Greg Watts Joins Sombrio Cartel

Apr 21, 2016
by Sombrio Cartel  
Gregg Watts

Sombrio is excited to welcome back Greg Watts to the Sombrio Cartel, the brand’s legion of sponsored athletes who live and breathe the two-wheeled culture. As a former rider for the Cartel, Watts has a rich history with Sombrio and brings with him over a decade of slopestyle experience.

“I'm pumped to be back wearing Sombrio,” said Greg Watts. “Sombrio supported me a few years back, and I grew up watching videos of Dave Watson at the top of his career. It was rad to be involved with his brand.”

“Even though I wasn’t part of the Cartel for a few years, I still paid attention to how the brand always kept the same core outlook on the sport,” Watts continued. “The Sombrio team is passionate about everything they make as a rider-influenced brand. I’m looking forward to representing Sombrio during the competitions, team trips, and in the video projects I have planned this year.”
Greg Watts

“Greg has an incredible energy,” said Ian Domaas, Vice President and General Manager for Sombrio. “We’re excited to start a new chapter with him as we grow the Sombrio Cartel family. Greg will play an integral role in the development of our freeride and lifestyle collections.”

This season Watts will compete across the globe at major industry events including all Crankworx stops, A.T.’s Showdown, Swatch Prime Line, and the Colorado Freeride Festival among others. To learn more about Sombrio, visit To learn more about Greg Watts and the rest of the Cartel, visit

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 All legends in the sport
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 still my favorite video on here
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 Love watts, gives slightly chubby guys like myself inspiration!
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 Give is your best Travelocity gnome pose.
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flag thatsright (Apr 21, 2016 at 16:25) (Below Threshold)
 Definitely a kids comment. Have you signed your next modeling contract teschenbrenner?
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flag thatsright (Apr 21, 2016 at 16:31) (Below Threshold)
 Another kid ruining riding. I guess pretty riders are better than manly riders?
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 Greg Watts sickest tricks at highland MTB bike park.. Congratulations Greg watts, welcome back
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 Literally the nicest dude, stoked for him!
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 I met him once. An awesome real dude. Seriously a legend. Check him out from the beginning
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 I think he's at that point where he's been overtaken a bit by all the main slope style trick monkeys, but I'm stoked to hear he's got some video projects lined up as that's where I think you see him at his best. Proper committed to nailing something once he starts and more than willing to take a knock. Think of any vid he is in and his section will be one of the best without doubt.
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 Santa Cruz Syndicate, YT Mob, Specialized Gravity Republic, Sombrio Cartel....this trend has officially gotten lame. Just call it a team.
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 Didn't he not ride at rotorua
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 Saw in DS pretty sure
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 He did, but only Speed and Style. Got sick after that.
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 @grabowl: finally someone who knows what they are talking about and not assuming they know.
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 Five Guys Burger getting some free promo here . Sombre needs a "Man Tities reduction shirt" line, and Chin Suppression line , and Crab Fisherman line promoted by by Greg. Hey better yet let s do a " line 14" goes with the slope placement result, while the guys that put time into training cleans your clock" Have another burger, Hell I treat you to one with my fat ass. You know its funny f Ok I will admit beers fuelled this one tonight but I'm laughing
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 You either need more or less beer, and I'm not quite sure which one yet.
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 Maybe they'll stop making slim fit and skinny sizes
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 So's the Canadian flag
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