Video: A Different Vision - Simple Session 13

Apr 11, 2013 at 17:55
by Dmitri Shushuyev  

Technical info:
- Canon 7D
- Tokina 11-16 mm f 2.8
- Glidecam HD-2000

All images can be found here.

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 :O eeerrrrmmmaaagggeeerrrrrdddd its a skatepark without scooter kids!!! :O
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 Love the riding

Not impressed with the guys pulling serious tricks w/o helmets
  • 13 1 sick of seeing dumb fucks not using helmets! You could say its population control but most the time they just fuck them self up and are never the same again. Have 3 friends that will never be the same and a helmet could have change that
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flag jclnv (Apr 16, 2013 at 21:13) (Below Threshold)
 Really? The data says helmets do absolutely f*ck all for head injuries.
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 Where in the world did you hear that helmets don't help jclnv? I've had helmets save my life at least 3 times, I destroyed a Remedy CF, and I'm here to talk about it and functioning just as good as before, minus the frequent headaches. You CANNOT tell me that I would be fine if I wasn't wearing that helmet right now. Honestly I cannot believe you said that lol
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flag Enduro27 (Apr 16, 2013 at 22:39) (Below Threshold)
 its bmx bro, you dont wear a helmet!
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 Idiots do not wear helmets. I do not give a flying fuck what you do in your backyard, but if you are putting yourself on tape, set an example and do not be a moron.
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 they should make helmets mandatory, thats it. If Dave Mirra doesnt think its "uncool" to wear a FULLFACE, then other guys should stop pretending too. This is a dangerous sport. A simple thing like helmet doesn't limit your effin "creativity and self-expression".
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 BMX is skinny jeans, tattoos and no helmet. Unless Red Bull or Monster "gives" you one.
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 The idiot that let them ride with no helmets should be fired. We all know who is going to pay for their treatment.
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flag Enduro27 (Apr 17, 2013 at 6:19) (Below Threshold)
 I guarantee they signed a waiver, so they are gonna be paying for themselves, only nerdy butthurt mtber's ever make no helmet comments, the entire bmx industry endorses no helmets, grow up
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 That doesn't make much sense.. "Grow up" and endorse no helmets? Because beanies, dreadlocks and backwards hats are a better influence to a kid who is an aspiring rider? That's the opposite of grow up.

I'm glad to see the Helmet Police out in force. It means there are more people with sense still. Probably because we wear helmets and can still write a complete sentence and multiple head knockings.
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flag jclnv (Apr 17, 2013 at 8:35) (Below Threshold)
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 @Enduro27: If you think that signing the waiver somehow gets taxpayers off the hook for their emergency care you must have already hit your head pretty hard. Or you were born without critical thinking ability.

If the industry endorses no helmets - I hope somebody sue their ass off this stupidity.
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 You took my scooter kid reference!
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 i apologise.
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 Haha, @Pichy, I get the tongue and cheek humour.
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 two minute intro was a little to much..
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 This edit is so chill I love it.
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 I love this contest its always so sick!!
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 no question about that my friend!
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 chad kerley wouldve killed it
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 I don't ride bmx or even follow it usually but Simple Session is still up there in my top most anticipated contests every year cause it's damn awesome.
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 I hate seeing the lack of helmets with all that concrete... Maybe I'm just too used to mtbSmile
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 the park is not concrete, as far as I know. Just a note.
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 Harry Main is such a bad ass rider!!! They all need to be wearing helmets no matter if they are going big or not. Kids need to see these pro riders with helmets on all the time so they wear helmets. Contest officials should make it mandatory!
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 i dont wear a helmet at my local park because my helmet looks stupid and its too small. hahaha but i do find that when i wear a helmet, i ride alot better than i do with out one... need to get a better helmet haha
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 Great Smile but i still love the most my Czech countrymate Michal Berans - 360 bikeflip to tailwhip :p
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 the filter made it feel like i just got out of a pool and got too much chlorine in my eyes
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 No helmet -> Not impressed. Stop setting bad examples.
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 People who negged that comment hit their head one too many times.
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 Beautifully shot. Would have liked less grind tricks and more air, more crowd noise, and a little less idiots without helmets.
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 I don't get how the backs can look both crushed and greyed out at the same time... The low-con look doesn't do it for me...
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 such good filming
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 It's the simplest session I have ever seen.
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 what was that song? so awesome
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 Awesome choice of music. Almost poetic to watch the insanely technical tricks. Non-Dubstep soundtrack for the win!
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 You said it Pat!
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 The filter really is terrible. Seems like some show from the early days of colour tvs. Intro was to long and camera work was poor to.
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 Super rad video! Loved it
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 Totally representing the vimeo editing/filming style, awesome!
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 Don't worry about helmets, the crazy ones are wearing them. The ones doing the useless street-esque riding don't go high enough off the ground to warrant it in my opinion.
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 as much helmet diversity as 1980s hockey
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 great riding, great edit, great tunes. Did I mention amazing riding!
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 Such a sick atmosphere
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 So Rad.
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 maybe too much slo mo?
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