Ripping some DH!
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Ripping some DH!


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 Looks like some pictures I've taken with a compact digital camera... POD? Facepalm
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flag mhailo (Feb 21, 2012 at 0:14) (Below Threshold)
 Hmm £500 lens and £1000 body, compact fo sho! Not perfect panning but still a good pic.
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 Looks like a $1000 pair of shirt and shorts!
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 Was this picture taken with a ham sandwich?
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 because 7D = ham sandwich
Someone get me a ham sandwich
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flag BobBogdanWilliams (Feb 21, 2012 at 1:00) (Below Threshold)
 Oh come on for cry it out loud, seriously?!?!!!!! What about this or few of my other once when is someone going to finally spot few of my photographs.
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 You have a lot of sweet photos Bob, but acting like a spoilt brat when you don't get awarded POD is not going to do you any favours.
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flag lsbl (Feb 21, 2012 at 1:25) (Below Threshold)
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 Gotta love the "oh shit f*ck!" moment
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flag nouser (Feb 21, 2012 at 1:29) (Below Threshold) my photo shot with a sony dsc-w550, £80 camera

Similar quality in my eyes... but you all have your own opinion.
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 @Bob Taken a quick look at a lot of your pics, to me, most look like plastic surgery: too much editing. They may look great, but also totally unreal, which just gives me a flaccid penis.

POD sure is some loose action, liking it!
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flag Worm-Burner (Feb 21, 2012 at 1:50) (Below Threshold)
 a tree took a bite out of my arm over the weekend...mate riding behind copped a good smear of my blood on the way past....
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 Cool story bro
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 Sorry Bob, but I agree with theMerryPrankster. I feel I have some good images, you just got to keep plugging away at your networking and promotion. You're getting recognition on PB (it seems to be for your editing more than your picture taking granted), that's more than some of us are getting. Another thing you've got to ask yourself is how important is POD? Thousands of great images on PB, only one new POD every day. I make money from my photography, I'd prefer to make money and not have a POD than to have a POD and not make money. Wink
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 Hey Jonathan I have not made a single penny from my photos nor all of the editing that I have produced for magazines and websites. Im doing it for the pure pleasure and love of it. And Im sorry if I came acros in the wrong way above, My intention was not to be big headed nor plug away I guess I was just lost in the moment. My apologies people.
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 Agreed with Jonathan, I feel I take good photos, if people find/look at my stuff thats cool, but I make money out of other photography stuff so I can afford to do the whole 'living' thing. Doesn't mean I love it any less, but equally in the grand scheme of things for a lot of 'togs POD isn't the be all/end all Smile
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 Bob... "doing it for the pure pleasure" Isn't helping anyone but the magazines and websites who should have some sort of budget. They are just taking advantage of the situation and realistically it puts professional retouchers out of work when you do it for free so you might as well charge something for it.

On a more topic related note, I don't think this is a bad POD... it is different, although not technically correct.
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flag gab-biking (Feb 21, 2012 at 4:33) (Below Threshold)
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 That jersey is pretty dope! 80's style! And COME ON GUYS! This photo was chosen because we all know the feeling off getting loose on an off-camber, so quit yo bitching!
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 Its not about the camera, its about the photograph. Great shot Smile
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 skawt-1 you have a point there mate, you are absolutely right. I have tried charging beofre but they just seem to laugh at my face and tell me to do one pretty much and on the other hand I have had a bunch of freebies given to the Shred magazine gave me a fox racing jacket and took me on a road trip all expences paid for and the IMB guy posted me a bunc hof T-shirts a 2 bags of Harribos. I dont really know to be perfectly honest I would love to make something out of my creative side and actually build a career out of it.
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 Arguably, that is being paid then. There are other forms of payment than cash, having said that you can't pay the rent with a jacket and an all expenses paid trip.
Really, publishers/bike companies etc should pay a wage for work if they want to use it. They wouldn't expect to turn up to work, do their job and not get paid, but for some reason people think photographers don't mind. As skawt-1 said, there are people who do it for free, just because they enjoy it, and this then makes it even harder for other photographers to make a living from it.
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 Thanks for all the awesome comments guys! Although we would have never expected this to be POD, we're not going to complain about it. The shot was taken while we were filming and had no intention of being a banger, just a filler for the story... Thanks again everyone!
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 taken with a high quality piece of lettuce...
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 This is a sick photo that riders can actualy relate to with the awesome feeling when you get loose smashing down a DH track, who cares if the photo isnt amazing quality.. if you ride then you will know that there is a sick feeling about this photo!
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 Aye Wilfo95, which is exactly what photography is about isn't it? I'm a photographer and I would rather produce an image that people can relate to and provokes some sort of emotion from the audience for which it is intended, rather than one that is technically excellent but evokes no response from its audience.
Of course a combination of the two is what we all strive for, but given a choice I'd take a thought provoking image every time. Smile
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 The PODs are garbage.
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 Easy to say when you've not put a single image up yourself. Let's see what you can do.
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 I'm sorry but is Pinkbike a photography site now? Can't we just appreciate the riding? Otherwise we may as well be taking photos of trees...
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 If it was 'riding shot of the day' I think we could JUST appreciate the riding. But when its a photo of the day. I think it's safe to say that we (the users) will judge.
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 Ya Pinkbike is kinda a photo site...and video for that matter. As I understand it, that's a big reason for its initial success and continued popularity. The subject just happens to be MTB.

Edit: And ya, I agree with some of the people above. Not a great shot. Looks like it was maybe a frame taken from the recent video on Alex?
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 POD is so political now. Photos are chosen with a "political" agenda to kiss ass and to make connections between the "chooser" and poster/photographer a lot of the time. I see this all the time on pinkbike. If you have any affiliation with a cycling company, there are 500 pipsqueaks blowing hot air up your you props for everything you post or comment. I guess that's the nature of the industry. What am I "on about", again?
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 its not the quality not the riding that make this photo great. its the colours look at the colours of the forest and the rider. The light exposure and the colour, thats what make this a POD
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 Phones take better photos than this!
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 Why is everyone moaning? It's a good picture nice to see something different from the mainstream pods!! As soon as somebody does something different they get moaned at on this site. And I bet this'll get neg props too!
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 change is bad
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 Guh hipsters
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 Yea Bob perhaps when you stop destroying your images with photoshop... there is a line, and you crossed it when you put lightning strikes on your images.
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 Why bash Bob's style? There's nothing wrong with editing to make your pictures stand out from the rest is there?
Personally I quite like his pics, granted some aren't as good as others but it's what he wants to do ennit.
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 There is a difference between post processing an image to make it 'pop' and vastly altering it by adding subjects that aren't really there. I agree that this can be acceptable sometimes, but Bob adds waves, birds, lightning strikes and explosions... I'm sorry but if that's his 'style' then fine but he can't judge other peoples photos like this, which coincidentally has a wicked sense of speed and flow.
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 Yeah what of it? If he wants to add loads of crazy random shit then why not?

I'm not bashing this pic like a few others, I think it's alright, but I'm not here to compare this to bob's snaps.

I say let's just keep our opinions to ourselves because we aren't going to agree. I just like Bob's pictures because they're different to everything else
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 you forget this arose because Bob 'Bashed' this photo
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 I haven't payed attention to many comments on here :L I just decided to comment on this one
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 Nice fluoro hippy outfit. Do they make them for men as well? ;oP Nice skid tho.
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 crap... hippies have cottoned onto the fact bikes help save the environment.. ohh and to you anal pinkbikers out there, it seriously doesn't matter what camera it was taken with be it a phone camera or a £5000 camera, its the moment thats captured thats the important part.
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 As a photographer one of the greatest issues i have is when one says oh you must have a real nice camera. The fact is a great image can be taken with any camera, however elements such as lighting, composition, and timing are required for a good photo. Heres a quote I've heard that i believe connects with photography real well. " A man shows up to a dinner party, eats and enjoys his evening. Afterwards when he is leaving he comments to the chef 'dinner was really fantastic, you must really have a good oven!' it takes more than just good equipment to have good results!
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 pots & pans are your lenses, and the oven's settings are your camera's settings. photography is working the oven while other's prepare your dishes and hide them from you. eat up.
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 it looks like he's about to do the starfish grind on his back tire.
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 People need to stop thinking a POD is all about some awesome trick or crazy downhill section. The people the pick the pictures obviously know a little about photography. The way that everything is blurry except the rider gives a unique look on the rider himself and his awesome tie dye rider clothes. Photography is an art, not just a way to catch that super cool trick a rider did
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 just my wee little opinion but!!!isnt pod the picture of the day and who votes for the pod i beleive we do so obviously this photo is something we can relate to and it touches a part of youre memory that makes u feel good,like i remember a time at so and so mt were i got loose just like that lets go rip lol every one takes it to far,hows about for a day we just look at the picture of the day and try to realize why its the picture of the day ,as aposed to pointing out all the reasons it shouldnt be,i dont care if this btch was taken with a kodak disposable it makes me remember certain times when ive been there heart beating like a drum and just keep rippin on looking for the next burm or corner to thrash around and kick up some soil.i think all u photographers take away from what this is realy about.not that i dont apreciate all youre photos and videos but this isnt the grammys here,its pink bike and this is the photo we picked for pod so simply enjoy it and look forward to tomorows offense intended to any one,just an opinion some are good and some are bad but who chooses them? like the jersey and shorts bye the way!!and i think its a fine pod not everyone out there is a professional photographer so not every photo is always going to be perfect,but lets not criticize and take away from what it is.and if u dont understand them maybe u should go out and ride more instead of polishing youre lenses
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That picture goes to Colin's reason as to why this is pod.
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 Da hell? I've commeted on the last few pods and my comments keep getting deleted?
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 You hast angered the pinkbike gods You must sacrifice one freerider and one roadie to get back on their good sides
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 Cant we just sacrifice 2 roadies??
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 I said that to avoid controversy amongst the online biking community which , believe it or not , contains Roadies P.s. ... between you and me, lets sacrifice 3 just for good measure XD
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 Give me neg. props!
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 Did he seriously tie-die his shorts and shirt?
F**king eh!
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 haha ya looks awesome...kinda or he just road into a Painball War
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 Tie die ftw
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 Yeah kill a roadie and the POD's will just be awesome again, Dunno why though .... they just will
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 It looks like he's going to fall off the side of his bike. But great pic!!!
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 out of all that theres only about three comments on a-rev.. whiners! its a "cool" shot
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 its a nice angle and the riding looks sick but it would be nicer if the rider was a bit sharper
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 A good photo doesn't necessarily have to be in focus! This is sweet.
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 wow enough negative comments :/. i thought it was a cool shot even though it isnt the greatest quality
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 is this the Tokina 11-16 ?
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 George, George, George of the jungle, watch out for the treeee!!!!
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 Cool shot but is it really POD worthy?
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 Looks like some serious DH right there , on the granny ring and everything!
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 granny ring on a single ring chainguide.... I think not.... actually, who mentioned this was DH by the way ?
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 The description did. Description: Ripping some DH!
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 oups ! where the f*ck are my balls ???
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 Really? i mean seriously? Mmmm pancakes
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 escaping from paintball match Big Grin
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 this guy's had better POD's
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 Pretty cool, even cooler is the vid this came from. Alex RULES!
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 Why's he got McCaul's Trek remedySS??
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 quick way to get your crack waxed
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 Someone was pretty drunk while choosing this pic as a POD...
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 ya shit pal
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 Nice pic, but POD ?
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 nice, but no pod..
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 Why is he on Cam McCaul's Bike?
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 hell, if its gonna be that kind of party..
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 I gave you negs Ichimp
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 What kind of Trek is this?
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 noo pod!
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 A rev! Brahp!!
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 Decent pic, but POD? Hmmm.
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 I came in my pocket
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