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vinay RichardCunningham's article
Nov 15, 2018 at 13:18
1 days
Tenneco Inc. Buys Öhlins Racing
@RichardCunningham: If they learned from that experience, why didn't they use that to get Marzocchi back up there?
vinay paulaston's article
Nov 15, 2018 at 2:56
2 days
Ridden & Rated: 8 Mid-Range Downhill Helmets
Ah please, no. I think it must be tough enough for Maria to discover herself being pregnant without remembering anything about having had sex. Giving birth to a kid with your helmet on just sounds too painful. Yeah I know, white knights and all that...
vinay pinkbikeaudience's article
Nov 14, 2018 at 6:53
3 days
The 2018 Pinkbike Festive Gift Guide
@WAKIdesigns: Yes, but this is why as a reader you want to know where the article comes from, whether someone has funded a particular article or research and all that. To, as a reader, compensate for that. Like the tobacco industry initiating and funding research about how smuggling would fund terrorism hence in the fight against terrorism the world should stand up against smugglers. If you'd read the outcome of such a "research" you may think "wow, that awkward". If you know the tobacco industry is behind it, you know it is downright bullshit and it may help you switch on a couple more filters. Same goes here on PB. If you read a regular PB review, you're already compensating for their bias. Nothing goes unfiltered. Heck, I'm biased too so I have my own filters supporting that ;). If you know it is sponsored, you know a pinch of salt is never going to be enough. Now, I'm not complaining. It was clear from the start, apparently just not for everyone.
vinay pinkbikeaudience's article
Nov 14, 2018 at 6:09
3 days
The 2018 Pinkbike Festive Gift Guide
@Unrealityshow: I think Pinkbike is generally quite clear about the source of the article. That is, whether it should be viewed as a true news article or something else. At least in my browser it shows as a grey block next to the author on the main page and in the actual article just above the title. Now this one doesn't have a title in regular fonts but some kind of "creativity" which may have caused the grey block to have gone missing. It is still on the main page for me though (and it was there right from the start). So I wouldn't blame that on Pinkbike, they did put it up there. Why it somehow doesn't appear in your browser is a bit shady indeed, but I can imagine it may be tough for them to check every browser and device out there. @eatsdirtdaily: Feel free to elaborate once you agree you were a bit unclear in your comments. As far as I could gather you didn't quite get what "sponsored" implies for a Pinkbike article. Sponsored: Advertisers have paid Pinkbike editors to write something nice about their products in exchange for money (or as part of the advertisement deal). Not saying it would be something that goes against what those editors believe in, but of course these sponsors do get to approve what's being published. Press release: Advertisers write their own article to be published on Pinkbike. Pinkbike editors typically won't edit it though it will be rejected if it doesn't comply to the PB guidelines: User generated: Also not written by PB staff and still following the guidelines written above, just not by a company or organisation. @WAKIdesigns: Nah, I think it is good people are critical about their news source. How independent is it? Of course we'll always argue whether a review is independent, biased or even paid for. Now of course we're all so great at guessing and knowing better, but we'd just rather hear it from the horse's mouth. Now it did already say on the main page just apparently not visible for everyone. TL;DR: Then why did you even make it this far down the comment section?
vinay pinkbikeaudience's article
Nov 13, 2018 at 7:17
Nov 13, 2018
The 2018 Pinkbike Festive Gift Guide
@pingntodd: It is visible on both the Seamonkey (Mozilla) and the MS Edge browser under MS Windows. Not sure what you're using but apparently it is holding something back. Every article on the main page has a grey block next to the author stating whether it is "sponsored content", "Pinkbike original" etc. Then again really, what do people expect of a "gift guide"? If you're going to give something to someone, the first thing you're going to look at is what suits that particular individual. Pinkbike can't do that for you. Well, Facebook and Google probably can by now... Either way, if you happen to use electronics somehow tuned to hold part of the website back for you, you're indeed going to need the skill to fill that in for yourself. It isn't too hard. Though I'd recommend to get your browser sorted too.
vinay ericpalmer's photo
Nov 13, 2018 at 6:34
Nov 13, 2018
With a focal lenght of 10.5mm I'd say it is definitely the lens. 50mm is more or less standard for full frame cameras (as it is with shooting on film). I think that for those consumer grade SLR cameras this number drops to 35mm and for the mirrorless cameras it would something like 25mm. Either way, 10.5mm is pretty wide angle. Higher numbers get you an even less distorted image as is being used for portrait pictures (which is why the photographer shooting portraits typically shoots from so far away). That said, I'm curious how much forks even flex under cornering. When I was riding 9mm qr forks with a 190mm rotor I could hear the brake rotor rub when cornering. But that's still a lot less deformation than it appears like in this picture.

vinay yoannbarelli's article
Nov 13, 2018 at 6:05
Nov 13, 2018
Yoann Barelli Announces 'La Baguette,' A Revolutionary Tire Insert
Great work! I've been experimenting with this concept too. Actually trying to bake the dough inside a mounted tire. But several destroyed ovens later I came to the realization that a wheel with mounted tire is too large for the typical oven. There is no easy way around this as the people from the oven store won't let my try before I buy. Baking the bread before you stuff it in the tire is pretty genius actually! I'm currently actually experimenting with putting corn in my tires as an insert. If I feel pressure is getting a bit low, I can just set the tire on fire and - pop pop - the insert transforms in a beautifully smooth and soft insert. In theory that is. In practice I'm having some issues with smoke development. Also the tires I'm currently using are not compatible. I'm closely working with some progressive tire manufacturers to develop a corn-compatible compound (CCC in marketing terms). Still need to find the right people though. They do allow me to use their doorbell, which is nice. Feel free to hold your breath (at your own risk) and watch this space (until you pass out).
vinay pinkbikeaudience's article
Nov 13, 2018 at 3:22
Nov 13, 2018
The 2018 Pinkbike Festive Gift Guide
@SirWonky: Well yeah, they're quite clear about that aren't they? It says "sponsored" on the main page so you knew what you were getting.
vinay ENVE's article
Nov 13, 2018 at 3:05
Nov 13, 2018
Enve Launches M Series M685 Wheelset and Fat Fork
No 24" option? I would have used these rims in my KH24 mountain unicycle.
vinay clear-glass-media's article
Nov 10, 2018 at 10:47
Nov 10, 2018
Video: Ripping Through the Gorgeous Fall Colours
To me it doesn't really matter whether it is slippery or hard and dry. I just don't really like it when the trails become so soggy that they'll suck you down or clog up your drivetrain. And going in there would obviously destroy the trails too. Then again too dry and dusty and it will rob your speed too and again you'll be destroying the soil. So basically you can ride year 'round but in very dry times avoid certain (sandy) trails and in very wet times avoid the soggy muddy trails and you'll be good.
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