Video: The Evolution of Slopestyle - Nine Years of Red Bull Joyride Winning Runs

May 29, 2020 at 5:57
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWith Red Bull Joyride, the Superbowl of Slopestyle MTB, postponed for the 2020 season, we thought we'd dig into our archives to compile all the winning runs from the last decade! Which run was your favorite? Let us know! Red Bull

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 You can tell who actually rides bikes on the commentary
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 Crazy how each run's final, climactic trick is picked as next year's regular, mid-run trick, and done smoother to boot. The speed of progression in this sport from year to year is mind-blowing. I wonder if a similar, older sport such as gymnastics progresses this quickly.
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 Ah Brandon Semenuk! ...and a few other guys
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 I come from a snowboarding background, and watching Emil´s smoothness and not even putting one pedal stroke in his whole run means we not only has an amazing bag of tricks, but also controls his speed and has flawless landings. Watch that again if you did not notice it. In snowboarding if you land a trick regular and before the next trick you change to goofy, you loose point in fluidity or smoothness and it makes sense because you could not link a line. This should definitely be in consideration because separates the great athletes from the superhuman
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 It didn’t look like slopestyle really started kicking off big until 2014 by Brandon Semenuk but Brett Rheeder really surpassed everything in 2016 such a crazy run... and then 2018 Rogatkin and 2019 Emil Johansson just cranking things up even more....

it sucks not to have a full Slopestyle year this year because Emils run at Rotorua was on another level then anything in the past....
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 So good! I'd like to have seen two more runs, as bonuses: 2013 Martin Söderström's and Rheeder's last year. They deserve it.

Also, Nicholi took it to a video game level. Semenuk looks as if he is riding on a cloud, soo smooth and flawless
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 "The evolution of Brandon Semenuk's Joyride runs."
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 That little kid from Canada
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 Rheeders run might have been the best
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 Semenuk I think is the greatest of all time. Emil is absolutely epic but he doesn't quite have that riding on clouds seamless smooth effortless style Semenuk has. Nearly but not quite
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 man this is some great content, what a great sport we have!
I would love to see the same format for berrecloth invitational, in my opinion the best event that slopestlye ever had! cheers to riding bikes????
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 Nothing but downvotes for my last comment. Hmmmm... I would still rather them not throw their bikes. Maybe they could throw their helmets instead? those wheels carried them to a glorious victory... whatever. Chuck em' if you must. As long as you don't hurt a fan (although I expect most fans wouldn't mind getting bashed by the bike of a legends)

P.S. Thanks for the new vocabulary DaFreerider44, Stokaronies is a great word
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 Because it makes loads more sense to throw a helmet meant to take one big impact to prevent injury rather than a lightly ghost riding a metal object that is proven to take MUCH harder impacts than tipping over. No one is throwing their bikes into the crowd lol, they are basically just stepping off the bike and letting it fall over. Cmon dawg, use your eyes and logic, and appreciate the emotions they must feel after a year of practicing for one moment and having it pay off in front of thousands of people.
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 @leon-forfar: I suppose you are right. I am pretty sure I have seen a few videos of Red Bull Crankworx Whistler where the bike hit the gate/fence thingy that was covered in posters from the big brands, and it definitely was not just letting their bikes fall over, but I guess I see your point. I am also biased, because I do not usually get exuberant when really great things happen. If anything, I would be more likely to cry (with joy, of course)
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 Wheres Paul Basigoita's winning run from the first ever crankworx slopestyle? That's where it began! Skipping straight to 2011 is cheating!
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 love it, semenuk, semenuk, and semenuk LOL!!
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 Don Semen! Damn. the Federer of the sport right there!
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 Semenuk 2021
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 The technical progress is insane
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 What an insane course that 2011 was.
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 Semenuk is Boss.
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