Getting to Know Kyle Jameson

May 22, 2016
by Olly Forster  
Kyle Jameson - getting to know graphic Photo Ale di Lullo

Kyle Jameson

Born and raised in California, Kyle Jameson's transition from 'Post Office' local to becoming one of the most recognisable faces on the freeride scene, didn't happen by chance. With a unmistaken style and presence on the bike, and taking the flow and style mastered on the dirt jumps and applying them to big mountain events like Rampage and the FEST series, it should come as no surprise that Kyle is at the forefront of the sports progression. But there's far more to Kyle than sending huge jumps with effortless steeze as his creativity doesn't stop on two wheels. From building trails and jumps - remember Brandon and Brendan's segment in Rad Company - to coaching the sports next generation of shredders, Kyle's passion and enthusiasm for mountain biking holds no bounds.

Kyle Jameson - Pinkbike s Getting to Know. Photo credit Ian Collins
Cruz Fest, 2016. Photo: Ian Collins.

Who is Kyle Jameson?
A man who lives his life on two wheels.

Where are you from and where do you live?
Originally from Davis CA, but I've since moved around a bunch and now live in Aptos CA.

Who do you ride for?
I ride for myself as well as these awesome companies: Scott USA, Chromag, Hope Tech, Troy Lee Designs and Five Ten.

Kyle Jameson - Pinkbike s Getting to Know. Photo credit Paris Gore

Kyle Jameson at RedBull Rampage 2015 Virgin Utah USA

Where are you happiest?
Anywhere where I'm on two wheels.

What’s been your favorite race/contest venue?
That's a really tough one, it's a toss up between two Fest Series events; Nico Vink's RoyalFEST, which was epic in the way of access, to motos as well and mountain bikes. We would ride the epic moto tracks on the Royal Hills property all day then ride the most intense FEST line until dark. That or Kurt Sorge’s HoffFEST, as this stop was high grade living at the Retallack lodge in Canada. We had private mountain bike shuttles all day and then shredding on the Fest Jumps until dark.

Where are your favorite trails?
This changes all the time... Pretty much if the dirt is prime and the crew is right, they're my favorite trails haha!

Kyle Jameson fllat spinning the YT booter.
Rampage, 2015.

What are your strengths?
I'd like to say one of my strengths on a bike would be bike control.

What are your weaknesses?
Riding myself into the ground… sometimes it's hard to stop and listen to your body.

What’s been your luckiest escape?
When I was a grom I broke my wrist dirt jumping. I was 16 at the time and the Doc looked at me a said “Kyle... you'll never ride a bike again”. I was determined to prove him wrong.

What’s been your worst crash over the years?
One time I escaped five hungry Grizzly bears with just a spoon! Or this one time I was on a trail ride and I hit a fallen tree, went tomahawking into the branches and messed up my back and a bunch of nerves... Luckily I was with my friends and they helped drag my ass out of the woods... I was pretty lucky that day!

Which bike from over the years, conjures up the best memories?
I'd have to say the Scott Gambler. I've been riding these bikes since they first came out, and that bike has evolved into a weapon for any battle, so stoked on it.

What bikes are you riding right now?
I have a Gambler, Genius LT, Voltage hardtail, KTM 250F SX, and I'm building up a Voltage FR too.

Kyle Jameson - Pinkbike s Getting to Know. Photo credit Margus Riga
Hoff Fest, 2015. Photo: Margus Riga.

Who’s your favorite rider?
This is such a tough one, I enjoy watching the freak of nature that is Brandon Semenuk, but I also really enjoy watching Graham Agassiz and Andreu Lacondeguy ride.

Who or what inspires you?
I get inspiration from all walks of life, but people like Trevor Jacob, Robbie Madison and Brandon Semenuk, who look at their talents in a different light. These guys are always thinking outside of the box and are always thinking of something new and cool that is fun and challenging for them.

What do you enjoy doing away from bikes?
I really like to ride my moto, skate, go on adventures into the unknown, and if there's snow, I'm keen on some POW slashing.

Kyle Jameson rolling in to start quaili training.
Rampage, 2015.

Kyle Jameson having some fun prior to the decision to resume qualifying tomorrow am.
Rampage, 2014.

What are you listening to right now?
The Misfits.

What’s your favorite movie/ TV show?
I'm super hooked on Game Of Thrones right now!

What’s your favorite non-bike website?
Shock Mansion, or the weather network.

A video posted by RemDawg (@remymorton) on

What’s your favorite motto or saying?
“Life’s a garden, dig it!" - Joe Dirt.

What grinds your gears?
It's hard to grind my gears but when they're grinding I feel like it's usually based off of lack of respect from others, a trail or animals. I guess disrespect grinds my gears.

What makes you happy?
Moist dirt.

If you weren’t a pro mountain biker, what would you be doing?
I would hope to be skating, or snowboarding...

If you were in charge of the sport, what changes would you make?
I would change all these dumb ass bike standards and make all bikes run the same BB, the same headset, the same hub spacing, etc and none of this brand specific shit that makes it nearly impossible to build up a bike.

Kyle Jameson had a flawless run today in the qualies but it just
Rampage, 2015.

When you hang up your riding shoes, how do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as that one guy who always had a smile on his face, worked hard and played harder, a coach, a trail builder, a mountain biker, and an all-round fun haver.

What does the future hold for Kyle Jameson?
I'm thinking some big jumps and sweet trails.

MENTIONS: @SCOTT-Sports / @troyleedesigns / @FiveTen / @hopetech / @Chromagbikes


  • + 185
 Still the first thing that comes to mind is when I see the name Kyle's name is, "Im Kyle J, and I love this shit".
  • + 7
 So true ! Love this guy, his crazy behaviour is just so funny!! Like in the 2015 cruz fest course preview video Big Grin
  • + 8
 I met him in whis in 2010 and did some freight train, a line laps with him and some others. Such a nice and down to earth dude for how skilled he is. No one was pinning, just boosting jumps and having fun. One of the funnest days on the bike ever!!
  • + 3
 Love that clip. at 1:39 sounds like Norby went down.
  • - 3
 \IINsane SloWW JOey. BaD ARt bictycCLES. 9. CaSE
  • - 1
  • - 2
  • + 3
 That was THE video that got me into freeride mountain biking. It's so weird to see how they've all grown up.
  • + 56
 l want Kyle J to be in charge of the sport
  • - 5
flag vinay (May 22, 2016 at 15:19) (Below Threshold)
 As much as I like the idea, I doubt I'd still like it when it turns reality. So the standards nazi picks something which will probably not be what's on my bike. So IS disc brake calipers and compatible frames and forks, 1 1/8" straight steerer tube forks and headsets, 26" rims, 9sp drivetrain and Schraeder valves (for the tyres) all fall prey. Even worse, SRAM volunteers to choose the standards.
  • + 1
 @vinay: u r AlososoW
  • + 0
 @bikerguy24: AlososoW, what's that? Google (or duckduckgo actually) couldn't help me here.
  • + 7
 i was off the bike for over 10 years until i stumble on youtube and found "If Only Every Mountain Biking Video Was Shot Like This"....that moment immediately turned my obsession alive again, i knew it's going to be expensive and painful....and lots of good times.... thanks you Kyle
  • + 6
 I vote to put Kyle J in charge of all bike standards as of now! He, and all the others at the AGGYreunion freakin killed it. Absolutely You don't appreciate the size of these jumps until you've watched it live.
  • + 3
 "I would change all these dumb ass bike standards and make all bikes run the same BB, the same headset, the same hub spacing, etc and none of this brand specific shit that makes it nearly impossible to build up a bike. "
  • + 4
 Love this series, great work PB! Hey @ollyforster, looks like the answers to the "worst crash" "luckiest escape" got swapped.
  • + 6
 Kyle J doesnt crash on the groud, it's the ground who crashs on Kyle J
  • + 3
 @RedBurn: ha ha ha, the Chuck Norris of MTBing!
  • + 2
 "in soviet Russia, ground crashes you! "
  • + 3
 For an old school MTB jackass like me, KJ is a refreshing reminder that new school kids, are the same as MTBers that laid the foundation back in the 80's. New school is cool.
  • + 3
 Kyle J is the chilliest dude on the planet, was always killing it at post and super friendly. Rock on!
  • - 5
flag Ryanrobinson1984 (May 23, 2016 at 16:49) (Below Threshold)
 What the f*ck??
  • + 3
 Maxis and Continental tires on the same bike ?
  • + 2
 Noticed it too. Quite amazing
  • + 2
 Met him at coast gravity park, really friendly guy
  • + 2
 someone looks baked in the first pic
  • + 1
 Kyle J, such a good dude!!!
  • + 1
 All around fun haver .yes
  • + 1
 He needs to get back with the Coastal Crew
  • + 0
 American version of Kyle norbraten
  • + 1
 He used to be on coastal crew back in the day
  • + 1
 Yeah KJ
  • + 1
 Its Trevor Jacob btw..
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