Fox US Open Of Mountain Biking Announces 2021 Race Festival

Feb 3, 2021
by Fox Head  

PRESS RELEASE: Fox US Open of Mountain Biking

The action returns to Snow Summit in Big Bear Lake, CA - September 23-26, 2021
Slated to host the top champions in Downhill Racing, plus Best Whip,
Dual Slalom, Youth Racing and more

The Fox US OPEN of Mountain Biking (US OPEN) has announced the 2021 race festival will be held at Snow Summit Resort in Big Bear Lake, CA on September 23-26. The event moved to California in 2019 with significant fanfare, and despite postponing the 2020 event due to the global pandemic, the US OPEN team looks to reignite the infamous brand of open class racing and good times this Fall.

“We’re picking up where we left off in 2019, continuing with the momentum and gearing up to throw one hell of an MTB party,” said Clay Harper, Co-founder and Event Director of the US OPEN. “We’re intimately aware of the challenges that may still be present with physical events and will remain positioned to make any necessary adjustments for the safety of our fans and athletes. Overall, we’re just really excited to get back to racing and riding at Summit Bike Park!”

The iconic US OPEN Downhill race remains true to its heritage as an open class event that gives up-and-coming racers the chance to step-up and compete against the pros. The Summit Bike Park team will continue to dial in the downhill track that was built for the US OPEN in 2019 and the race will once again be the final stop of the US Downhill National Series. As always, Open / Pro classes will compete for cash prizes and the amateur classes will be chasing prizes and bragging rights. Now in its fourth year, younger racers will have their shot in the Next Gen Youth Downhill event. USO Next Gen Racing offers age categories for intermediate and expert racers under 15 years old, providing kids with a real racing opportunity on a dedicated track.

“The Fox US Open was such a cool event in 2019. The downhill track at Summit Bike Park was amazing and having a chill weekend in California after such a big race season was perfect. I’m going back for more good times this year!” - Loic Bruni, 2019 Fox US Open Men's Downhill Champion.

The 2021 US OPEN will again feature Enduro and Dual Slalom racing. Drawing upon the rich Dual Slalom racing history of the early NORBA Nationals in Big Bear Lake, event organizers reintroduced the category to the lineup in 2019 and the response was electric from fans and racers alike. Also, back by popular demand will be the Best Whip contest, taking place right in the center of the Summit Bike Park base area – setting the stage for the best show of the weekend.

Loic Bruni (left) and Jill Kintner (right) look to continue their winning ways at the US Open this fall.

“The US Open is easily one of the best events of the year! The organizers give the riders what they want; good courses, world-class competition, and one of the biggest prize purses in mountain biking. I have been to the USO several times, east coast and west, and no matter the venue, the vibe is always fun. Talent runs deep for a chance to win such big money in a single race run, so I’d better get back to practicing. See ya there!” - Jill Kintner, 2019 Fox US Open Women’s Downhill and Dual Slalom Champion

Beyond the competition, the US OPEN has long attracted race fans, freeriders and families. The vibe is relaxed, and Summit Bike Park remains open for non-racers, too. Big Bear Lake is situated approximately 100 miles from Los Angeles and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. As an outdoor adventure destination with plenty of lodging options, it’s a great place to gather the mountain bike community. And a bonus, this mountain town boasts over 300 days of sunshine annually. The US OPEN partnered with Visit Big Bear in 2019 and the agency continues to provide key support in 2021.

More event information and athlete registration details coming soon.

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About Fox US OPEN of Mountain Biking
The Fox US OPEN of Mountain Biking was established in 2003 with the single goal of creating excitement in the American mountain bike scene. Featuring an Open Pro/Am format, the Fox US Open offers the most challenging competition in the nation, setting the standard as a proving ground for up-and-coming and elite athletes alike. With the additions of enduro and dual slalom racing as well as a best whip contest, the US Open has grown into the best gravity-fed festival in America.

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 Fingers crossed and masks on! Let's hope this happens!!
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flag timmyelle (Feb 3, 2021 at 13:42) (Below Threshold)
 "Covid-19 is the least deadly pandemic in over 2000 years" Klaus Schwab (Head of World Economic Forum/Head of Davos) from his book "Covid-19". Look it up! Stop giving in to the lie!
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 @timmyelle: "we can't hear you." - the over 2 million dead worldwide as a result of the virus. look it up.
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 @jsh191: If its ok with timmy. I will wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, wash my hands and go to the Fox US Open of MTB.
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flag WeenoT (Feb 3, 2021 at 15:43) (Below Threshold)
 @jsh191: pussy
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 @WeenoT: why are all the old people stupid in your country
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 @timmyelle: Let's educate ourselves on his comment - Firstly, he is an economist/engineer, not a health expert by any stretch - I'm sure your credentials are much lower. 2000 years ago (1918 flu more recently and others) - pandemics wiped out millions - true - Why? No internet - communication systems were slow or virtually non existent. Understanding the science and transmission and how to reduce exposure simply didn't exist. Hygiene, sanitization, distancing wasn't known. Testing - isolation, and medical treatment wasn't around. Take away all that and how do you think this pandemic would play out? Stop being an idiot and wear your mask. I wear it to protect you - show me the same human courtesy and maybe you'll get to go to the races.
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 @timmyelle: ur one of those QAnon creeps aren’t u?
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 @neimbc: thank you! Some people still don’t get it.
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flag Dustfarter (Feb 3, 2021 at 22:29) (Below Threshold)
 @neimbc: Well said.
I'll just back it up by saying @timmyelle YOU'RE A f*ckING MORON!
Don't believe everything you think. Nature doesn't give two shits what you believe in or what your cause is. It will just kill you or at the very least your grandma...or worse yet mine.
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flag ryankxf (Feb 4, 2021 at 1:23) (Below Threshold)
 @neimbc: you wear it because you’re told to, quit being naive and thinking your piece of fabric protects you and others from dying.
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 @ryankxf: Why do you think Surgeons wear masks? Are they less intelligent than you too?
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 @ryankxf: Please- It is a simple filter - that is all - it reduces the amount of respiration particles going through. - Are you this dumb to refute this? Look at nyankxf's comment real hard - if you have surgery - tell the Dr's and nurses not to wear masks when they operate - let them talk and sneeze away. Please tell them they are simply following what they are told and it's all a big lie.
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flag ryankxf (Feb 4, 2021 at 3:47) (Below Threshold)
 @neimbc: Are you really trying to compare surgery to this political virus? I literally just laughed. Sounds like you guys are getting desperate to justify non sense draconian rule. But hey it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is politically exploited.
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 @ryankxf: You have very poor comprehensive skills. Read it again. A virus or a disease doesn't give a shit what you believe. Have a good day.
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 Thank you for the constructive criticism and takin the time out of your day to converse with me. I absolutely will have a good day, a mask less good day, and god bless you, cheers!
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 Cancelled, you know it.
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 @lalientoxc: Q is awesome! Most reliable news source.
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 @jsh191: @jsh191: 150,000 people die every day on earth. It's important to remember to keep this in perspective.
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 @jsh191: So, you've read Klaus Schwab's "Covid-19"? Look it up!
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 @neimbc: So, you've read Klaus Schwab's book tilted "Covid-19" or Klaus Schwabs book "Fourth Industrial Revolution"?
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 @lalientoxc: So, you've read Klaus Schwab's book tilted "Covid-19" or Klaus Schwabs book "Fourth Industrial Revolution"?
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 @timmyelle: No, but I do read the books that get from medical school, you know the ones that were wrote by someone with an actual degree and are based on scientific studies and research. Stop questioning everything pal.
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 @lalientoxc: So, you have no idea of what you're talking about.
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 @timmyelle: LMAO yeah if modern science and medicine doesn't know what they're talking about neither do i.
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 @timmyelle: looks like someone is doing a lot of your thinking for you
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 Heck yes! best news in a while!
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 Yeeewwww! It was a hoot last time. Can't wait.
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 Gonna be a super busy Fall racing season - can't wait. Lost an entire year so far.....
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 All In.
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 Can everyone zip it about Covid? MTB is my way of escaping the troubles in the world, and Pinkbike is a MTB website so... take your disputes elsewhere.
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 yes daul Solman!
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 Fun has been cancelled forever. It's not happening. You guys know that
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