Video: First Hits at Red Bull's MASSIVE 'Uncontained' BMX Park Contest

Nov 29, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThis is like one stunt or huge gap that you're trying to pull off for a video part and make an entire course and run out of those tricks.Morgan Wade

The world's best BMX Park riders take on the most challenging custom park ever built. Descending on Nijmegen, Nederlands this weekend is a selection of 16 world class riders, chosen by team captains Drew Bezanson and Daniel Wedemeijer. They have invited 7 riders to be part of their team to battle against each other based on Execution, Variety, Use of Course, Style and Guts.

Watch the event live from 20:00 CEST on Saturday, Nov 30th on Red Bull TV.

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 BMXers: let’s see how big stuff we can build, to ride it on our kids bikes and not die
Mountain Bikers: let’s see how long bikes we can build to ride dumbed down trails and still call it challenging.
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 This can’t be upvoted enough times!
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 comparing the worlds best bmx riders to the average mtb rider?
for a little perspective, this is how fast the world best dh riders are going (2019 recap). truly mental...
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 @tobiusmaximum: why did you ruin my populist exposé.
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 @WAKIdesigns: just holding the side up for our pros. Smile
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 @tobiusmaximum: hah got ya! You want to take credit for achievements of others!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I need a ‘rolls eyes’ emoji right now..
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 @tobiusmaximum: I came from position of being humble, understanding short comings of our MTB culture...
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 @WAKIdesigns: yeah, I just wanted a good place to post that recap tbh
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 All of what you said about BMXers....but without helmets or pads.. MTBers more pads the merrier!!
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 This is must be pinned
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 @tobiusmaximum: in all honesty, it was inspired by @TEAM_ROBOT who once commented on GMBN video where Marc Baumont was riding XC bike and I think robot croticized Plus bikes by that occasion. It was like here’s a guy who takes a shitty bike and tries to ride is as fast as possible vs this guy who takes a good bike and makes it shitty in order to make it easier for himself. Something like this
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 It would have to be compared to like Hardline
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 BMX bikes are fit to purpose. That purpose is tricks.
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 @DGWW: MTBs are not fit to any purpose. That is the problem. People think they need X to do what they think they want, then they realize they think they want something else and buy Y, then they buy Z as well only to buy a bit different X. We learn a thing or two on the way. Simple bikes like BMX allow for relatively easily measurable progress. In MTBs there’s lots of noise, smoke and mirrors that are hard to see through. If you look at dirt jumping, it adds another dimension: you create the environment for progression yourself. In MTB this is virtually non existent. 0.001% of all users create trails the rest rides on. finally there is the peer pressure factor which is almost non existent in MTB. You can take you pricey sometimes overcomplicated bike that you may not necessarily setup correctly and you are hidden from the sight of others. Even on a group ride, it happens rarely that someone actually sees what you are doing since most folks are absorbed with handling their own bikes. In a skatepark or on dirt jumps you are on display. All of you is on display, what you can, what you can’t how you progress and how you deal with failure.
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 @WAKIdesigns: ah the old ‘skatepark display’ speech. I like that one. It’s a valuable observation. Speaking of the bikes, you are right.. bmx bikes don’t really change. They’re pretty much indistinguishable from 10 years ago. Meanwhile, mtb is a conveyor belt of design and ‘improvement’. So you can ‘think’ you’re buying improvement. (To a degree it is true.) But I also think it speaks to a difference in what people choose. Part of mtb, whether we like it or not, is enjoying the developments in engineering and ‘making the bikes better/faster/more capable’. When push comes to shove, if you like the engineering side of things.. mtb is WAY more interesting. Let’s be honest.. kashima coating definitely makes you faster! Lol.
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The tragedy of mountain biking: is it me or the bike?

The tragedy of a loaded mountain biker:
I bought a bike for 12k “no more excuses” except the very act of buying it is a one big excuse for all sorts of things... perhaps the cry of despair in world that takes your freedom in return for money to buy items that cannot give you skills, which can be bought for time and attention.

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 @WAKIdesigns: yes mountain biking is a sport for the privileged, where the best gear sets you back tens of thousands and still crumbles under abuse, or go into any city and see kids hucking bmx bikes they built up off of spare parts off of ledges that would snap a pole easy sauce
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 @mkotowski1: the line between trying to make your riding easier vs making it faster can be so blurry in the absence of a strong drive for excellence... it’s almost like trying to sound smart on the internet. Almost anyone can do that. Inspiring/vague
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As clear a comment as one could hope to read. Unfortunately I flies in the face of 'but I spent all this $$..' so of course I'm HARDCORE.

Next time I'm about to roll in, I'm going to scream 'Wakldesign told me I'm on display...'
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 @bikebike69: yup, maybe the best PB comment of 2019.
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 Red Bull Ramp-age
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 Ben Wallace v Pat Casey.... that's going to be an interesting heat of the park rats!
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 The kid in me (41 years old) is still amazed at what those guys can do on BMX. This place is crazy and they are riding it like if they've been there for years.
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 Now, that's as big and scary as it can get...
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 Any ramp to have to take a lift to get to the top of is mental!!!!!!
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 Funny That BMX is still called Bicycle Moto x, you can really tell which riders also ride Moto!
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 Kinda reminds me of the first Red Bull Elevation at Whistler.
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 BMXers on eMTBs for recreational fun.
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 Can’t friggin wait for the heats!!
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 BMX wins! Again.
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 Looks like a slopestyle park more than a BMX park.....
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