Video: Ethan Nell's Red Bull Rampage POV

Nov 1, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Ethan pulled it all together on run 2 to claim 7th place.


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 When features and gaps look HUGE on a POV cam..... unreal. He forget to hold her wide open on the moto whip, that would have done it! So many of these riders had the potential to podium, what an awesome year for Rampage!
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 Ehh it was a failed 360, i think he washed the front a little on take off
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 Ethan Nell is so fresh to the game and yet such a hitter. Can’t wait to see what he does in his career.
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 All that pit bike and ebike training paid off.
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 ha - points. my pov is: Rampage runs speak for them selves mostly. they dont really equal a number. that said, good shot judges. great to watch that epic shredfest. super powers level shit.
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 His run live was awesome. Seriously sent it. Was gutted when he couldn't get that whip back but it looked insane on the way out!!
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 The landing from each flip sounded sooo smooth!
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 1. The video editing was cool once i realized it wasn't messed up
2. that gap before the step up looked massive on camera, what does that mean for real life?
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 OK dirtbags... I just watched Drop=In Season 3 episode 3 and the kid doing the dirt jumps with Cam was a young Ethan Nell in a bucket lid.
fuking awesome
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 Great run Dude! Keep charging!
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 Now I gotta do it again!
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 Hell yeah E...sick flow.
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 Should have been 3rd. Not sure how TVS's run was better. But WTF do I know.
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 He lost a number of points on the case I'm sure
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 TVS had a front flip off the top drop and probably a bigger backflip. But, it was comparable.
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 @heffernw: E-boy's back flip to 450 flat spin with a slight rear tire case gets more points than TVSs no-trick to no-trick every time. I'm fn baffled with that scoring to be honest with you.
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 @chriskneeland: give the vital podcast a listen, some good insight to the judging. The judges know the lines and the consequences of those lines that maybe we as viewers can't see.
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 @Remedy808: I listened to it already. And read Bender's interview. Still scratching my head. Whatever. Nell still killed it in my book.
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