Dan Atherton To Miss EWS Round One Due To Injury

Mar 24, 2014
by Tyler Maine  
Earlier this week Dan walked away from a spectacular OTB in Finale Ligure with only sore legs to show for it. But on Thursday afternoon Dan was on a training ride trying to spin out his sore legs when he took another fall that caused a hairline fracture to his tibia.

Crash video from earlier in the week:

Recent high winds in the UK have left many trails strewn with large branches and uprooted trees. Dan said “I was coming round a corner on a descent and a fallen tree was sticking out onto the trail – I tried to dodge it but unfortunately it caught me just below the knee pad, knocking me off my bike. I’m devastated as I’ve never felt more ready to start a season but I’m hopeful that I’ll be back on the bike very quickly. ”

Team Director Dan Brown said “Dan’s fracture is fairly minor in itself, but because of its position and the huge forces that go through a mountain biker’s knees we need to handle it with care. Thankfully we have Harris and Ross’ Injury Management Team in place so all necessary X-rays and scans were completed in record time and the decision has been made to operate as soon as the swelling recedes. A full rehab programme is already being planned.

GT Factory Racing will be represented in Round 1 of the Enduro World Series by 2013’s Overall Junior Champion Martin Maes.


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 I wish Dan a speedy recovery. Hate to see anyone hurt. However, it is nice to see even World Cup level pros have the "WTF just happened" moments on what appears to be an average trail. Get well soon Dan!
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 he is always hurt, it bums me out. I want to see him do well, like his brother and sister
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 I just broke my left hand , and sprained my back on Sunday , minor whiplash too
I will never underestimate the use of pads and protective gear again my helmet pretty much saved my life yesterday
Pretty much split it in 1/2 , nothing like ending ur season on the first day , this blows
Get well soon Dan , heal fast
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 Crashed on Sunday at walking speed. Fractured collar bone and dislocated ac joint. Six weeks off work. Season over for me too.
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 Rest up gents, you'll get back on it.. I blew up my ankle on the way to whistler July 16th. I just rode with 95% confidence for the first time last weekend.. I could not wear 2 shoes till December 22nd. 22 weeks! yes, it happened on the way to whistler.. the day before crossing into Canada for 6 days in a condo.. whoops! stay positive, you'll get there!
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 Damn that def. Is some bad luck for sure 22 weeks , ouch I'm at 6 weeks and I'm freaking out , rehab rehab rehab
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 Wish ya a speedy recovery Dan, after all you've been through, a hairline fracture in your tibia can hardly be considered an injury ;-)

I'm sure we'll see you back at it in no time at all....take care Atherton's!!
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 It seems like Dan has a lot of bad luck when it comes to injuries and is always off the bike. Heal up soon man and have a speedy recovery.
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 i was thinking the same thing. recently watched 'the athertons' on redbull tv... can't help to route for the whole squad after watching behind the scenes. from the looks of it dan seems to train his ass off and just keeps getting smacked down with injuries. hope to see him back racing really soon!
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 I think is psycological. Having 2 younger siblings on top of the world and no succes to call its own is not easy. I cannot asure thats the case for dan but i've been in similar situations in which my emotions affect my riding resulting in injuries. Let the neg props come in
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 Dan has enjoyed more success than many pros. And, I think Gee and Rachel owe a massive amount of their success to him; having an older brother for them to chase and catch when they were younger, smaller and weaker, meant that when they caught up in growth they overtook him in Gee's case.

Get well soon Dan.
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 Did you see the tree he dodged on his left side right before he went down? So lucky to miss that one. As much as this injury sucks for him, it looks like he missed a major disaster. He was flying.
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 What are you doing, Smile
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 Heal up quick Dan.
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 Owey. That sucks. Get well Dan.
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 Another top rider out for the beginning of the season. Sad. Good recovery Dan.
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 Damn, he even lost his shoe. I guess it decided it didn't want to leave the pedal.
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 My God that was fast riding. Thought he leveled a tree there at the end. Heal as fast as you ride Dan.
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 Oh my,he just,how didi it happend?how he stills alive?Those Atherton guys ride so fast!
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 Looks like he came off the trail and thats why he hit the tree?

Y U cum off trail Dan?
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 Heal up Fast Dan! Has anyone noticed the bike he is using? Doesn't look like the 2014 Force...
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 Take inspiration from Logan b.'s Recovery time!
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 heal up soon dan
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 Pretty minor injury.....should be back in plenty of time for Round 2
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 Recover fast Dan! Your a champion, you'll be fine real soon!
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 WTF are they operating on if it's a small hairline fracture?
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 Holy shit man...get well soon man
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 Good recover Dan
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 WTF I saw this on vital like aweek ago. Hope he heals in time to race.
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 The video is from his first crash and the words are about his more recent one.
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 Oh sorry didnt see that. Still why put another vid of him crashing because that crash is not related at all to this story.
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 Because they talk about the crash in which they do have video of - the one in here as his first crash. But they do not have video footage of the recent one - so it's simply an addition to the article or there would be nothing but words.
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 Perhaps he should race XC.

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