Video: The Rider and The Wolf Trailer

Nov 5, 2013 at 0:15
Nov 5, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
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Crested Butte in 1980 still echoed with the hammers of miners, not the rumble of knobby tires on singletrack. But that was about to change as a young blue-eyed man named Mike Rust wrenched madly, transforming old Schwinn cruiser bikes into some of Colorado's first mountain bikes. When the Californians like Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze arrived to test their fancy new bikes on CB's storied terrain, Rust was ready and spun his way uphill into the ranks of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Like fresh raw singletrack, Rust cut a path through Colorado's early days of mountain biking in a swirl of dust mixing innovation, independence, irreverence and a band of Irish brothers into America's true wild west. This is the story of Mike Rust, the Hall of Fame mountain biker who disappeared without a trace.

The feature length film will be shown at Film Festivals in the new year, stay tuned for listings.
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 I followed for the first 3/4 and then totally got lost in that last bit. The yelling, motorcycles at night, fast paced music, lone black SUV on a dirt road, and something kind of bad needed undoing or to be resolved?

Nevermind, I connected the dots that it's literally a missing persons deal. I thought they meant "disappeared" as in fell off the mountain biking scene like other former names of the sport.
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 I agree. The movie seemed to be a cool story/documentary, then all of the sudden it turned into some cheesy, suspenseful, drama.
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 Dude probably got murdered. I imagine some people are going to be upset about that. The documentary captures this.
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 A very informative article about Mike Rust explaining that he was probably murdered:,3

So yeah, people are upset about it and I imagine the documentary has captured that.

In other news, pee is sometimes yellow.
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 It would be cool if Lexi Belle is featured..
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 Don't understand why I got negative rep, I'm not the one dissing a movie about someone who got murdered and is obviously very much missed by friends and loved ones.
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 We'll release The Rider and The Wolf in early 2014 - on a road tour through most of the major biking towns in North America. Contact us if you want to help put on a show in your town. Updates here: Thanks!
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 Looks like a great true life story
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 A welcome departure back in time to the roots of mountain biking....with an added layer of mystery and intrigue. Can't wait to se the full feature!
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 Keep in mind, this is documentary about a pioneer who changed the way people looked at bikes which paved the way for what we enjoy doing today... Please support this film and see it when it premieres in a town near you...
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 I could be completely wrong but when I saw that scene in the trailer of mike biking accross that river.. I thought to myself "Hey that river crossing looks familiar..." Then I saw that Mike Rust was from Crested Butte and I got super excited! I think that river crossing is the start of the lower 401 trail outside of Crested Butte! I rode over that same crossing as this MTB Legend over the summer! Loved that trail sooo much. Some world class trail riding out there on the 401! Can't wait for this film to drop!
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 Did I miss the bit where they linked penny farthings with his 29/26 ideas? Looks like and amazing film, the trailer could be for anything though, dishwasher tablets?
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 One of our riding sequences is on one of his (and Don McClung's) original 29/26 Shorties. Still rolling. You'll like it.
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 Mike Rust, you have my interest.
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 He sounds like a true mtb legend.
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 This right here looks fuckin EPIC
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 CB MTB OG. Can't wait to see this
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 never ride solo in America's deserts. a true legend RIP.
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 without a gun!
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 my curser hovered over the advert for s mili-second then some cunt started telling me about his skate park, I turned off and went back to porn, sad times.
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 Cool story, bro.
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 Gonna be super cool.
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 So rad
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 Shame on you pinkbike. Let a sleeping dog sleep......

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