Crestline Announces 163mm Travel Setting & New Build Kits for RS 75/50 eMTB

Sep 6, 2023 at 13:04
by Crestline Bikes  


The NON-drive side picture lives on

PRESS RELEASE: Crestline Bike Co.

At Crestline, we believe in keeping things fresh! Our commitment to a small-batch, boutique strategy enables us to bring various updates to our customers at a pace that does not conform to the industry's 'model year' status quo. Following the launch of the first batch of our Bosch CX race-equipped RS eMTB in March, we're thrilled to unveil our second batch. In this release, we've given the eBike a paint makeover with a premium gloss finish and a fresh build kit.

We also want to announce an option to set your bike up with 163mm of rear travel in addition to the stock 150mm and 175mm options. This allows riders to run a 163mm rear with a 170mm front setup when utilizing the external cup on a reach-adjust headset made for a tapered fork. This type of headset's external lower cup adds 14mm stack height to your bike. We've found that by dropping the fork to 170mm, you can get it close to the bike's originally intended geometry. Having the option to run it with 163mm of rear travel allows you to maintain the balance between front and rear travel. Highlights of the new build are the the addition of SRAM's Ultimate-level suspension and an OX T-type transmission drivetrain, ensuring an unforgettable overall ride experience.

Core Details
• Removable 750wh battery
• 500Wh and 625Wh compatibility
• 175mm & 150mm rear travel options
• Size dependent rear wheel
• Size dependent CS lengths
• Bosch CX Race Motor
• 56mm ID straight head tube
• Compatibility for reach adjustment
• Compatibility for HA adjustment
• Kiox display integrated into top tube
• Wireless handlebar mini remote

Key updates
• 163mm rear travel option
• XO Transmission T-type DT
• SRAM Ultimate level suspension
• SRAM Ultimate level brakes
• Price: MSRP $7496 - $12 996

Bikes are available from: Worldwide Cyclery, Crestline Bike Co. or in store at your LBS.



This second batch is in stock and ready for you to grab one here now. Whether you're a seasoned gravity based rider or new to the world of full suspension eebs, this bike provides a ride like no other. International customers or for any other questions please don't hesitate to shoot us an email to


Complete Build:
• Crestline RS 75 premium carbon frame
• Colorway Gloss UD carbon & copper
• Super deluxe ultimate air 230 x 65
• ZEB ultimate 180mm 44mm offset
• Bosch BES3 smart system
• Bluetooth wireless handlebar remote
• Bosch CX-R (Race DU)
• Bosch 750wh powertube battery
• Sram XO transmission T-type drivetrain
• Sram Code ultimate stealth brakes
• CB synthesis eMTB carbon wheelset
• One up components carbon bar
• One up components stem
• One up components seatpost
• Sram XO 160mm Crankss 36t chainring
• E13 Chain guide
• WTB Vigilante 2.5 tough high grip front
• WTB Judge 2.4 tough high grip rear
• WTB Silverado saddle
• MSRP $12996 (incl. Bosch Race Motor)

Limited Frame Only
• Crestline RS 75 premium carbon frame
• Complete Bosch BES3 system
• Bosch CX-R (Race DU)
• Bosch 750wh Powertube battery
• No rear Shock
• MSRP $7496 (incl. Bosch Race Motor)

We have decided to conduct an experiment by making a limited number of frame-only options available. These have already garnered quite a bit of attention since the word got out, so please send an email to if you wish to inquire about securing one for yourself.

We recognize that many of our customers are seasoned riders with various personal preferences when it comes to components. To accommodate this, we plan to make more of these limited frame-only options available in the future. We understand that they are expensive, but considering that the bulk of the additional costs of an e-bike are tied up in the frame and drive system, when compared to analog bikes, there is unfortunately no way around this. This is why we are offering an option without a rear shock, allowing the customer as much freedom as possible from the start.

We are happy to work with you to include a shock or any other components you may need.




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  • 4 0
 love the bike, just get the frame only price cheaper and include a rear shock, dont even need the race motor. i want to build up a frame but at that price i cant bring myself to do it
  • 4 1
 Why would you chose 163mm travel over 175? With a motor you're better having the extra travel. You don't buy this bike to ride easy trails. Full send only
  • 2 0
 Kind of agree with this. Seems like if you want to maintain the original geo you should go for the 175mm option, just firm up the suspension a bit to make it more lively and give it the feel of a bike with less travel. I could see going with the 163 option and not using the reach adjust headset to make the bike a bit steeper. To each their own, which I guess is what Crestline is striving for.
  • 4 0
 Probably the best package ebike on the market. Plus that build kit is literally perfect
  • 6 4
 I have a Crestline. It’s beyond awesome! Way better than other bikes in the same category. Frame has all the robust and cool features. Glad to see more options
  • 5 0
 New color is sick
  • 4 0
 Have one. Best ebike I’ve had, and I’ve had a few.
  • 4 0
 Almost 8k for frame only, slow clap to you crestline.
  • 4 0
 Great to see more companies bringing out ebike frame deals.
  • 15 13
 I never thought you could get more overpriced than a Santa Cruz, I mean this is basically a copy.
  • 14 5
 Why does everyone bash VPP bikes by companies other than Santa Cruz? The patent is expired and they weren’t event the original inventors of it either. It’s no different than everyone and their mom making Horst bikes. A bike doesn’t need a new and overly complicated suspension layout to be good.
  • 10 0
 @taquitos: I think he's bashing the price rather than vpp
  • 5 3
 I suppose they look similar but there's quite a bit of difference if you look underneath the hood. Most importantly: Shimano vs Bosch
  • 3 0
 Great to hear Crestline is still working on new(ish) stuff!
  • 3 0
 That led screen not sitting flush is making my ocd go off.
  • 3 0
 Powers up fully Noice copper topped in Duracell colour combo….
  • 8 10
 That is, by some margin, the worst opening product picture I’ve have seen in some time.
“Jim - how shall we capture our pricey boutique eeb? Get a trade specialist snapper or someone super arty?”
“Well, Niles, I vote we go for slinging the bike in the alley out back and letting my Nan have a go with her iPhone 3.”
  • 4 0
 The vid is really good though!
  • 1 1
 Should we find a clean background?

Nah. Messy truck is fine.
  • 2 0
 I got the op to ride one. Really liked it. Not much more to say, I guess.
  • 1 0
 That is one cool Santa Cruz!
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