Pinkbike Remembers – Kelly McGarry

Feb 1, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Kelly McGarry sadly passed away on the 1st of February 2016. Today marks the second anniversary of his tragic death.

To see more of Kelly's life on two wheels, head to our tribute post.

Ride in peace, Kelly.


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 Imagine the world we could live in if everyone shared the same smile of this legend! Rest easy my dude!
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 Wait. Less bitching about bikes & politics & more riding & smiling? Yes please.

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 Didn't Kelly once say, less typing, more riding? RIP Kelly!
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"Less typing, more biking!"

Exactly two years ago today there was a PB article by Scott Seco. Not sure if he was in charge of this article per PB staff, but thanks for carrying the spirit.

It's so nice to see how McGazza has impacted our lives even if we never met him in person, like myself. To Kelly's family, wife/girlfriend's, friends, "I am sorry for your loss. I have never met him, but he is alive to me. I think it is so special that he influences me to do what I love even though he is not by your side today. I want his mom/dad and closest people to know they did a great job making him change the world."
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 2 years ago the world became a little bit darker... Rest in peace McGazza
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 Yep, it's getting darker at may when stevie smith passed away.... Rest in peace Chainsaw, both of them are true legend
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 The fact that this is being posted two years after his passing, shows the impact that he is made on the people around him and the sport. A great testament to the power of a positive attitude, and the joy that it brings to the people around you!
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 I was at the finish line at Rampage when he flipped the canyon. I still feel really honored to have seen that in person. Better yet was his huge smile and the way he treated everyone as he got swarmed in the corral at the bottom. I was just a spectator, not in the industry or anything at that time and didn't know him. But I got scooped up in the hulabaloo and he was high-fiving us all, like he shared the accomplishment with everyone. It was pure gold.
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 When i met him i had no idea he was a big deal just a dude that rode bikes and dug trails, i really never fully understood or cared to me he was just Kelly a dude to have a laugh with either in the pub or at the trail head. I miss you mate and I'm glad Sam and Tom and the rest are keeping your memory alive for those who aren't lucky enough of of know you as just good guy who rides bikes.
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 Jeez. Two years already. Still one of my favourite riders. Mcgazza Forever
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 Moved to Wanaka an hour away from Queenstown NZ just over 3 years ago. Had already been mtbiking for several years and had friends in Wanaka that were ingrained in the mtbiking culture of the region and quickly showed me around. It wasn’t long before there was constant pressure to come riding with them at this place called the “Gondy” over in Queenstown. I already knew of Skylines reputation before even moving here and was somewhat daunted but after sometime learning the local trails it was time to join the regular weekend migration over the crown range to “The Gondy”. My mate that took me there for that first session was pretty good to me he took me down the green “Hammys” run first then he patiently went through the blue runs before it was time to man up hit Huck Yeah and start getting into the black runs. It was about then than that we crossed paths with no other than The great Kelly McGarry “Mcgazza”. “Are we Hucking”! Was his greeting and even through the full face you could see his smile. My mate knew and had ridden with him before and I could see he was keen as to “Huck” down the hill with McGazza. The rest of that run was a blur I took a tumble at some stage and there was some blood flowing but I got to Huck down the “Gondy” with the famous dude who I’d watched backflip the canyon at Rampage while I was screaming at the TV.

That one run I did with McGazza and that one line he said to me “are we hucking” was one week before he died. It was only one week later and we were all in the train up to where his table is now is for his memorial and the massive love was so evident for this man who had touched so many with his “are we hucking” attitude to life. Last weeks McGazzafest was again an awesome event and full credit to the organisers and his close friends who put it on. Was stoked to be able to ride down in the avalanche race then go watch dream track get sessioned by so much talent.

If I’m ever over riding the Gondy and are in 2 minds which trails to ride I always here that “are we hucking” in my head and try to take the McGazza option!!
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 Thats a great tale man
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 This still crushes me. Ain't it strange how you feel you knew someone so well that you never met. Seemed to be such an amazing man. Another beautiful person gone far too soon. Hope your gapping 200 feet canyon gaps up there mcgazza
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 So so sad. He really seemed like one of the nicest, happiest people ever. And loved being on two wheels to boot.
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 #mcgazzaforever!! You boys better keep McGazzafest going on for a long ass time cuz I am bringing the boy down there when he gets older!!!
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 RIP Kelly you fucking legend
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 WOW! Two years already... Thank you to all who are keeping him with us in spirit and memories!!
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 Hero and a awesome person! RIP.
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 only the good die young
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 While sad to re-read the original tribute post, it sure nice to know the impact he had on everyone he met. R.I.P. Kelly.
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 Ride in Peace Man.
But hear this: You'll never die.
Not till we remember what you made on your bike.
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 Dat Canyon flip ..... Legend!
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 Ride on Brother.
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 Hey Goodbye...Hey Goodnight ...
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 The McGazza spirit lives on!
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 You know they say legends never die but this one did. Miss you man! You live on to inspire goodness in everybody and show that you can be good on and off the bike.
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 I'm a big believer in reincarnation, hopefully Kelly's soul will inhabit a new body and mind. A future Awesome rider, ride in peace buddy, you're spirit is eternal.
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 Frown his Rampage run on the red Diamondback with all them backflips, then exploding those wheels, then blowing up his brakes in China... things I'll never forget!
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 Time really fly’s by ,and yet it just feels like it dint happen ,sad day it is ,be happy and smile along
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 In heaven there is a Motorhead concert where Kelly is on the VIP list
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 Never Forget McGazza!
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 Miss ya being around bro
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 RIP to a legend. Ride in paradise McGazza ????
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 Ah, dude....
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 RIP legend. Two years sure goes by fast.
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 He was a happy spirit on 2 wheels.
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 RIP bro ????
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 Rest easy fellow kiwi. Ride in stars mate.
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 Damn what a legend. Forever
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 god bless you man we all miss you.!!!!
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 Rip Kelly
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 Miss you dearly McGazza.
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 RIP \m/
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 pinkbike remembers?

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