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Wow, the definition of AssOverTeaKettle


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 That's Definitely Peatys drop in Sheffield UK and that is my mates video that has been stolen.
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flag PedalShopLLC (Apr 13, 2016 at 18:17) (Below Threshold)
 FB friend posted this short-cut video on FB --- along with this little nugget
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 peatys drop sheffield, grenoside loads of people stack on it, more daunting in person than the video makes it look, around 30+ ft drop off
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 cheers for stealing my least get it right, peaty's drop in the u.k
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 do you know a guy with the initials E D? I'm pretty sure he's the one who first posted the video on FB back in early Feb.

just like E.D., I didn't mention the location cause that's not cool to release info about hot spots --- most people like to keep stunts like that off radar which is clearly the case (scroll down) to:

PedalShopLLC PLUS (Feb 16, 2016 at 16:55)
this spot looks like Humble Drop out at RCF>>
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 @PedalShopLLC: I filmed the i dont know anybody called e.d . You havent got a clue where the location is you mean so that's the reason for not putting it. Grenoside woods where they hold the steel city race is hardly a secret place
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 I think I found this on facebook too.. too Facebook doesn't have a SHARE to Pinkbike feature...
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 Not to be Daniel Downer but, let's review helmets again --- for one, wear them!!! two, take hard hits to the head seriously.. if you see cracks in your helmet, get a dang new one, stop being a jubitch and spend some money protecting your brain bucket.

A buddy of mine, who I would consider faster than most pro riders, died from a crash related head injury --- two weeks after his crash, he died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Died at the age of 32, left a wife a 3 year old and one in the oven --- No doubt, he had a concussion and didn't take the proper steps after the incident . I'm not saying you gotta live your life in a bubble. go out there and have some fun.. go nuts even, like the guys in this video but, take getting hurt serious.

it's a constant battle with most of the younger kids --- I guess they think wearing a helmet isn't cool or something. I see it far too often. tell ya, you're cool when your dead cause your body is no longer producing heat... dead is not cool and it's a bitch trying to ride a bike when you're dead.

I'm on my own kids all the time about wearing a helmet --- they're 14 now so for them, I'm sure a lot of it is being a dopey kid, more concerned about image than safety. a sad fact about kids these days. SELFIE!!!!

All three of them have 3 very nice helmets I bought them, 1 BMX, 1 XC/Enduro style and 1 full face for when it's cold or for when we go to a resort. I often need to remind them "HELMET!!!" before they roll out the door.

There's no reason NOT to wear one.. just do it.
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A really old vid of Peteys drop. Even the grafiti is there in this vid.
to whoever leached the vid to claim the fame..
you sad sack,.,,
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 PedalShopLLC PLUS (Feb 16, 2016 at 16:55)

this spot looks like Humble Drop out at RCF

**** RCF is a place here in VA --- looks a lot like Pete's
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 here's another crash caught on vid -- also looks a lot like Pete's --

sending it huge
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 Where exactly is this at in Leesburg Va? I didnt know there was any biking around there.
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 yeah man I was surprised too
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 It's not, it's in the UK. I don't think it's the uploaders video and they have changed the location.
  • + 1 some of the other comments..we have similar crazy stuff but no crashes quite like that one
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 oh shit. ouch.
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 get this man a sponsor
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 "A riding buddy" LoL Smile
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 @PedalShopLLC: LoL Smile
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 its in grenoside UK, not USA
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 WOW give you a 9/10 for the effort, hope you ok
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 stealing vids wtf
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 PedalShopLLC PLUS (Feb 16, 2016 at 16:55)

 this spot looks like Humble Drop out at RCF


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 PedalShopLLC PLUS (2 days ago)

 Humble Drop at RCF
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 It's me in the video hahahaha!!! Peatys drop in grenoside Sheffield
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 We have a few local drops that are about the same size --- SICK!!! I'll watch from here.
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 Have u succesfully done it since?
  • + 1
 @EyeJump: no mate still go big but not that big anymore lol
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 @Danieljubb88: lol, ok, well cudos for ur attempt man, lux like u need big balls just to think about trying it.
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 I think his forks exploded there
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 This isn't your video and that's not in the US, it's in Sheffield UK
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 That's a brutal crash! Hope you're OK!!
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 He forgot to pull the front end... poor guy!
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 this spot looks like Humble Drop out at RCF
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 Matsmash kiss my ass
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 he died i assume?
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 thats pure suicide, man!
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  • - 2 here's another big drop not from the UK but RCF

--- although, I don't think anyone except this one guy crashed cause it's a really well made design... the one unlucky bloke crashed cause his buddy had his two dogs out there during a photo sesh --- those two dogs started climbing up the hill as he was about to send it off this thing we call 38 Special.
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 what a moron

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