Photo from the Mojo Trail Diaries film shoot with MTBcut by Andy McCandlish
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Photo from the Mojo Trail Diaries film shoot with MTBcut by Andy McCandlish


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 any chance if i pm u my email i could get a better resolution for my back ground?
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 All I can say is just amazing
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flag RussellA1 (May 18, 2012 at 9:10) (Below Threshold)
 its steve peat for all you tards out there
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 This public service announcment was brought to you by Captain Obvious.
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flag RussellA1 (May 18, 2012 at 13:16) (Below Threshold)
 why thanks you d-heads
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flag RussellA1 (May 18, 2012 at 13:28) (Below Threshold)
 Smile captain.. such a homosexuals word
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 are you trying to invite negative props, mate?
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 He seems like a somewhat angry individual.
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 his first and only success. should i feel sorry...meh. :/
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 Next week with Captain Obvious, Captain Obvious treads on a drawing pin, and tells you it hurts.
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 Its Florence Nightingale for all you tards out there!
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 It looks like a Trek.... (sarcasm)

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 The original is only 1280x850 so it's not like it's huge.

Tip: To see a picture's high res instead of having to straight up download it use
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 thanks man
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 Not gonna lie the captains comments were the best....but seriously he's right captain is such a homosexual word i bet you call your bikes john (you ride john all day) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is soooooooo funny.
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 I ride/rode as its for sale, Patrick all day. Smile
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 Ahaha!! Patrick is definately better than john.
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 Goodbye winter! Hello summer! Big Grin
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 the scots do not have a summer as such, just a less harsh winter.
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 Absolutely love the use of the fish eye, makes the background look so insane! Love it!
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 I've climbed this hill many times but never ridden down it. Great part of the world - Scotland needs to take a leaf out of Canada's book and improve the biking infastructure. We have ski lifts that lie dormant all summer. Glenshee and Cairngorm should copy the Fort Bill model.
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 where the hell does this trail spit you out? yukon cornelious's house? bahaha
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 Bonny Scotland and a wee laddy fea the toon!
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 such a fun trail, i thought scottish natural heratige guys didnt allow you to ride there? sick shot anyhows!
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 No Lawers is mostly owned by the National Trust, and is one of the best rare alpine plant areas in the UK so it's an NNR, but I don't think anyone would stop you riding the trail, just not off it. There aren't many highly protected areas in Scotland, but the few are there for very good reason. We don't have big wilderness so we have to protect the special places we have, hence you can't just randomly hike off Cairngorm for example, if you could you'd get hundreds of tourists up there destroying the place.
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 haha, fair play... although, theres scheallion, lawers and the birks of aberfeldy that are SSSI sites.... not fun for biking... haha,you can see the north side of this hill from my biology classroom Smile
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 Yeah you wouldn't want to be riding around on an sssi site lol. Plus you would have to be willing to get up there with your bike!
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 you can hike at a Cairngorm, so long as you actually do the climbing, what you can't do is hike after taking the funicular most of the way to the top!
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 But it's totally cool to build a golf course on an SSSI, just so you can appees your not very scottish mother what a bawbag. cracking photo.
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 Props for using bawbag, dont hear it enough day to day
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 Yes well our lovely first minister and his shenanagins with ars*holes like trump do set certain double standards.
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 Great pic indeed, I hope the weather is better next week when we go to Scotland....
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 Awesome pic from Scotland!!
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 Just look at that body position, nice. Proper way to take a corner.
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 Shooting with a fisheye isn't an easy task, and this picture is awesome!
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 Great shot but who the hell wants to see snow??
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 sick shot! I want to ride that trail now Drool
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 looks slippery, nice picture!
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 not one of my favortie pods ever picked, but ill add it to favorites just because its a cool shot
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 i think i see santa
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 nice shot!
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 who bikes in winter? maybe the abominable snowman
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 So Beautiful!!
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 Cracking shot Big Grin
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 Steve peat
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