Video: Slaying Loose and Loamy Turns with Brendan Fairclough

Aug 29, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe rain came down so the spades came out. Tuning up some old gems. I mean we only built for an hour and we had some of the best times. You can't beat the UK loam scene. Back on the mountain bike and loving it. Lockdown kinda over but travel is still uncertain so it’s such a good time to utilise what you have at home. Rebuild and make sick again. Get out in the woods and give some of your local trails some love. Whether it’s the local dirt jumps, enduro trails or downhill tracks. Get ya tools and give them some love.

Olly also showed up with the top-secret bike that we can't show you but we can tell you that it's fast
Brendan Fairclough


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 How this mountain god didn't even place top 3 in 2019 Rampage w/ that canyon backflip spits in the face of the sport. The dude is outta control. Anyway - I guess the mtb world really knows that so, that matters
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 Agreed, winter riding is more fun in the UK, you can do so much more with the bike than when it's dry and grippy.
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 damn -- I wish we had prime soil like that around here.... around it, it's hard packet red clay-ish or rock, sometime patches of sand --nothing like that around here
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 No place like Loam!
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 I want that song please. To ride vicariously like Brendan
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 I've become a fan of clay and embedded rocks/roots. took awhile
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 Soil? What's soil?
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 I’ll take the slabs of Squamish over the uk loam

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