World Champs 2011: Bike Setup

Sep 2, 2011
by Cut Media  
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Team Chain Reaction Nukeproof at the 2011 World Champs
The Nukeproof Scalps are looking primed for Sunday's race.

Team CRC Nukeproof at World Champs in Champery
Dave in action in Champery.


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 marz looks like there back in the game with those forks,,they`re sweet!!
  • 17 14
 they are looking sexy, but i probably will stay with my 40's
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 I got a WC, and i tried the new 888 in MSA, and I'm waiting for the new shiver to come out, but if you ever get a chance to try it you wont regret it, they feel fvcking amazing.
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 new shiver? wtf are they bringing it back
  • 3 1
 thats like awesome, i always loved the shiver
  • 2 0
 d4zd34n Sorry man ment to Add a Prob.!! its hard to aim on the Ipad haha
  • 1 0
 no prob, no pun intended,haha.....
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 is the new marzocchi stuff seriously that much better then the fox 40s??
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 Straight from one of the head guys at Marzocchi USA, "The shiver IS coming back" Its only on paper as of right now, but with the inverted fox showing up at the US open, it will be put in overdrive.

But the small bump compliance on the 888 I tried, just blew my mind, twice as good as my Boxxer WC.
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 i can safley say one thing about pressure washers dont use the ones that are used to clean tractors and combine harvesters pumping the water out at 200/250 psi that striped everyhting off one of my bikes Wink
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 I always look forward to dave at the world cups. He was also a great help to a teammate at windham with his great knowledge. I wish we got more of these kind of videos from other team mechanics too. So insightful!
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 I know they are pro but seriously bad practice to Jet wash DH bike bye bye bearing grease.
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 Know what you are saying but that bike comes apart and gets freshly built with grease pretty often. For most folks id say that power washing their bike is not the best thing to do - but so long as you know what you are doing and don't point the nozzle directly into the bearings Its a pretty effective method for stripping nasty sticky mud from your bike.
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 What do you think he's gonna do when the bike is clean? He's the mecanic! They probably wash the bike then clean it piece by piece then regrease it...
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 I doubt it's a Jet wash, probably one of the bike specific ones.
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 The more 'pro' the mechanic, the more likely they are to jet wash their bikes.
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 If you race in europe then you will jetwash your bike at races. If you own a van and have space for a washer then the chances are you'll also have a pressure washer tucked away in the's not ideal but it's necessary.
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 There's nothing wrong with jet washing your bikes unless you're an idiot and hold it in one place, they clean bikes 10 times better than the average garden hose
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 Awesome Mechanic !
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 Is it just me or does Dave clearly not like Nigel. lol
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 hmm, I think they need to sit down over a beer and just hash it out once and for all
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 These are my favorite type of videos. You guys should do them for every world cup!
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 The most awesome team out there! tup
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 he wont win, he has only won one world cup
  • 3 0
 only? that is an amazing accomplishment
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 Matti has won 2 world cup
  • 1 0
 yeah but that was ages ago
  • 1 0
 good luck to Matt...

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