Video: Creative Street Trials in 'Inspired in Malaga'

Dec 28, 2019
by Clean Zine  
L-R - Ali Clarkson, Duncan Shaw, John Langlois & Thom Triboulat

In mid-November, I got the opportunity to head to Malaga, Spain, with some of Inspired's team riders to showcase their upcoming 2020 range. I'm a big fan of their team, so getting to head to a city I'd always wanted to check out with some of my favourite riders was a no-brainer...

I knew Ali and Duncan fairly well from past trips, but had only met John once before and had only spoken to Thom via e-mail in the run-up to the trip. Luckily, they're all super easy to get along with so from the moment John and Thom first came down from our apartment to help me carry my luggage in we all got on well.

Inspired's team has a wide mix of styles within it, and it was great getting to see the different riders feed off each other at spots. As you can see from the crashes, the guys were definitely pushing themselves! Crashes and injuries are always a worry when the bar is being raised like that. Unfortunately, Ali took a hard crash riding the sea defence blocks (not on camera, sadly!) which took him out of the game for half the trip, but aside from that everyone else got away with just a few scrapes and bruises.

Reviewing the second angle of John Langlois ender move.
It s not always sunny in Spain

A few of the riders had been to Malaga in the past so we had a reasonable idea of where certain spots were, but spent a good portion of our time in the city exploring for new spots. For a street rider, this is about as good as it gets! Thanks to the topography of the area Malaga is built on, and the development of the city itself, there are plenty of spots to go at for all types of riders. It felt very much like around every corner was another dream spot. The most iconic spot is definitely the long storm drain/ditch that runs through the centre of Malaga, and features at the start of the video. This was the first spot we came to and was a great introduction to Malaga!

We did have to be fairly strict with our timekeeping thanks to the early sunsets, but we all felt lucky to only get a small amount of rain on one day of the trip. Even when it was cold and wet the guys still found a dry, covered spot to have a session on. Dedication!

Here are the bikes that the team rode for the trip:

Ali Clarkson s Inspired Hex Team 26 bike.
Ali Clarkson's Inspired Hex Team 26", in Gloss Blue.
Duncan Shaw s Inspired Fourplay Team 24 bike.
Duncan Shaw's Inspired Fourplay Team 24", in Acid Green.

John Langlois Inspired Arcade Team 24 bike.
John Langlois' Inspired Arcade Team 24", in Satin Bronze.
Thom Triboulat s Inspired Flow Plus 24 bike.
Thom Triboulat's Inspired Flow Plus 24", in Satin Black.

A huge thanks to Inspired Bicycles for making the trip possible, and to all the riders for being so great to work with. Where are we going to be "Inspired in..." next?

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 Brilliant edit. Mixing the falls with the successes makes it way more relatable for any rider. Ridiculously skilled guys! Not a street rider myself, but loved this. Tech skills!
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 Trials is alot cooler since it went to being more Street.....still wonder how they don’t get more pinch flats tho (?)
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 Starting to look more and more like BMX. That fakie nose manual down the rail! Well made video, boys \m/
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flag chriskneeland (Dec 28, 2019 at 10:04) (Below Threshold)
 BMX: $300
Inspired Arcade Team: $3000

Pretty crazy disparity for being the same damn thing.
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 Street Trials isn't proper Trials anyway.
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 @chriskneeland: Unfortunately trials bikes simply can't be made to the same order quantity that bmx can, WTP can order thousands of bikes at a time, plus they don't need good brakes or high engagement hubs. Inspired (and other trials brands) order a fraction of that number and supply high end parts on the bikes which bumps the price up considerably.
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 @aliclarkson: Right on Ali, and fellas, another great edit, and just in time for my street trial sesh too! And My thoughts as well. My "big items" used to be: Hubs, cranks/bb, peds. When I do trials type riding durability problems are inevitable. Cheap, Inexpensive parts will get you hurt in any wrong application, but doing the research, maybe buy the frame/fork and build it up yourself, and looking what Ali and company are riding is a good place to start. I have found you don't need the premier parts to get the job done, but for trials, you better have at least very good ones! They might be more expensive at first, but the durability gives me the piece of mind to "forget them when riding them", and those are my favorite kind of parts!!! Thanks
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 @aliclarkson: ali- is 26" ur usual choice? if so, why that over 24?
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 @savagelake: I rode 24" for a while but my background has always been on 26", I worked with Inspired to update the Hex and now I think it has some clear advantages over the smaller wheels, especially for more pure trials moves
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 @aliclarkson: Speaking of costs for completes, is a 2020 Hex frameset in the works?
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 This is whole different level of riding a bicycle. Sometimes I think most of MTB is just offroad roadiness. Very nice video, and admirable riding! Great!
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 These gents never fail to impress me.
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 So awesome
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 Absolutely loved that. Congratulations.
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 First song?
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 A lot of crashes, not Inspired too crash that much!
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