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kuejku dariodigiulio's article
Jul 3, 2024 at 4:10
Jul 3, 2024
First Ride: The 2025 Specialized Stumpjumper Has a New Dual Chamber Air Shock
@tajtigabor: @tajtigabor: Which wireless derailleurs shift faster than high end mechanical ones? I've only ridden the DuraAce Di2 and the AXS and I found both of them very slow, especially when I needed to quickly change more than 1 gear... No real advantage in my experience. On a road bike I kind of can accept it, but on my trail/xc bikes, sometimes I want to be able to shift super quickly (and risk damaging the drivetrain) instead of having to stop and get off my bike because the derailleur could not keep up - unfortunately the terrain on XC/Trail/Enduro (you name it) can be surprising.
kuejku edspratt's article
May 9, 2024 at 8:12
May 9, 2024
Video: First Look at the Fresh Bielsko-Biala DH World Cup Course
World Cup yes, this is the first time, but we had European DH Champs three times in Poland - 2004 in Walbrzych and 2015 + 2016 in Wisla. Don't expect much from this DH track in Szczyrk* though... *The actual DH track is in Szczyrk, Bielsko Biala is just a larger city nearby.
kuejku edspratt's article
Aug 9, 2023 at 8:20
Aug 9, 2023
How to Watch the 2023 World Champs
Been riding DH since very early '00s, watching Earthed etc. until Freecaster came and I could watch it all live... And it's been like that up until this year. Didn't watch a single race this year. I'm tired of all the different subscription services and I am definitely not going to pay another $20 or more per month just to watch 5 or 6 events per year - and that's just for 1 sport, because everything seems to be on a different platform nowadays, so I'd have to get another one for MMA and another for FIA car races... this is BS, I prefer to go for a ride and spend this money for a lift ticket in my local bike park.
kuejku pinkbikeoriginals's article
Jul 21, 2023 at 7:52
Jul 21, 2023
Video: Are We Finally Ready for the Automatic Groupset?
@irafd: Of course you do, probably better than us Europeans... anyway, somehow I feel the same about the US though, I had a lot of opportunities to move there, but I'd never want to live there. And you would lose your bet, I have a family in Boston and Wilmington. Also, torque converter automatic gearboxes are quite often cheaper to maintain than a manual (no need to change clutches, dual mass flywheels, less issues with linkages...) and people know it very well. I am gonna leave it here, got to go ride my bike. One last thing I wanted to say - every time you attack and insult someone, especially on the internet, you are only insulting yourself. This kind of behavior says a lot about you.
kuejku pinkbikeoriginals's article
Jul 21, 2023 at 7:11
Jul 21, 2023
Video: Are We Finally Ready for the Automatic Groupset?
@irafd: Yes, many Europeans have multiple expensive cars in their garages or can afford other expensive stuff if they're not interested in cars. Even if they don't, most car buyers here could easily afford an automatic, but choose not to. Many used cars with automatic gearboxes here are cheaper then their manual counterparts, so actually... people tend to pay more for a manual. You know... I am not living in a bubble, I even have some friends (wow!) and most of them are quite average when it comes to their income. Many of them drive manuals just because they prefer it, Maybe you should change your news source and stop believing the propaganda you're clearly being fed. Life in Europe is pretty good and an average person here is wealthier than an average American. Some countries are poor of course, but most of the European population lives in those wealthier countries. Life must be really bad for you if you are so angry all the time and need to insult random people on the internet (you must be very brave!), I am sorry for you man.
kuejku pinkbikeoriginals's article
Jul 21, 2023 at 6:08
Jul 21, 2023
Video: Are We Finally Ready for the Automatic Groupset?
@irafd: Yeah, I clearly can't afford an automatic. All my cars are manual because I am poor. My Corvette is a manual, my M3 is a manual, my Alfa GT 3.2 is a manual and my 5 series wagon is a manual as well. My best friend and business partner can't afford an automatic too, because his Boxster, Cayman GT4 and C7 Z06 are all manuals. We're all so poor and jealous of your American wealth. Got some spare change? People here like their small cars and trust me, even super wealthy people here drive small cars quite a lot, cities here are much more dense, streets are narrower and parking spaces are small, it is easier to drive a smaller car, and small cars with manuals are just quicker. Forgot to add, when I have to commute around my city, I take my manual hot hatch... Mainly because I can not afford an automatic SUV, of course. You have some serious issues man, maybe it's the amount of homeless and poor people in the US and you need to compensate somehow... anyway, from my experience, an average European is much wealthier than an average American.
kuejku pinkbikeoriginals's article
Jul 21, 2023 at 1:37
Jul 21, 2023
Video: Are We Finally Ready for the Automatic Groupset?
@nickfranko: Which proper drivers? Chavs in their Golf GTIs showing off how their mighty 4 cylinder sounds with a 'pop and bang' map, and flooring between street lights in a middle of a city... then telling me how their DCT shifts at least .5s faster than I can in a manual car, but they've never been to a race track and they only use it in auto mode anyway, because they hold their steering wheel with one hand at 12 o'clock 'cause it looks so cool? Nobody in their right mind uses an automatic gearbox in motorsport. Almost every race car (track/rally/drift) has a manual gearbox - either an H-pattern or sequential, depending on a budget ;-). Sequential works somewhat like a derailleur on a bicycle - you MANUALLY change one gear at a time, there is no automatic mode and you have to use the clutch to stop and start moving, in many cases you have to use the clutch to downshift, or at least do a throttle blip. Some racing series allow auto-blip, so in those cases drivers do not have to do it on their own on downshifts... those (sequential) gearboxes are also usually pneumatically controlled. There are race cars with dual clutch transmissions, but those are mainly used in lower series (e.g. TCR) and this is because they are cheaper, not better. Still, nobody in their right mind would use an automatic mode there, because it is completely useless on a track, sport mode or not ;-). When it comes to the fuel efficiency, I quite often drive two automatic cars, a Hyundai I40 and a BMW 1 series and in both cases I can get ~20% (!!) decrease in fuel consumption when I drive them in manual mode instead of full auto. That is because I use engine braking much more and because I can see the road ahead, I can predict some situations so I use the gearbox to my advantage and don't have to wait for it to react. When it comes to track driving, we had 2 identical Porsches - a manual and a PDK Cayman S. Used both on the track that I know very well and did almost identical lap times. PDK sometimes was a bit slower because there is a slight delay between pushing the button and gear change which does not exist in a manual, and it messed up my braking zones sometimes. PDK is also heavier, which does not help as well. Even when I got used to the PDK, I wasn't doing any better lap times than with a manual. Of course we could reprogram the PDK to shift faster, but it could also be damaging to the gearbox, and it is a road car, you are not winning any races with it, PDK or not. Our manual, race prepped M3 smokes both of those Caymans on a track, as well as basically any road car, dual clutch or not. @TopherJones93 - you do not need to use the clutch to downshift in an F1 car, you need it to start and stop, but it is just F1, as I wrote above, in most race cars with a sequential gearbox you have to either use the clutch and throttle blip on downshifts, or at least do a throttle blip (if you can afford servicing you gearbox more often, which is VERY expensive). Also, in drifting you use all 3 pedals. It depends on the situation, but you control the car and your drift with brakes, clutch and throttle. Just look at any pro drifter's pedal cam, they use their clutch a lot, and that's not only for clutch-kick ;-)
kuejku seb-stott's article
May 16, 2023 at 6:17
May 16, 2023
Patent Round-Up: Fox's Self-Adjusting Suspension, Specialized's Cable-Routing Headset & Shimano's Slimline Brakes
@powaymatt: Various Baja races here in Europe - Baja Poland, Hungary, Romania, Baja Europe (hopefully it will come back this year...) etc. Even the Polaris team here does not use Live Valve shocks on their RZRs for racing and I have not seen any serious team/privateer using them, and I am talking about guys who also race huge rallies like the Dakar... and win :). We found them very inconsistent and unpredictable at times. They're good enough if you want to just enjoy the ride and not bother with setting up your suspension (or you don't know how to set it up), but they have serious downsides when you start pushing it, and correctly set-up and valved 'traditional' shocks behave way better in those racing conditions.
kuejku seb-stott's article
May 11, 2023 at 5:51
May 11, 2023
Patent Round-Up: Fox's Self-Adjusting Suspension, Specialized's Cable-Routing Headset & Shimano's Slimline Brakes
@powaymatt: You should try a Polaris with a proper suspension then ;-) We had to race our RZR Pro Ultimate for a few races with the Live Valve last year and it was terrible. Even compared to some mid-range 'standard' shocks. It is ok for Sunday rides, but it is not anywhere good enough for serious terrain and racing. Also, don't get me started on all of those batteries that will need to be re-charged and then contribute to pollution, and most of those will be sold to people who could ride an old RST and it wouldn't make them any slower... Makes me quite angry seeing how many roadies and MTBers are such hypocrites - so much hate towards cars and motor vehicles - "because they pollute!! Climate change!! yada yada..." and then they buy all of those battery powered components that never needed any batteries and in some cases (electronic derailleurs) it is even a downgrade compared to a non-electronic counterpart.
kuejku WillieJacobsz's article
Apr 12, 2023 at 6:42
Apr 12, 2023
How To: Submit A Trail Report From The Trailforks App
@methodracing: I never said it is not useful. I just said that despite paying, you are still a product here ;-).
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