Video: Sea Otter to Unbound to Leadville - Keegan Swenson, Haley Smith & More Compete for the 2023 Lifetime Grand Prix

Jan 29, 2024 at 13:55
by VerdeBrandCommunications  

PRESS RELEASE: Life Time Grand Prix

We've just released “Call of a Life Time” Season 2, a docuseries following tthe 2023 Life Time Grand Prix presented by Mazda, the premiere off-road cycling series in North America. The docuseries features never-before-seen footage and a compelling peek into the lives of the characters at play.

Season 2 takes viewers even deeper into the lives and personalities of the athletes, featuring intense competition, harrowing physical hurdles, harsh weather conditions, emotional highs and lows, camaraderie, and the extreme pressure endured throughout the 2023 calendar.

Some of the most intense moments include: Sofia Gomez Villafane’s determination to beat her second-place finish from the year before and achieving a solo win at the Sea Otter Fuego XL, along with the sheer grit and will of racers battling through the intolerably muddy and rainy conditions at UNBOUND Gravel. It also showcases Keegan Swenson’s record-setting win at the Leadville Trail 100 MTB, beating the previous record by over 15 minutes and riding completely solo for the entire second half of the race.

View all episodes for free below, with the first episode diving into exciting MTB racing action at the Sea Otter Classic.

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 Big season ahead. Who will dethrone Keegan?
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 @stefanroussev: In the current field you're probably right. I think Blevins or a number of Euro's would give him a good run if they didn't have bigger fish to fry.
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 BHD for sure. Start fast, go fast in the middle, end fast.
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 Really awesome series and production, gets me stoked to ride bikes. Although it’s different, this makes me miss the fast life series Red Bull used to make!
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 Kudos to Lifetime for investing heavily in telling stories and elevating North American cycling. I can only imagine how much this video series helps the privateer racers because it provides value to their sponsors.
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 Have only watched the Sea Otter race so far, but great story telling. Will be back for the others. But can't resist a bit of e-bike bashing. That guy that shadowed the 2 guys fighting it out for the win on the final climb really bugged me (maybe he was part of the film crew for one of the riders?), but my feeling is that he should not have been so close. You earn the right, you earn through blood sweat and tears the the privilege to be there. Then some e-bike pops up. No, show some respect and keep away. If you were film crew, I think t was inappropriate...............and breath
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 Binged it all on Sunday. It is really well done. I love that it has equal coverage of both men's and women's races. Kudos!
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 Great watch!
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 I thought the Sea Otter Classic was moving to Leadville for a second. I was kind of excited...
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 I don't think there are enough parking spots in Leadville to handle Sea Otter
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 With the Nimbys around Sea Otter, you never know.
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 @JSTootell: They are making some noise, but for the near future we are good. When I grew up 7 miles over the hill from Laguna Seca we heard nonstop heavy artillery shells exploding and nobody complained about that or some INSANE open exhaust Can-Am races. Now the Nimbys have built their little McMansions right up against the track and they are grumbling about noise and traffic. For now they don't have the political muscle to shut it down.
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