy. Thank you Trek.
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 Gwin is such a badass.
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