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Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Abi Carver takes you through a 15-minute yoga routine designed to relieve lower back pain.


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 Very good one, different one than the previous one which gives us more options for a quick session in the living room front of TV, my girls are enjoying my spectacle/show on carpet each time. LOL Thanks Abi - regards
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 It's really good to mix up your routines to avoid RSI and also so you don't hit a plateau. Love the image of your girls giggling at your valiant efforts!
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 Hello Abi,
Lower back pain appears when I ride my road bike, when I pedal harder on my MTB or when I make long trips in my light car.
It disappears after few seconds just standing up.
This doesn't work for me.
Most of the positions are easy for me. The hardest position is wide leg forward fold because I feel my hamstring are too shorts.
Any help?
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 Drop me an email and I'll be happy to help: I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.
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 Having the same problem since like ever. Same thing it goes aways after seconds standing..
Did u find the cause of the problem or something that helps?
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I had something similar. Hard to say if it's the same cause, but it could be.

My issue was weak glutes and hamstrings which pulls out the low back. Start with gentle strengthening, then stretching. Stretching won't help if you're weak.Gotta work on core strength and balance too.

Anyways, trying those things couldn't hurt.

I've heard that having a weak posterior chain is common for cyclists of all kinds. Rowing machines are good for that.
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 @yoga15app I really struggle getting into some of these shapes, especially when bending forward from a standing position. I can't get anywhere near my toes, only about halfway down my shins. Any tips for this?
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 Have you tried easing into it? say taking 5-10 minutes to loosen and progress into the position?
Try putting your hands on the ground a couple feet in front of you and work your way backwards slowly
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 Specifically for forward bends/touching your toes, Google "hip hinge". It's crucial you don't round your lower back and add extra stress to your lumbar spine. The aim is not to touch your toes but to stretch your hamstrings which is going to take patience and persistence.
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 This is great general advice Dustin. If you're not ready for a pose and you don't yet have the required flexibility, take it easy, warm up to it.
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 This was exactly what I needed, thanks. I spend way too much time sitting at a desk, and then expect my body to leap into action for 90 mins of biking. No wonder I ache. You've got an incredibly soothing voice too, which helps.
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 My pleasure! Try to get up and walk around every 30 mins or so during the day and stand as much as you can. This will also help you not to feel so stiff.
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 @yoga15app: Plus of course, you're gorgeous, so that helps too.
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 Perfect, thanks abi. I think I'll do this one quite often. I've got a weakness in my lower back, do you have any other tips on how to strengthen my lower back?
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 No problem. This routine is fairly gentle so you should be able to practice it every day or so. I'll post an article in the next couple of days with lots more tips.
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 This is exactly what I need to stretch my hips and hip flexors!!! Thanks Abi!
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 Anything I can do to help!
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 Ha! Just when I did your 26 min video from two years ago this morning Smile Loving your 15 minutes excercises!
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 Awesome. This is a new one. It's a little less intense. I hope you like it!
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 These 15 min yoga sessions are lifesavers for me!! And my back thanks you much Abi. I love them all!
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