Intersport Announce New Range of Rental Bikes for Riding in the Alps

Jul 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
 Photo by clint trahan
Photo by Clint Trahan

Now that travel restrictions are being lifted across Europe the Alps are back on the menu for a quick riding retreat and Intersport have welcome the summer season with a new fleet of rental bikes.

Intersport, which is an international sports goods retailer with 5800 locations across 65 countries, has revamped their range of rental offerings with new 2020 bikes from Scott. The collection ranges from their hardtails to enduro bikes and the Gambler downhill bike. Currently they are offering their rental service from over 600 Intersport shops across the Alps. With some flights running with restricted service and baggage amounts renting a bike for your summer riding adventure could be a useful option especially with the uncertainty of the current situation.

You can find out more about the rental service here.

French Bike Resort Opening and Closing Dates

Intersport Press Release:

Intersport has unveiled a revamped range of rental mountain bikes for the 2020 summer season. Now offering bikes for the entire family, from beginners to experienced Mountain Bikers. Intersport now stocks the new 2020 range of Scott hardtails, Enduro and full suspension bikes, including the Gambler series Downhill bikes. Their flexible rental service is available at over 600 Intersport shops across the Alps.

The easing of the UK Government’s travel restrictions along with the increase in travel options has made the Alps a viable destination this summer with resorts across the Alps also beginning to open their doors to both family holidaymakers and mountain bikers.

Intersport has also compiled a comprehensive list of up to date summer opening and closing dates of all French bike resorts with a bike-park or purpose-built trails.


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 Can we agree that this Gambler is the prettiest downhill bike ever? (ok, the raw aluminum one is maybe even nicer)
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 Just glad it doesn't have that dual mode switch on the bars as all the other bikes do.. That is the one thing I don't like about Scott bikes.. if your bike has a great geometry, there is no need for such a device.. plus it crowds the bars.... just saying...
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 I really would like to session one...
  • 3 1
 but it looks like a .....
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 ``French Bike Resort Opening and Closing Dates``.... hum...

The correct formula would be ``French ALPS Bike Resort Opening and Closing Dates``.
The Alps have the largest resorts for sure, and it`s worth mentioning that the Swiss Alps have gorgeous bike parks as well.

Pyrenees are probably not concerned by this Scott offer as Pyrenees resorts mainly feature Commençal bikes, and we won`t complain about that Wink
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 No Lac Blanc, Markstein or La Bresse...
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 only crappy hardtaills or e-bikes available in chamonix store..they obviously haven't been up les houches...
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 Let's print this list to put it in my camper van that I'm currently doing to go shredding this summer. Thank you Intersport, at least this press release is useful for somebody. Kiss
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 I tried to look for equipment in the two stores in Les Gets for the period from 17/08 to 21/08 and there are no bikes available - but they do offer ski and snowboard equipment for the same period Smile
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 What are the prices , lift tickets or bike hire?
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 Probably lift tickets? Seeing 10€ on some of them, I guess that would be a single ride, daily rates are usually between 30€ and 50€ in Austria. :/ Bikes will wary depending on model..
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 Hello, Yes the document above displays the daily price for bike lifts for a one day ticket, most of the ski stations offer discounts on 2,3, 7 days or more.
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 Exactly! What is this a price list for? It ain’t day passes or DH rental, perhaps it’s just to create curiosity to click on the link. 10€ for a brand new Gambler for the day .....never buying a new DH bike again
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 These are day pass fares for the different stations. 30-50 would be ski day pass prices. Overall lift prices are pretty low in France compared to the rest of the world because, here, most stations are operated by the state. Furthermore, they try to cater to as many people as possible during summer through low lift prices and activities. To put things into perspective, the whole biking season of les-2-alpes ( mountain of hell, mondial du vtt) generates roughly as much turnover as 2 days of the skiing season. When Tignes launched started to develop biking in the summer, they even partnered with canyon and tickets were free for a couple of years.

The main point of the document, though, is that it displays the opening and closing dates for each station.
As for the rental prices, count ~100 quids/ day for the top Dh offering. For that price, I got crappy Giant Glory but I also got carbon Intense M16 with good parts. It really depends on the rental shop and the station. Overall, renting is really worth it if you go shuttling 1/2 weeks a year.
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 @polarproton: socialist pigs lol
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 But where can you actually rent a gambler? I couldnt find a store that had them on the intersport website
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 I was in Tignes last week and they were everywhere.
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 @BedsideCabinet: yeah in Châtel too and they make up the feet of rentals at Leogäng, so cool seeing squids on dream bikes, I noticed a guy in line skeptically examine his rental so I straight up told him that he was on one of the hottest rides of 2020.
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 And it's unlimited rides for most if not all of them

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