Video: How to Improve Your Static Gap Jumps with Duncan Shaw

Jun 6, 2020
by Duncan Shaw  

A lot of people have been asking me for some tips on how to improve the distance that they can gap jump. So to help you out I've just uploaded a quick how-to video on my YouTube channel which points out the main parts of the move that you will need to focus on to maximise the size of the gap that you can cross.

If however you are new to trials and looking for a more basic tutorial on how to get started with this trick then here is a more basic tutorial that I made last year.


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 how to STATIC gap jump?

i uhh...

I didn't read the title completely...

I have no idea.

I was just excited to be the first comment...

never listen to me.
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 Trials and Flatland were very very similar in the fact that they both required tons of “session” type practice. I was a flatland rider for years and tried to add trials in. It didn’t work out as well as I would like because staying on top of my flatland game took to much time and trials demanded the same repetitive practice. Both are muscle memory sports and both use very discipline specific bikes that are horrible at being normal bikes!
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 how to send gap jumps:
1. go to bike park
2. send jump line 50 times
*hey but wait... those are tables, not gaps*
3. send gaps comfortably anyway because you've learned, through repetition, how far you'll be sending it at various speeds on various transitions

4. stoke meter? super high

no shortcuts for the steeze.
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 If you had watched the video you would know that this about trials gap jumps and not the type of jumps you are referring to.
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 @blkmrktrider156: Everyone knows you have to comment first and then (maybe) look at the content.
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 I thought gap jumping was a dirt jumping terminology that can be transferred to trail riding and building. Maybe put how to improve your trials skills as your title.
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 Is it reasonable to think you could do those hops on a proper 29er mountain bike? I think the trials bike would be a lot easier.
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 Didn't know they needed improving.
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 Here's the sound effect that was missing. "Nananananan...".
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 No i am not trying that, are you insane?
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 Morther* Brorther* Sirster*

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