Michal Prokop Explores the Riding in Hungary's National Park

Jul 20, 2019
by prkplive  

It’s always great opportunity to discover a new place to ride. But enduro riding in Hungary? Wait, are there mountains in Hungary? Or at least the hills? Hungary is a country that is not exceptional because of the great mountains. But in several places of the country there are bike parks and DH riding is quite big.

Lillafured is one of the places where the bike park is. A small hill with a super slow lift offers several lines. There are both DH lines and trails more friendly for enduro bike.

At bike park you can easily spend all day.

Lillafured was the first destination to discover Bükk National Park. The mountainous and forested Bükk is Hungary's largest national park and is located in the northern mountains. Established in 1976, it is the largest national park in Hungary and 97% of its area is wooded, which attracts a huge amount of flora and fauna.

The nature in the park is absolutely amazing.

Around Lilafured are great views of the surrounding area, in which you realize the size and character of the National Park. In some parts of the National Park you feel like in a rainforest. No wonder, 37.74 km² from the park area of ​​431.3 km² is under increased protection. The virgin nature really breathes on you.

The highest mountain in the National Park is Szilvási-kő with 961m but Istállós-kő offers more epic views. A few-hour hike for those views really stand! On the way down you can enjoy several different descents.

The Bükk is ideal for bikers, the terrain is very diverse with many trails running through the National Park. There are many opportunities to spend a day on a bike. Just get yourself a map, point on some peak and head off.

This is the best reward!

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 Once you’re there don’t forget to raise your middle finger to Victor Orbans evil politics. He’s a dictator and an oligarch who manipulates the country. Unliberal, unhumanist propaganda is rampant! Other than that enjoy the country and its people. It’s beautiful there, foods great, parties in Budapest are massive.
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 Orbán's "friend" managed to own 200+ companies in 8 years and he just bought the company which handles the voting system in Hungary, democration at its finest! Anyways... Keep on shredding our nice trails Wink
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flag kuruc (Jul 21, 2019 at 10:30) (Below Threshold)
 I do not get it people how could make this comment!!!! Do not forget this is forum is not politican news. Go facebook
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 @papprobi: Neked is el kellene gondolkozni amikor ilyeneket írogatsz. Sajnos így a saját országodat járatod le!! Szerintem vannak nagyon jó fórumok ahol tudod mocskolni a "saját" nemzeted, ha egyáltalán magyarnak érzed magad.
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 teljesen egyetértek, semmi keresnivalója legalább itt a politikának. én pont egy lengyel kollégától nem várnék ilyen Magyarországot mocskoló hozzászólást.. elég szomorú sajna
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 @kuruc: first thing: write in English since this is the language here and please respect others. Also I don't approve my Polish gov. actions as well so I'm more than happy to criticize my own country no problem. And critique of politicians is a long way from "offending a country". So stop manipulating. Unfortunatelly this is how others see Hungarian political situation today, sorry.
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flag kuruc (Jul 23, 2019 at 10:55) (Below Threshold)
 @dj100procentenduro: do not get it people how could make this comment!!!! Do not forget this is forum is not politican news. Go facebook
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 Thanks for the great article! I was born in the heart of the Bükk and I got my best memories from there. If you would like the Bükk, you need to check Aggtelek, Szilvásvárad, Lázbérc and Eger/Szalajka valley. You will find really nice spots and you are able to taste the best hungarian wines.

I hope everybody knows that we don't share our leaders thoughts. We like everybody who check and like our small country.

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 Nice post! Don't forget about another great Downhill Track in Hungary! SOPRON DOWNHILL Wink
Visit us! -> www.facebook.com/Sopron-Downhill-342382802548751
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 Damn, this is great! Next time someone's over here in Hungary feel free to hit me up! We'll throw the bike's in my truck and I'll be happy to show you all around!
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 You really don't need much to enjoy this sport, hill or two will do. Gear whoring, that's another thing.
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 Haven't seen Prokop since his days racing 4x! It's cool to see that he's still out riding. I bet he can shred.
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 Bojler eladó!

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