Video: Full Highlights from EWS Tweed Valley 2021

Oct 4, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIt's been an explosive conclusion to the 2021 EWS at Vittoria Tires Round 9 in the Tweed Valley, Scotland. A mixture of rain and shine has made traction questionable and the racing on these steep tight trails extra difficult.GMBN

Top 3 Elite Riders on the EWS Pro Stage

bigquotesToday's Pro Stage from the Vittoria Tires Tweed Valley EWS Round 9 was a banger! Riders took to a rainy Scottish hillside to race the technical, slippery course which came with its fair share of controversies!

Yes in a surprising finish that no one saw coming the men's title fight has been wrapped up early with the disqualification of Richie Rude who will not be allowed to take the start-line tomorrow due to purposefully missing two gates in the ski piste style course ending. EWS ruling on this stipulates that riders have to pass between the gates. Slawomir Lukasik will not take tomorrow's start line for the same offence.


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 This was good. Thanks Gmbn.
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 Can't believe how quickly they chuck these out! Impressive. Not enough post-race interviews, so hopefully Wyn TV will sort us out.
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 good to see some proper conditions rather than the dust and rock nonsense.
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 Stoked for Jack winning the overall but bummed that Richie wasn't able to challenge for it. Such a great year of racing in both EWS and Downhill.
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 Well done, Jesse!
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 @misswinton- making my eyes leak. Great work all of you. Massive year!
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 Cheering for Katy and Bex is just so easy. If they ever make it over to Whistler, will definitely look to thank them for their efforts.
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 Definitely the worst music on any mtb vid i've seen! Great riding and trails though - just needed to turn off the volume.
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 Honestly that DQ let all the air out. Couldn’t be bothered to care anymore.
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 Did you watch the video? It's a pretty obvious brain fart from Rude.

We all think it would have been more fun if he hadn't been DQed, but he's the only one to blame here.
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 I wasn't necessarily cheering for Rude, but it really did ruin the whole season for me.
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 Putting all the pieces together, it seems that Richie was not attempting to cheat. However, it does not seem that he paid attention to technicalities in rules and course markings. Most other pro riders were aware of the gate/tape requirements and played by the rules. Stupid rules, absolutely! But at a pro level, details matter. Such a bummer, but I think it was an appropriate call, based on EWS rules. However, for next year maybe there should be a formula for time penalty instead of DQ. Clearly Richie wasn't trying to be sneaky.
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 I did, can’t really disagree with it, although a time penalty would’ve been more to my liking. I didn’t have a horse in the race either, but, it ruined it all the same. You know without the pressure it’s just a different race. @eldsvada:
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 @JDFF: Agreed. He royally f**ked up and paid the price. But there’s no way he was trying to cheat, unless he’s the world’s dumbest cheater for trying it in front of everyone!
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 @MTBrent: of course he deliberately cheated. Which bit of you must go between the gates which is what the rider and rule book stated did he not understand? Even his team mates got the memo and managed to go the right way
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 @CM999: I repent. He cheated. The GMBN video showing he did it on a third gate even closer to the finish line makes it even worse.
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 @JDFF: The time penalty vs DQ is a difficult one. How and who sets the amount of time lost? I think DQ is the only way in reality as the whole point of Enduro racing is that everyone is racing down the same track(s) against the clock. Having a severe penalty means that people need to understand the rules (all 6 lines of them) on track limits. I am not sure how else you police it.
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