Course Released for Scott Enduro Cup at Deer Valley, Utah

Aug 25, 2016
by Enduro Cup  
Course Released for SCOTT Enduro Cup at Deer Valley Utah

The final race of the Scott Enduro Cup season is on Sunday, Aug. 28 at Deer Valley Resort. It's no secret Utah has been experiencing extreme drought conditions this summer. Fortunately, Enduro Cup has pieced together a technical and rowdy final three stages to wrap things up for 2016.

Transfer 1—Start at Silver Lake Base Area—Mid Mountain to Deer Crest Intersection—Deer Crest to top of Bald Eagle
Stage 1—NCS—Finish at top of Wide West ( ~1 mile, -1,008 ft elevation)
Load Silver Lake Express back to Silver Lake

Transfer 2—Mid Mountain—Team Big Bear—Moose Bones
Stage 2—Upper TG (T&G) to Payroll—Finish at Empire Lodge ( ~1 mile, -358 ft elevation)
Load Ruby Express Chairlift—Ontario to Tidal Wave—back to Silver Lake

Transfer 3—Load Sterling Express Chairlift
Stage 3—Upper Aspen Slalom to Summer Road—Fire Swamp—Finish at Silver Lake
( ~1.1 miles, -913 ft elevation)

Want to race? Visit endurocupmtb.com to register.

Deer Valley Resort mountain biking trails

MENTIONS: @EnduroCup


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 Incredibly disappointed by this course. This is a $110 race. It's mostly lift assisted with only 3 miles of timed racing and 2300 ft of descending. You're going to have winning times in the 12 minute range. It's pathetic. Enduro Cup seems to be unwilling to put out a challenging course.
  • 4 4
 And every run is on a true downhill course, which means times will be even faster than 12 minutes. Lets get some better variety of terrain on here.
  • 7 2
 Have you ridden these stages lately? I did today and its incredibly challenging. Maybe not on the traditional cardio aspect but damn, its tech. and rough but really fun. If you rip DH all the time you may feel otherwise but the hefty moon dust is throwing quite the wrench into how well you can rip them. It'll be a short but punishing race for sure.
  • 3 2
 @skijosh: It was quite varied at the other stops but I believe the Enduro format should be hard climbing up (this doesn't quite have that), and nothing short of DH on the timed stages so it pushes the trail bikes to the limit. Hopefully next year they'll add in one more stage to lengthen the duration of the race but otherwise, this is tight.
  • 4 1
 @scott-townes: Yeah I really don't have an issue with the technical aspect of the race. Lots of times I think Enduro Cup errs too far on the XC side of things. I think it's a good amount of gnar this time around. I just think the race is far too short.
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 @alewi11: Yeah I think most will agree with that. Oh well, more time to drink!
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 We need to compare the overall enduro cup. It's like the BME. Some venues are mostly Bike Park/DH, 99% lift assisted, some will have an insane amount of climbing ! At the end of the season, it's a good mix of everything. Enduro racing is fun because you need to be able to race it all !

But I do agree, if it's all lift assisted, there could be slightly more stages.
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 Love me some fireswamp though!
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 I 100% agree. 3 miles of racing??? Looking more forward to spending the day before in PC than I am actually riding the stages.
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 I will be happy when it is over Smile Deer Valley has been way too busy leading up to this race.
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 Wonder if they have issues with equipment or there aren't enough entries to generate enough cash to cover more more stages... Seems odd they wouldn't throw in a Devo or the Old NCS - Pointy Rocks as a stage...
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 @skijosh: if you want variety go race xc, look at the ews its all dh
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 @dhx42: There is a pipeline-shaped trench blocking portions of Nota Trail and access to Pointy Rocks. BTW, Pointy Rocks seems to have been dumbed down right after the first ridge section. Big rocks seem to be gone.
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 This is going to be AWESOME
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 These can be logistically hard to put on and nobody's making any money off it with a relatively small field of riders. Glad they're putting it on but a fourth stage would be nice.
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 You should look into snowbasin in ogden next year. some long desents from top!!
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 Rode the course yesterday. NCS, Fireswamp, and Alpine are completely blown out. They are a joke to race down. Really disappointed. I'll think twice before I register for an Enduro Cup again.
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 Stage 3 transfer is silly, would be way faster to bike back to silver lake via mid mountain rather than ride a chairlift.

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